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Louie Elevator: Part 6 (2010–2015) Online

Louie Elevator: Part 6 (2010–2015) Online
Original Title :
Elevator: Part 6
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Louis C.K.
Cast :
Louis C.K.,Ellen Burstyn,Eszter Balint
Writer :
Louis C.K.,Louis C.K.
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Louie Elevator: Part 6 (2010–2015) Online

The tension between Louie and Amia after they sleep together is put on hold when Louie has to save his kids and ex-wife from the hurricane.
Episode cast overview:
Louis C.K. Louis C.K. - Louie
Ellen Burstyn Ellen Burstyn - Evanka
Eszter Balint Eszter Balint - Amia
Susan Kelechi Watson Susan Kelechi Watson - Janet
Hadley Delany Hadley Delany - Lilly
Ursula Parker Ursula Parker - Jane
Nick Di Paolo Nick Di Paolo - Nick (as Nick DiPaolo)
Glen Feinstein Glen Feinstein - Car Rental Person
Larry Fessenden Larry Fessenden - Upset Man
Mike Gilliam Mike Gilliam - Anchor Man
Adrian Martinez Adrian Martinez - Hurricane Man
Ben Simmoneau Ben Simmoneau - Weather Guy
Jackie Tranchida Jackie Tranchida - Anchor Woman
Yury Tsykun Yury Tsykun - Hungarian Waiter

Amia's lines are not subtitled:

  • When they are in the church, Amia says to Louie: "You're not going to understand me now... I want to tell you how I feel but we don't understand each other now... I just want to be alone... Understand?"
  • When Louie comes to Evanka's apartment, Amia says: "Evanka, please tell him that I don't want to talk to him now with you here... Have you both gone crazy? I want to be alone! And I'm not even Catholic! Go away! Have you gone crazy?... Be careful."
  • When Amia and Louie are at the restaurant, she says to the waiter: "Hello. Do you speak Hungarian?... Very good. Could you do me a big favor? Could you read a letter to my friend? He doesn't speak Hungarian and I don't speak English and it's very important... I know this is a very big favor. This is a very serious thing. You would be doing me a very big favor. Thank you."