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Konyec - Az utolsó csekk a pohárban (2007) Online

Konyec - Az utolsó csekk a pohárban (2007) Online
Original Title :
Konyec - Az utolsó csekk a pohárban
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Crime / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Gábor Rohonyi
Cast :
Emil Keres,Teri Földi,Judit Schell
Writer :
Balázs Lovas,Zsolt Pozsgai
Budget :
HUF 200,000,000
Type :
Time :
1h 44min
Rating :
Konyec - Az utolsó csekk a pohárban (2007) Online

After a life changing decision, an old man and his wife become criminals.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Emil Keres Emil Keres - Emil
Teri Földi Teri Földi - Hédi
Judit Schell Judit Schell - Ági
Zoltán Schmied Zoltán Schmied - Andor
Djoko Rosic Djoko Rosic - Juan
Péter Barbinek Péter Barbinek - Captain
Péter Horkay Péter Horkay - Lévai
Miklós Kapácsy Miklós Kapácsy - Gábor
Mihály Szabados Mihály Szabados - Patrol
Csaba Benedek Csaba Benedek - Policeman
Katalin Várnagy Katalin Várnagy - Stefi
Ági Mednyánszky Ági Mednyánszky - Klotild
Zsófia Geiger Zsófia Geiger - Young Hédi
Szabolcs Ruszina Szabolcs Ruszina - Young Emil
László Csendes László Csendes - Comrade Barna

Ági Margitai, who was also considered for the female lead, suggested Emil Keres for the male lead.

Emil Keres tried to convince the director that he is not the best for the lead, and even suggested another actor to play the role.

User reviews



I just saw this very funny road movie premiered in Hungary. I try to summarize it without any spoilers. There's an old couple, the man is 81, the woman 70, and they live in the post-communist Hungary like hundreds of thousand other pensioners do: in very modest circumstances to put it mildly. They are unable to pay their bills and threatened by the utility suppliers. One day the old man gets fed up and robs a post office with his 1958 GAZ, the one-time luxury car of communist party leaders. The old couple flees to the country-side from the police chasing them. There is a young couple of police officers, the woman being the boss of the man. They are assigned to the case. The movie is partly about the differences between (very) old-age couples and young couples today. In summary, it is a very likable comedy, a road movie understandable to any audience outside Hungary as well.


Excellent cast, excellent performance, excellent in every way possible.

It is the best movie that I have seem in a long time.

A nice way to send a message about the problems that most retires face when the retire.

Very funny about the stupidity of the police. One more thing, the woman was smarter than the two men. Bravo !!!

And the very unexpected end, was great !.

Since I saw the movie I have been telling everybody to go see.

I enjoy it tremendously. It is probably the Best movie at the festival. I hope that it wins !!