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Aranye Maniac Killer Mystery: In The Forest (2014) Online

Aranye Maniac Killer Mystery: In The Forest (2014) Online
Original Title :
Aranye Maniac Killer Mystery: In The Forest
Genre :
Movie / Short / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Rocky Rupkumar Patra
Cast :
Rajkumar Patra,Rocky Rupkumar Patra,Indrani Toong
Writer :
Rajkumar Patra
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :

A shooting team came to a infamous jungle called 'labanyadihi' to shoot their a forest fiction documentary, Despite knowing that there is a crazy murderer who killed many peoples who come to jungle before.

Aranye Maniac Killer Mystery: In The Forest (2014) Online

They were enter in the forest with a guide. While shooting a helpless strange man 'jagdish' accidentally met with them in the forest. and he says that he lost in jungle and seeking help to get out of the jungle and feared of the crazy murder of the woods. during shooting their guide killed by someone and the map was lost. On the incident they are heard some sensational information from jagdish about the crazy murder and Decide to leave the jungle immediately. But without map they are lost in jungle. Leu's seen them in the forest. vicky and sunny Request leu to help to get them out of the jungle.
Credited cast:
Rajkumar Patra Rajkumar Patra - Leu
Rocky Rupkumar Patra Rocky Rupkumar Patra - Vicky
Indrani Toong Indrani Toong - Isha
Priya Singh Priya Singh - Sucheta
Sayan Chakraborty Sayan Chakraborty - Sunny
Yudhisthir Yudhisthir - Sameer
Surojeet Das Surojeet Das - Romi
Tarit Chakraborty Tarit Chakraborty - Jagdish
Barun Singha Deb Barun Singha Deb - Mukesh
Ranjan Dutta Ranjan Dutta - Mr. Roy (Guest)
Paresh Choudhury Paresh Choudhury - Alone Boy in jungle
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mr. Lala Mr. Lala - Dancer 4
Ramananda Ramananda - Dancer 3
Sameer Sameer - Dancer 1
Setalesh Setalesh - Dancer 2

The movie was highly appreciate that polarized audiences in online media entertainment because of its climax about the 'killer'. The movie was listed with top among's short horror in www.gasslight.com

This is the first debut of Rocky Rupkumar Patra as director and long second lead character.

In this movie the forest shown as much as deep but in actual case the forest is not much deep as it look like in the movie.

There could be a possible "Aranye 2" squeal of Aranye Maniac Killer Mystery: In The Forest (2014) where 'Leu' would come back in the forest with another chapter.