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76-89-03 (2000) Online

76-89-03 (2000) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Cristian Bernard,Flavio Nardini
Cast :
Sol Alac,Sergio Baldini,Gerardo Chendo
Writer :
Cristian Bernard,Flavio Nardini
Type :
Time :
1h 25min
Rating :
76-89-03 (2000) Online

La película cuenta la historia de tres amigos y su sueño en común, a lo largo de tres momentos históricos claves de la Argentina. Todo comienza en 1976, con la aparición de una sex symbol que despierta los primeros ratones de cada uno de ellos. Continúa y se desarrolla en 1989, durante la noche de mayor hiperinflación. Ante la decadencia del país, la aún famosísima sex symbol es sospechada de prostitución, motivo por el cual nuestro protagónico trío se lanza a la caza de la afamada diva, con un solo problema: tienen australes y la estrella sólo trabaja en dólares. Ahí comienza la accidentada aventura en donde vemos desfilar un verdadero bestiario porteño. Aventura que termina en el 2003 con un trágico e imprevisible desenlace.
Cast overview:
Sol Alac Sol Alac - Wanda 'Sifoncito' Manera
Sergio Baldini Sergio Baldini - Dino
Gerardo Chendo Gerardo Chendo - Salvador
Diego Mackenzie Diego Mackenzie - Paco 'El Rengo'
Claudio Rissi Claudio Rissi - Rudy 'El Rey de la Noche'
Fernando Cia Fernando Cia - Simón Movicom
Carlos Lanari Carlos Lanari
Ricardo Lazara Ricardo Lazara
Laura Melnizki Laura Melnizki
Luis Albornoz Luis Albornoz

User reviews



Dino, Salvador and Paco have been longing to spend a Night with top actress Wanda Manera. The opportunity comes to them when they find a bag full with cocaine during failed Paco's bachelor party. The plan of selling the drug to pay for Wanda will lead them through Buenos Aires' underground and a series of odd characters. 3 friends with very different and stereotyped personalities, a classic Torino car, the underground world, sex. Great movie with lots of funny situations. Totally different from regular "commited" Argentinian movie. Althoug almost none of the actors are know for general audience, the performances are extraordinary. A good description of the Argentine way.


The real value of the film are details. All them are there for a reason, they are the framework for the entire movie since they describe the Argentina reality in the mentioned years 1976, 1989, 2003. There are so many (e.g. people that would never come back, as seen with the exiles/ a female model suspected of being involved with military chiefs/ inflation that makes the prices soar while the protagonists are talking/ the incredible well played character of "King of the Night" by Claudio Rissi/ Simon Movicom and the first cellular phones that were extremely bulky etc), that the spectator should be extremely attentive to not lose anyone. A well informed person will enjoy them as they appear. It may be needed a second or third view to discover them all.