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We Will Live Again (2012) Online

We Will Live Again (2012) Online
Original Title :
We Will Live Again
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Short / Sci-Fi
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Directror :
Myles Kane,Josh Koury
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We Will Live Again (2012) Online

We Will Live Again is a look at the unusual and extraordinary operations of the Cryonics Institute. The film follows Ben Best and Andy Zawacki, the caretakers of this 'mom and pop style' warehouse, as they maintain the 99 deceased human bodies stored at below freezing temperatures in cryopreservation. The Institute and the Cryonics Movement were founded by Robert Ettinger, who in his nineties has long retired from running the faculty, but still lives nearby, self-publishing books on cryonics, awaiting the end of this life and eagerly anticipating his next. {locallinks-homepage}

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Sometimes you watch something with the knowledge that the reason you're watching it is because you vehemently disagree with it . Take for example those rabid atheists who sometimes find themselves accidentally on purpose tuning in to The God Channel or SONGS OF PRAISE simply to have a laugh at the nonsense being broadcast by the manipulative to the naively gullible

" Hey you mean people like you Theo ? "

Yes indeed and it's amazing how far some people are willing to go to ignore rational logic due to their fear of death . This short documentary WE LIVE AGAIN is along the same lines involving the pseudo-science of cryonics

" Cryonics ? Weren't they in that Doctor Who story Attack Of The Cybermen ? "

That was the Cyrons but you can see even the name itself conjures up images of pulpy science fiction . Just to check I'm not misrepresenting anyone I did go on Wikipedia to see if there's any truth in cryonics and apparently 62 scientists have written an open letter saying it is . Most of these " scientists " have credentials that are somewhat dodgy in that they're doctors of philosophy rather than biologists . Likewise you have to take on board that no matter what scientific argument is being discussed there will always be a difference on opinion in the scientific community . The vast majority of scientists believe man made global warming is a certainty but there will always be dissidents on a scientific topic that disagree with the mainstream view so 62 scientists saying something is feasible is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of scientists in the world today

To be fair this documentary isn't a sales pitch for the Cryonics Institute . No one says " Don't worry about dying because if you give us a wad of money we'll preserve you and wake you up in a hundred years " and one of the directors does state that there's no certainty they can bring you back to life . It doesn't however go in to any detail as to how they can resurrect a dead body . Preserving a body is not the same as keeping someone alive . Death has already happened and death is the only absolute in life so it doesn't matter what killed that person because you're not trying the cure the ailment that killed the patient but death itself . It's not as simple as building a big boat to survive global warming and hoping you don't get stabbed by Ray Winstone , it's much more difficult than that . WE WILL LIVE AGAIN does manage to broadcast the website address of the Cryonics Institute and if you go on their website they'll scream and shout that " It's relatively cheap and not any type of scam or rip off no siree " so if you've the money and don't mind risking being torn from Heaven having to do another few rounds of the miserable existence of life then you might want to give it a go

As it stands WE WILL LIVE AGAIN is a relatively fascinating documentary no matter your own personal beliefs of what happens after death but its major failing is that it never asks the very obvious question - how do you cure death ? You can go on their official website and if you give them $28,000 they'll promise to resurrect you once death is cured . Here's hoping there's not a zombie apocalypse other wise you could have spent your twenty eight grand on cigarettes , booze , drugs and whores when you were still alive


You ever have that thing where someone is telling you something and you find yourself leaning forward with a slick crook in your neck and a "wut?" expression on your face? In some cases this is because you cannot believe how stupid the person sounds, but this is not the case with this short film. Although it did all sound crazy to me, it is presented in such a straight fashion that while I was leaning forward with my "wut?" face on, I also was deeply engaged by the business, the ideas and the reality of doing this.

I appreciated this approach because this subject would almost have been too easy to deliver as a joke and I can picture Louis Theroux doing a film here where he asks the awkward questions and does his "innocent abroad" thing to make them look foolish as he feeds them the rope. Instead Kane and Koury play it straight and let the reality stand for itself – perhaps this is because they believe in the idea, but whatever the reason it works well for the benefit of the film. We see genuine people working there and we understand that ultimately the people undergoing the process and simply hoping that maybe they live a little longer in the future.

That said the film doesn't sugarcoat it and talk it up and indeed there is honesty in there about this not being a proved technology or anything of the kind, so it is again honest about the nature of it – although so are the people involved. I disagree with it myself and think it is nonsense but this didn't mean I was not fascinated by the film in terms of its structure and tone but also in terms of its rather morbid access to the facility and in particular a body being unloaded and installed for, I guess, forever. Whatever your view the film will work because although you will be in disbelief, you will still be engaged and interested and this is helped by the fact that the film plays it straight rather than going for the obvious route of "look at these nutjobs".