» » Here's to Wishing I Had My Cats at the Rapture (2014)

Here's to Wishing I Had My Cats at the Rapture (2014) Online

Here's to Wishing I Had My Cats at the Rapture (2014) Online
Original Title :
Hereu0027s to Wishing I Had My Cats at the Rapture
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
J. Large
Cast :
Ann Niblock,Emmy Panzica,Geoffery Pottorff
Writer :
J. Large
Type :
Time :
1h 35min
Rating :
Here's to Wishing I Had My Cats at the Rapture (2014) Online

A week shy of the end of the world, Luke Walsh finds himself underground with his once-best friend, Billy Dyer. As the days pass, the two begin to question their friendship, their purpose, and even their sanity.
Credited cast:
Ann Niblock Ann Niblock - Billy's Nana
Emmy Panzica Emmy Panzica - Maya
Geoffery Pottorff Geoffery Pottorff - Billy Dyer
Joe Reece Joe Reece - Luke Walsh (as Joseph Reece)

The rough draft was written in less than 24 hours on a Smith Corona typewriter.

Rock King was improvised by Geoffery Pottorff on the day of shooting when the glass chess piece couldn't be found.

The vomit scene was accomplished with different varieties and consistencies of soup.

The majority of filming took place in winter in an unfinished basement.

Some of the box labels in Billy's Nana's basement read: Billy's toys, fine china, emergency telegraph machine, auto insurance claims, small boxes, obituaries, wintertime hats, creepy dolls, pets, time traveller gear, used pillows, and Nana's sex toys.

The shots of Maya and Luke talking about the rapture in the restroom stall were shot weeks apart and in different locations.

J. Large: Photograph on Methamphetamine information pamphlet.

J. Large: [Public restroom] After Luke and Maya's first encounter, Maya leads Luke into the restroom of the bar to seduce him.

J. Large: [Character moving into focus] While Billy explains his looming sense of loneliness to Luke, he begins out of focus and the camera slowly moves toward him until he is in focus.

J. Large: [Character moving into focus] After Luke collapses on the living room floor, Maya runs into focus to grab her cellular phone.

J. Large: [Character moving into focus] As Luke walks toward Maya waiting for him on the swing set, he slowly walks into focus.

The shots of Luke cutting through his wrist to release himself from the handcuff were shot with only actor Joseph Reece and director J. Large on set.