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Evil Lies (2016) Online

Evil Lies (2016) Online
Original Title :
Evil Lies
Genre :
Movie / Horror
Year :
Cast :
Cim Ashton,Ella Augustin,Beth Castle
Writer :
Matthew Johnson
Budget :
Type :
Rating :
Evil Lies (2016) Online

The life of house wife Chrissie (Michelle Petersen) is derailed after her ever so real dreams start to have a catastrophic effect on her life. Desperately trying to convince her husband Michael (Ray Calleja) that there is something strange happening to her, but is left consulting with a Psychic. Anxiously trying to put the pieces together Michelle embarks on some unexpected paths leading her to even more devastation. Filled with twist and turns this movie will keep you scared and guessing.
Credited cast:
Cim Ashton Cim Ashton - Mary Banks
Ella Augustin Ella Augustin - Dianne White (Ghost)
Beth Castle Beth Castle - Susan
Sian Francis Sian Francis - Dawn
Jazz Gee Jazz Gee - Psychiatrist
Lou Mussington Lou Mussington - Suzy
Jack Parr Jack Parr - Richard
Michelle Petersen Michelle Petersen - Chrissie
Raman Rai Raman Rai - Mr. Banks
Sophie Shallai Sophie Shallai - Scarlett