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Toon Sandwich Game of Thrones Season 6 (2015– ) Online

Toon Sandwich Game of Thrones Season 6 (2015– ) Online
Original Title :
Game of Thrones Season 6
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Year :
Cast :
Rita Artmann,Joe Bauer
Writer :
Rita Artmann,Joe Bauer
Type :
TV Episode
Rating :
Toon Sandwich Game of Thrones Season 6 (2015– ) Online

Episode credited cast:
Rita Artmann Rita Artmann - Catelyn Stark / Daenerys Targaryen / Old Nan (voice)
Joe Bauer Joe Bauer - Ned Stark / Robb Stark / Joffery Lannister / Jon Snow (voice)

User reviews



Why do they use minutes of made up dialogue with sub titles shown so fast that you need to be a speed reader and thus cannot take it in? They should start the conversation in the strange dialogue if they like but continue in plain English. I don't know how anyone with English as their second language, or oldies like me can cope.

This series is a disappointment compared to the previous. It seems they ran out of ideas until episode 8 to 10 and did, what seems to be the fashion these days, edit it into short truncated scenes so that no suspense was generated.

All in all a poor show and the dwarf is too nice.


In its first season not tethered to George R. R. Martin's books -- save for some leftover Iron Islands shenanigans -- Game of Thrones moved faster than fans have come to anticipate with regards to story, payoffs, and even the literal movement of characters from one realm to another.At times, there were so many "happy" moments that the series began to feel rather-Game of Thrones like, though the show certainly had an excuse for rocketing us toward the end and giving the heroes more wins than usual - we're near the end! This is when things are supposed to start falling into place, if we're to follow traditional fantasy storytelling rules. None of this necessarily means we'll wind up with a feel-good ending by the time the curtain actually falls on this saga, but for now, with Season 6 acting as the gateway to the actual series endgame (which will take place over two shortened final seasons), it was time for many of our heroes to triumph and ascend in ways that Martin never quite allowed in his pages. To date, of course...

Looking back at the huge number of big payoffs and give-backs this year: Jon Snow was resurrected, The Hound turned out to have survived his wounds (and abandonment), Benjen Stark also returned alive (...sort of), Jon and Sansa were emotionally reunited, two incredibly evil characters met gruesome ends at Stark hands, we discovered the time-bending origin (tragic though it was) behind Hodor's name, Jon's real parents were revealed, Winterfell was reclaimed, Daenerys left Meereen with a massive army and fleet, and someone other than a child of an incestuous union ascended to the Iron Throne.