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The Edge of the Garden (2011) Online

The Edge of the Garden (2011) Online
Original Title :
The Edge of the Garden
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Michael Scott
Cast :
Rob Estes,Sarah Manninen,David Lewis
Writer :
Duane Poole
Type :
Time :
1h 29min
Rating :
The Edge of the Garden (2011) Online

Brian Connor works as an executive in his family's San Francisco based multi-billion dollar tech business, Connor Tech. His focus on work looks to be the reason for the break-up with his fiancée, Julie, he missing their engagement party for work being the last straw for her in their five-year relationship. To get away from the memory of Julie, Brian decides to head to Seabrook, Maine - just outside of Portland - to work his magic on a recently acquired web hosting company. Uncertain of how long he will be in New England, he decides to lease a place to live in downtown Portland rather than rent or stay in a hotel. Against Brian's upscale urban sensibility, the realtor, Keenan O'Dwyer, convinces him to buy what looks to be a vastly undervalued rural cottage just outside of Seabrook. He buys it despite it being neglected due to not having been lived-in in years and thus not move-in ready, and both O'Dwyer and the owner, Mr. Kilgore, seeming to be a bit too eager to wash their hands ... {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Rob Estes Rob Estes - Brian Connor
Sarah Manninen Sarah Manninen - Nora Hargrave / Sarah
David Lewis David Lewis - Thomas Hargrave
Kelly Monaco Kelly Monaco - Julie
David Richmond-Peck David Richmond-Peck - Frank Clemmons
Anne Marie DeLuise Anne Marie DeLuise - Alana Sullivan
Reg Tupper Reg Tupper - Dr. Bowers
Tim Henry Tim Henry - Keenan O'Dwyer
Viv Leacock Viv Leacock - Stan
John Innes John Innes - Kilgore
Diana Bang Diana Bang - Mia
Ryan McDonell Ryan McDonell - Dylan
Marilyn Norry Marilyn Norry - Neighbor
Karen Elizabeth Austin Karen Elizabeth Austin - Older Nora
John Hainsworth John Hainsworth - Older Thomas

Sadly Karen Elizabeth Austin who played the older Nora at the end died a month before the film was released.

Dr Stan's email prescribed 500 mg Tetracycline once per day, but in the letter Brian wrote to Nora he listed the same dose to be taken FOUR times per day.

GOOFS: The ivy on the house hasn't changed in 50 years.

User reviews



You have to give Hallmark some kudos for producing this tight little fantasy. And yes it is fantasy, not a ghost story, or a horror tale. The setting is really beautiful and a great job was done keeping things atmospheric but warm at the same time. I am really not a huge Hallmark movie fan but I enjoyed this very much. Probably deserves a seven and a half though, but I posted the eight. Very good cast, the acting was believable and energetic. My only problem with the entire thing was the ending, which it was OK. I think it would have had more impact if Norah had died a short while before the Estes character finally found her. I thought his meeting Norah and the Granddaughter at the same time was a bit awkward. All in all though this was a very enjoyable film that most everyone should enjoy. Give it a shot! The actor playing the abusive husband managed to really make me hate him...good job my man.


The Edge of the Garden (2011)

Looking for a fun romantic fantasy for an evening together with a loved one.

Light and easy to follow has all the needed elements an unhappily married woman. A gardener who understands the stress of moving from the city to Maineand tries to help the wife emotionally deal with a demanding husband. A young urban professional who's new job takes him to Maine and purchases the Maine home nearly 50 years after the original couple had abandoned the home.

I think you would be delighted. Add to the fantasy a Maine ghostly mystery that transverses three generations and I think this movie will keep your attention.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.


In the tradition of Somewhere in Time, Kate & Leopold and The Gate House, Edge of the Garden reminds me of another very similar time travel romance movie from Hallmark Hall of Fame. When I first saw The Love Letter (1998), I decided that time travel romances were my absolute favorite, and this movie did not disappoint. It may be similar in structure but, in its own romantic way, it stands on its own.

Keep up the good work, Hallmark – I hope you make more of these types of movies!

Only one question - can roses and hyacinths bloom at the same time? A beautiful garden played a key center point in bringing the main characters together. At one point during the movie, it was mentioned these two flowers were blooming simultaneously. Hyacinths are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and roses, as well as most of the flowers mentioned, are not early spring blooming. A very trivial point, considering this classic movie also deserves to be part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame.


If you suspend belief and just let yourself be entertained by it's simple,heart-warming message,you will be transported back to a more innocent time and place..in your heart and mind. Another reviewer asked if it was possible for hyacinths and roses to be flowering at the same time. In the north,yes.Both bloom in the spring,hyacinths in early spring and roses in mid-spring.. with that said nothing should detract from simply enjoying this as a simple romantic pleasure with a twist..Don't worry about endings or plausibility.Simply let yourself enjoy the period dialogue,mannerisms,cars,and great performances by the two lead characters. Anyone who became a romantic fan of Somewhere in Time or The Love Letter will find enjoyment in the adaption of impossible love..somewhere in the garden.Highly encourage you to see this.


This was really good for a made-for-TV production. I've actually seen it a couple of times now and I just love the time travel/ghost element. It's along the lines of the classic heartbreaker 'Somewhere In Time', Hallmarks 'The Love Letter' or even 'The Lake House'. With decent acting, and a clever, well thought out story containing elements of mystery, suspense and romance.

The story follows a newly single workaholic (Rob Estes) who buys a rundown cottage in Maine where he encounters the ghost of a woman (or so he thinks) who used to live there in the 1960s. As the two form a friendship, they realize that somehow they are sharing the same space even though there is 50 years between them. 'Brian' then becomes determined to change her fate.

This was just all-round better than most TV movies; not cheesy and with attention paid to the set decorating and (60's) period detail (clothing, hairstyles, kitchen knick-knacks, cars etc.) These things usually get overlooked in the made for TV stuff. The setting is also beautiful, the house and garden which play a huge role here.

This is definitely a story that haunts you for a few days afterwards (I may have even shed a tear) the only real issue I had was the sometimes too loud background/theme music. 5/25/15

*Langley BC as Maine.


What a pleasure to watch. Just the right mixture of suspense and romance. You have to hate the "bad guy" who is thoroughly despicable and root for the hero who initially appears to be a bit of a cad. Some reviewers say the ending was contrived but I found it hopeful and yes, charming. The ex fiancé was cold and I was happy to see Brian shed of her. If you like love, fantasy and hope seamlessly blended together, give this movie a go!!!


I only got the chance to watch The Edge of the Garden this afternoon. This movie was actually good.

I loved the idea that they (Brian and Nora) could actually talk to each other in person.

I think I'm drawn to movies like this one because of the vintage aspect to it. I just love the clothes and the cars.

On a side note, this movie also reminded me a lot of the Philippine movie: Moments of Love back in 2006 starring Iza Calzado and Dingdong Dantes. If you guys loved this movie, I suggest you try watching the movie Moments of Love.


I usually skip most TV movies these days because they're cheaply made with bad acting.

Lifetime movies don't impress me at all and I refuse to watch them anymore.

The Sci Fi channel will only make a decent movie once in a while with the gap between the good ones and the bad flicks getting wider and wider. I skip most of these as well.

Hallmark can make a schmaltzy film like the rest of the television networks, but they do much, much better than many.....Why?

I don't have the answer, but most of their movies are regarded by many as a much higher quality than so many other channels and this movie was no exception.

It was really good.

Edge Of The Garden reminded me instantly of The Lake House with Sandra Bullock. That movie however confused the heck out of me and after seeing it a couple of times, I still don't get it.

Then, this movie had some aspects of Somewhere In Time with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve.

Not quite the same as either of those, but similar.

This made for television story was done very well. A young woman from 1960 can somehow talk to the man who now lives in her house 50 years later.

Any more than that would be spoilers.

It's definitely a chick flick, but one of the better ones.

Don't miss this. You'll be glad you didn't.

Well worth the watch!


For those curious, this reviewer has been quite harsh in discussion of Canadian films, especially those pretending to be about somewhere else, or someone else, or anything else than what the film actually is.

This could be the exception that proves the rule. On the surface a typical low budget Canuck flick shot in BC but (astonishingly) pretending to take place in Maine, chockablock with delightful Canadian small town sets, starring actors you may never see again in your lifetime, many of whom have not quite managed to hide that distinctive Canuck accent.

So aside from lack of pretence, what is there to actually recommend this film? A really neat story, mainly. Similar perhaps to some of the "time travel" romance movies that have been done before (the classic is Matheson's BID TIME RETURN, filmed under a different name) but yet different enough to be entertaining and still hold the attention.

Yes, Hollywood could do a better job. But this one 'aint bad at all.


One of the reviewers here asked if Roses and Hyacinths can bloom at the same time. The answer is yes. Hyancinths of course bloom only in spring. Roses can bloom in mid-spring all the way into fall. Roses cannot endure weather that is too cold. But any decent Rose gardener can with impromptu mini green houses and warming of the beds start the growing and blooming process earlier. They can also extend the blooming period of Roses with the same techniques in the fall. Just don't plant Rose bushes too close to Plum trees.

The movie starts with Brian Conner having his fiancé drop the engagement ring on his desk at his west coast business. Needing time to think he purchases an expansion business on the east coast that also makes web-sites. He wants to lease home living arrangements but instead is offered a run down cottage by a local Realtor. The price is right and he buys.

The cottage has the capacity to have people at two different points of time being able to communicate with each other with limitations. The previous owners fifty years earlier can communicate with Brian. The previous owners are a husband and wife. David Lewis performs the role of despicable husband to perfection. Brian helps the wife as much as possible.

I don't understand his previous fiancé showing up unannounced or at least close to that at his east coast home and business. It detracts from the movie rather than adds to it.

How does it end? I leave that to you dear viewer to discover for yourself. I will say unlike another viewer here that the ending is much better than it would have been due to Brian Connor's efforts. At least he could do one thing at the end that he could previously not do.


I have always thought Rob Estes should have been a bigger star but he is perfect for this. Basically, Brian is kind of lonely because he works too much. He isn't a bad guy but he just loves his job. When he goes to Maine to help turn around his family company's newly purchased company he gets talked into buying a remote home instead of a city condo. Very soon after he keeps seeing things. A woman he can talk to but not touch. Getting letters written to him (think the Lake house) and hidden in spots around the home. Eventually he learns that this woman lived in the house 50 years before and died a mysterious death. The story explains this "magic" by suggesting a magic locket which helps people find their true love: a locket that Brian finds after moving in. Brian does what he can to help this woman and forms a deep friendships with her. So much that he reverses her early demise and is able to meet up with her when she is 70 and he is the same age as when he talked to her...but then of course... she has a daughter who shows up and you see how he might get his true love via the locket and the experience. Way better than the typical Hallmark fare.


I loved this film I watched it again today on TV great story with love and time travel. The ending was brilliant the last 20 minutes are magic. It is reminiscent of Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeves. If you enjoyed that movie you will love this one.
Уou ll never walk alone

Уou ll never walk alone

I love this movie. It's a true romance. I found the movie on the Hallmark Channel and recorded it several months ago. Finally got a chance to see it today. I'm shocked I hadn't heard of it before.

The best part of this movie is that the romance doesn't include any sex scenes. Instead, it's a true love story that isn't drippy or crass. This movie satisfied the romantic in me without being embarrassed while watching. It's a movie even my husband (the Marine) would watch. I want a garden like that.

Of course it didn't hurt that the main character is very handsome and easy to look at. The acting is well done and very believable. I can't wait to find more movies with the some of the same actors.


Regular film watchers of the Hallmark channel will notice that this house is the real star ! The front exterior has, in different guises, been featured in many films - from a country retreat, a French villa in Summer Villa, a dilapidated mansion to name a few.

This film is delightful and well worth watching.


It would be great if there was a new flim to follow this one were brain and the grandaughter liveing happytogether for ever i have really enjoyed this flim thank you elaine bracknall


If you enjoyed a movie like The Love Letter with Campbell Scott and Jennifer Jason Leigh, you will enjoy this movie as well. It's sweet, gentle and bit sappy, but I was nearly crying at the end.


I loved this movie. It is simple but very touching from beginning to the end. The main two main characters, Rob Estes and Sarah Manninen, play their roles very well. Have to watch as a couple.


Breaking up with his fiancé and moving from San Francisco to Maine. Our hero buys a cottage. He didn't want to buy it, but something told him it was the right thing to do. Already, I'm wondering if this is for me.

Our guy hears people talking in the house. You immediately wonder if there are ghosts. Then we are subjected to a couple living in the house and the year is 1960. Eventually, we find out that our lady, who has Lyme disease, meets an awful end at the hands of her abusive husband. She is communicating with our guy via fireplace in the living room.

If this is more incredible, our guy's ex-fiancée suddenly shows up and reverses everything by throwing a love locket in the fire. Then, we're back in 2011 and another walk through the garden.

Credibility is lacking here. This isn't even for the romantics. There is some good acting, especially the abusive husband.