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Straight Boys (2006) Online

Straight Boys (2006) Online
Original Title :
Straight Boys
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Dave O'Brien
Cast :
Damian Pelliccione,Nick Bartzen,Vanessa Born
Writer :
Dave O'Brien
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Straight Boys (2006) Online

Ben knows what he wants...he just never goes after it. He thinks he's found true love in Morgan, his straight roommate, but lives out his passions in an active fantasy life. But as his obsession grows, their relationship becomes more and more complicated, forcing the two to confront each other and their own feelings.
Cast overview:
Damian Pelliccione Damian Pelliccione - Ben
Nick Bartzen Nick Bartzen - Morgan
Vanessa Born Vanessa Born - Lori
Jenna Allen Jenna Allen - Sarah
Ethan Mechare Ethan Mechare - Alex

User reviews



It's the familiar situation of a queer guy being in a really close situation with a hunky straight guy. The desire for that straight guy, along with the small amounts of attention and reciprocation you get from the dude, make you forget reality. No gay guy is good enough, you'll just take the droppings of the straight guy, and let the chances for a real relationship wither. This situation is re-enacted with nuance and feeling. The pent-up rage of the straight guy, his retreat into video games, and his acknowledgment of his conflicted feelings come across beautifully. My main problem with this film is the clichéd fag hag role, and rather pat and simplistic ending. Other than that, an enjoyable short film.


I thought Straight Boys was great! I love romantic comedies, and this movie brought it! The Lori Character was funny yet real. I would have liked to see more of her. You could tell she had a real past with the Ben character. If you want a feel good movie about "Littterally" a coming out story of a young guy; This is totally the movie for you. Plus it was really shot in Wisconsin! I love films that are really shot in there locations. Plus everyone was hot in this movie, but in a real world kind of way. I still smile, every time i think of this film. Watch this film....




Sincerely, i expect much more from "Straight Boys", but it really don't work. This film promises a cute, sweet story but at the end, simply is not what it is supposed to be.

The story is about Ben, who is in love with Morgan, his roommate. He counts with his friend, Lori, and help him with some things. Ben don't knows what have to do, and acts just like a friend in spite that he sometimes find how to be more close to him. What he is going to say if Ben tell him?

"Straight Boys" have a story that is without doubt the situation of much people. The people that sometimes we cant get, and how the only way that we can get them is in our dreams and thinking. In this case, Ben desire Morgan but he knows he is Straight and have a girlfriend. But we know that maybe there is a chance for him. There is another character called Alex, who Ben "wants" to take away and how Alex wants him. Obviously Ben needs to keep his sexual orientation in secret, and is very insecure. This is very take in count when Lori nags Ben for being so insecure. This is the only way that we can know the feelings of Ben. With the other things, nothing, the ending is not so clever as the message that it want to bring. You find that they maybe could have something, or what are the intentions of Morgan, but at that point get so short.

With a kind of intention, "Straight Boys" have something, but no more, then is just tired and forgettable.

*Sorry for the mistakes...well, if there any.