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Te land, ter zee en in de lucht Online

Te land, ter zee en in de lucht  Online
Original Title :
Te land, ter zee en in de lucht
Genre :
TV Series / Family
Cast :
Wim Bosboom,Ron Boszhard,Ron Brandsteder
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Te land, ter zee en in de lucht Online

In this lighthearted Dutch format, using as title an expression literally meaning "on land, at sea and in the air", candidates from the public at large demonstrate in open air how long and far they can keep going (sometimes only a few meters) in a self-constructed sort of go-cart, before crashing (usually in the water). Many stake more on originality and the entertainment value of a crazy, flashy design, in some cases obviously more of a hindrance the an asset, or participate just for the fun, rather then actually aiming at a winning performance.
Credited cast:
Wim Bosboom Wim Bosboom - Himself - Host
Ron Boszhard Ron Boszhard - Himself - Host (2007-)
Ron Brandsteder Ron Brandsteder - Himself - Host (1982-1983)
Angela Esajas Angela Esajas - Herself - Interviewer (2007-)
Rob Fruithof Rob Fruithof - Himself - Host
Dick Jol Dick Jol - Himself - starter (2007-)
Jan Keizer Jan Keizer - Himself - Jury
Bert Kuizenga Bert Kuizenga - Himself - Host (1998-2007)
Tom Mulder Tom Mulder - Himself - Host (1979-1981)
Nance Nance - Herself - Interviewer (2001-2007)
André van Duin André van Duin - Himself - Host (1978-1980)
Jack van Gelder Jack van Gelder - Himself - Host (1984-1996)
Karel van Kooten Karel van Kooten - Himself - Host
Willem van Kooten Willem van Kooten - Himself - Host (1973-1977)
Johan Vlemmix Johan Vlemmix - Himself - Starter