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Ping an ye (1985) Online

Ping an ye (1985) Online
Original Title :
Ping an ye
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Philip Chan
Cast :
Pat Ha,Terry Hu,Siu-Fung Wong
Writer :
Philip Chan
Type :
Time :
1h 33min
Rating :
Ping an ye (1985) Online

Credited cast:
Pat Ha Pat Ha - Porky
Terry Hu Terry Hu
Siu-Fung Wong Siu-Fung Wong - Bobby
Melvin Wong Melvin Wong - James Wong
Philip Chan Philip Chan - Steve Chan
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ken Boyle Ken Boyle
Koon-Chung Chan Koon-Chung Chan
Tso-Yan Chan Tso-Yan Chan
Tso-Yee Chan Tso-Yee Chan
Ka-Sang Cheng Ka-Sang Cheng
Yiu Chung Cheng Yiu Chung Cheng
Keung Fong Keung Fong
Chi Man Ho Chi Man Ho
Kong Hon Kong Hon
Hsiang Huang Hsiang Huang - (as Cheung Wong)

User reviews



The Night Caller (1985) is a strange film. The movie starts out like the Dario Argento film Tenebrae (with a stylized murder by a masked killer) and then it turns into a police procedural flick with sadistic overtones. A family guy cop (Melvin Wong) goes deep into a case and gets involved with a deranged killer. His partner and friend (Philip Chan) along with a new protégé Porky (Pat Ha) take over the case and look for his missing partner (who's "enjoying" the twisted company of the killer. Can Inspector Chan and Porky find Melvin before he becomes the latest victim of the psychotic killer?

The Night Caller is an odd film indeed. Written, directed and co-starred by a former Hong Kong inspector Philip Chan (he's the real deal folks) shows us a side that I have never seen before. Shot in Panavision with a lot of blues and shadows. He creates a noirish environment for all of the characters. A few out of place humor scenes take away very little from the film's overall darkish feel. If you like to see something different then this film's for you. Other's expecting a straight forward action or horror flick will be very disappointed. Take it for what it's worth.

Highly recommended.


*** warning *** spoilers ahead (if you still feel like watching this) ** The box I bought promised "an intense thriller", "slickly shot and atmospheric" and said that it had "got rave reviews in the west". West of what? In Macao??!! This film does try though, I have to admit that, to mix the slasher genre with Dario Argento and Kung-Fu and more than a few drops of comedy (that's not funny at all!). But how it fails!

The beginning is promising where a woman is murdered with some style and finesse. From then on it's a downward spiral. The suspense is almost totally absent, the humor is crude and sexist and the performances are, with one exception, over the top. Your average school play probably has better acting. And the script just exploits old clichés like they never existed.

But I can forgive a movie for a lot of faults if it still entertains me. This one bored me to tears almost. The fast forward button came into good use about half of the running time when there was a "funny moment" or chit-chat about nothing at all. There are two very un-gory murders and a torture session that is just too much. Apparently Pauline Wong won some sort award for her part in this mess. I cannot imagine for what!? Competition must have been particularly lame that year! All she has to do (and does) in her vicious lesbian part is to give angry stares and have violent fits. Big deal!

I do enjoy bad films too, if they can entertain me. This one bored me for about 80 out of 90 minutes. So I would not recommend it to anyone except true masochists.

If you should see this movie in your local videostore, just close your eyes and pick something else at random because it is bound to be a better choice!