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Our Road to Kosovo (2003) Online

Our Road to Kosovo (2003) Online
Original Title :
Our Road to Kosovo
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Short
Year :
Directror :
James Saldana
Budget :
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Time :
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Our Road to Kosovo (2003) Online

The Road to Kosovo was traveled by six college students in a documentary that chronicles the struggle of an ethnic Albanian family during the 1999/2000 Kosovar conflict. Documented at a very human level, this crisis hits home with its viewers, as these students follow the Kelmendi family from the refugee camps to their home in Mitrovica, in northern Kosovo. From a ethnic Albanian point of view, we learn of their harrowing exodus from Kosovo and the process of reclamation that these refugees must go through, when they return home to find that their once familiar society has become livable only under constant military occupation. Throughout the film, these young American students discover how the Kosovar Albanians have become foreigners in their own land.