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Mr. Bean The Best Bits of Mr. Bean (1990–1995) Online

Mr. Bean The Best Bits of Mr. Bean (1990–1995) Online
Original Title :
The Best Bits of Mr. Bean
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Family
Year :
Directror :
John Birkin,John Howard Davies
Cast :
Rowan Atkinson,Paul Bown,Richard Briers
Writer :
Rowan Atkinson,Richard Curtis
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
1h 12min
Rating :
Mr. Bean The Best Bits of Mr. Bean (1990–1995) Online

Mr. Bean and Teddy venture into the attic to look for an umbrella and uncover items from past experiences, like the time Mr. Bean had to dress himself on the way to the dentist, or the time he fell asleep in church or when the Christmas turkey wound up on his head and even the time a tank crushed his Mini.
Episode credited cast:
Rowan Atkinson Rowan Atkinson - Mr. Bean
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Paul Bown Paul Bown - Exam Taker (archive footage)
Richard Briers Richard Briers - Man in Church (archive footage)
Angus Deayton Angus Deayton - Pool Attendant (archive footage)
Robin Driscoll Robin Driscoll - Man in Royal Line Up (archive footage)
Tina Maskell Tina Maskell - The Royal (archive footage)
Dave O'Higgins Dave O'Higgins - Busker (archive footage)
Caroline Quentin Caroline Quentin - Traffic Warden (archive footage)
Rudolph Walker Rudolph Walker - Exam Invigilator (archive footage)
Richard Wilson Richard Wilson - Dentist (archive footage)
Matilda Ziegler Matilda Ziegler - Christmas Guest (archive footage)

User reviews



Several years after the introduction of the hilarious Bean show, it is only natural that there should be a Best Of episode. We get a look back at some of his old classic bits, and probably the only thing disappointing is that there is no way that they could fit all of the worthy skits into one episode. My favorite of the flashbacks is definitely when he drives his car with the armchair on the roof, this is something that only Bean could come up with. He has such a bizarre outlook on the world that when he gets these wild ideas into his head, you don't even think twice. I mean after all, the guy locks his car with a padlock! I'm still not crazy about the out of control giant turkey scene, but all the rest are great fun. Even the turkey scene is amusing, the thing is just so pasty and clammy and unpleasant looking. Interestingly, the attic scenes with teddy, which we cut back to in between flashbacks, are also some of the better parts of the episode. Bean's "ta-daaa!!" when he opens Teddy's umbrella is a comedy skit unto itself. Outstanding!


This is one of the funniest movies I've seen. Rowan Atkinson is so expressive, and he's great at miming the whole movie. I think he says like, 5 words MAYBE, and they're possibly all to 'Teddy'. My favorite clip is the one where he's in a church. You have to have a certain sense of humor to think this is funny. If you like physical humor, this is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you actually like humor in which people are telling jokes, skip this movie. I personally love this movie. All of the clips are hilarious, and they make the movie one of the ones that you can rent it again in six months after watching it, and have it still be as hilarious as the first time. One bad thing about this movie is that you should probably watch it in doses, because if you watch too much Bean, it might get a little old. But as I said, just wait a couple months, and you'll be ready for more Bean. I definitely recommend you watch this.


Mr. Bean takes a trip down memory lane, and it's hilarious even if it is just clips of Bean episodes!. I haven't seen this in a while, however i remember it being hilarious, as it was the 1st thing i ever saw of Mr. Bean, i am trying to track it down. Anyway it's basically just clips of Bean episodes, but if your a huge Bean fan like me, you won't mind seeing the clips, as Mr. Bean discovers stuff in the attic that reminds him of the crazy funny stuff he did, as i said i don't remember much but being a huge fan of Bean i decided to review it, and would love to see it again. i do remember one thing though, when he remembered about his car being squashed, he finds the lock in the attic, and he got that funny look of his on his face, just like the episode Back to school Mr. Bean!. If you love Bean See it right this instant, i in the meantime am going to try and track it down because i would love to see it again!. ***** out of 5