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Growing Girls (1949) Online

Growing Girls (1949) Online
Original Title :
Growing Girls
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Short
Year :
Directror :
Winifred Holmes
Writer :
Winifred Holmes
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Growing Girls (1949) Online

The National Committee for Visual Aids in Education was behind this informative film that illustrates the arrival of the "special time" for young women. She's growing older. Her body is changing. What's it all about? GROWING GIRLS is here to explain.
Credited cast:
Winifred Holmes Winifred Holmes

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GROWING GIRLS is an informative British short subject designed to educate young people on the transformation to adolescence of females. It gets the point across and is neither salacious nor insulting.

Aided by drawings, the female narrator tells us about the maturation of young women at approximate age 13. Of particular note is a well-written explanation of menstruation, exactly what the process is, why it occurs and how young women can adjust their lives to deal with it.

Most sex ed movies miss the boat, erring on the side of talking down to the audience or at the other extreme turning into either intentional or inadvertent titillation. This one, credited to Southalls Ltd. and The Film Producers Guild hits the right marks. It was released by Concord Films Council.


Growing Girls (1949)

*** (out of 4)

This British educational film is certainly aimed at girls and tries to help them go through the various changes that their bodies are going to be going through. Obviously, this short isn't meant for me but I honestly must say that it's one of the best made that I've seen. Kino released countless educational shorts as have other studios and this here is certainly among the best produced. What we basically see are the changes that goes on with a girl's body throughout her teen years. With the help of some animation we're shown the various changes that go on inside the body as well as out and why taking care of yourself is so important. Again, this short obviously isn't meant for me and it's doubtful many people of today's generation would select this film to show there kids but you have to give the company credit for at least delivering something that I'm sure was very helpful back in the day. Topics include what should or shouldn't be eaten while on a period and what you can or can't do. I must say the one thing that struck me odd is how much warning there is about catching a cold. I'm not sure if this is strictly a British thing but I've never seen one of these type of pictures that preached so much about not getting wet and catching a cold.