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Boxboarders! (2007) Online

Boxboarders! (2007) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Rob Hedden
Cast :
James Immekus,Austin Basis,Michelle Alexis
Writer :
Rob Hedden
Budget :
Type :
Rating :

Two underdog surf dudes inadvertently invent a new sport, with outrageous results.

Boxboarders! (2007) Online

Two underdog surf dudes inadvertently invent a new sport, with outrageous results. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
James Immekus James Immekus - Ty Neptune
Austin Basis Austin Basis - James James
Michelle Alexis Michelle Alexis - Stephanie McCoy
Michelle Pierce Michelle Pierce - Tara Rockwell
Mitch Eakins Mitch Eakins - Alexander Keene
Erik 'Lizard Man' Sprague Erik 'Lizard Man' Sprague - Himself
Madeline Knutsen Madeline Knutsen - Lemonade Stand Girl
Kyle Hedden Kyle Hedden - Lemonade Stand Boy
Andy Hedden Andy Hedden - Terry 'Zazu' Neptune
Stephen Tobolowsky Stephen Tobolowsky - Dr. Stephen James
Kitty Swink Kitty Swink - Ginger James
Melora Hardin Melora Hardin - Ruth Keene
Christopher Cass Christopher Cass - William Keene III
Andy Crisp Andy Crisp - Little Girl's Father
Suzie Shaw Suzie Shaw - Little Girl's Mother (as Susie Shaw)

User reviews



The goal of everyone involved in this gem was to have fun, and "Boxboarders" certainly succeeds at being both fun and really funny. The young cast is very convincing and their enthusiasm for their newly invented sport shines in every scene. There is an outrageousness about "Boxboarders" than reminds me of Paul Bartel's classic "Death Race 2000". Hurtling down the Laguna Beach hills with total abandon and enjoying the ride is refreshing indeed. I think both teens and their parents will enjoy, and relate to the movie. Creativity is alive and well as shown in this entertaining comedy. Seek this one out. You will truly be surprised how much fun it is. - MERK


When I watch this movie I see a film school drop out who only saw the basics of film technique and lost the gist of things. The movie consists of terrible camera shots that debunk what little acting might have shown through, and editing that confuses with unnecessary unfunny jump shots that blocks what ever mood might have been created and what ever plot flow that was intended. Perhaps the script looked good to a Disney TV commercial salesman, but for an attempt at a funny, mature, coming of age film, no. the acting was distasteful, the women were were hired for their attractiveness, and there was no depth.

Congratulations Rob Hedden you made a worse movie then Hannah Montana. I didn't think it was possible.



???????????????????? 3.8

I was surprised the this went strait to video, because BoxBoarders! is much better than many of the hollow, semi-funny comedy's that appear in theaters now. It is very funny, and the interview/documentary style is fun. Like many films of its kind, this film has quirky characters, and an unusual subject, in the movie the subject is BoxBoarding. BoxBoarding is basically taping a box to a skateboard and riding it through the streets, which is pretty funny on its own, but the mishaps related to it are very funny, such as The land crab bit. (You'll see what I mean) Anyway this movie is really funny, and I recommended for mocumentary fans.


Really great movie. Funny. I can't wait for it to come out so I can see it (again)!

It's been awhile since I watched it, but I remember Boxboarders as being hilarious. I'm probably biased (knowing a producer), but I think it's a great film. The acting is hilarious, cause the people involved obviously aren't big stars...but they should be. The little kid that busts out the dance at the end is amazing, but I think I like the fat one even more. They're all cool.

And of course the girl visible for about 2 seconds at a party is the best.

Silly Dog

Silly Dog

I have to agree with everything Merk said, the main objective of this movie seems to be to have fun and it did just that. You can't be too critical of a film that has such a noble goal, so don't dwell too deeply into the acting (which is pretty good considering) or the plot (ditto). Just sit back, relax and enjoy a really fun flick! My biggest concern is not that my 12-yr-old skateboard fanatic son will try to build his own boxboard after watching this movie, but that I will try to ride it down a hill myself! If you have kids, especially ones who are into skateboarding, go find Boxboarders and enjoy a family-friendly, entertaining movie!