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Logan's Syndrome (2016) Online

Logan's Syndrome (2016) Online
Original Title :
Loganu0027s Syndrome
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Biography
Year :
Directror :
Nathan Meier
Writer :
Nathan Meier
Type :
Time :
1h 19min
Rating :
Logan's Syndrome (2016) Online

Logan Madsen is one in a billion. Literally. Despite possessing an incredibly rare genetic disorder called Miller Syndrome-a condition that affects fewer than thirty people in the world-Logan is able to create stunning, hyper-realistic paintings. Beginning as a painter of pretty flower portraits, Logan's work evolved into an audacious series of pictures boldly depicting his disabilities. After years longing simply to "blend in", Logan's dynamic paintings dare the world to not just look, but to stare. Logan's Syndrome takes us on a fascinating journey, as Logan-like a modern Don Quixote-challenges the windmills of his life: his disability, the break-up of his "perfect" Mormon family and his eternal search for romantic love. But it's Logan's humor and courageousness that ultimately draw us into his world-as we experience what it's like to be Logan, shattering everything we think we know about disability, while reinforcing what it means to be human.