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The Fo-Fo Figgily Show Treasure Hunt (2018– ) Online

The Fo-Fo Figgily Show Treasure Hunt (2018– ) Online
Original Title :
Treasure Hunt
Genre :
TV Episode / Short / Family
Year :
Directror :
Ian Kenny
Cast :
Callum Aston,Katie Higgins,Natalie Hoflin
Writer :
Jamie DaVicky,Jamie DaVicky
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Fo-Fo Figgily Show Treasure Hunt (2018– ) Online

Fo-Fo Figgily shares with Logan a shiny bottle that he and Wee found on the beach that morning. Our friends discover the inside the bottle is a treasure map. Showing where treasure could be hidden. The map reveals a clue that takes our friends on an adventure all around Seabucklebark. They visit their friend Mr Snaffle Sprouts, they hop with the Pogo Palm Tree at Kendal Bootglow's Fire Station and they find a key at Jumble Falls. Our friends find the hidden treasure which then leads them to Fixle's Lab. Kendal Bootglow demonstrates to us a Fo-Fo Figgily Fitness Tip and Mr Snaffle Sprouts teaches us all about a healthy snack, Beans.
Episode credited cast:
Callum Aston Callum Aston - Fo-Fo Figgily (voice)
Katie Higgins Katie Higgins - Fo-Fo Figgily (voice)
Natalie Hoflin Natalie Hoflin - Vivala Wee
Tim Maddren Tim Maddren - Logan
Chloe Ng Chloe Ng - Kendal Bootglow