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Sharing the Rough (2015) Online

Sharing the Rough (2015) Online
Original Title :
Sharing the Rough
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Adventure / Drama / News
Year :
Directror :
Orin Mazzoni
Cast :
Roger Dery,June Stahl,Gichuchu Okeno
Writer :
Orin Mazzoni
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 25min
Rating :
Sharing the Rough (2015) Online

The world of colored gemstones is still dominated by individual miners and artisans, and each has a powerful and extremely unique story to tell. Sharing the Rough has captured the realism and appreciation of the world of colored gemstones: from the hands of the East African Miners who bring these treasures to the surface, to the Gem Cutter who breathes life into the rough stone, to the Designer who accentuates the beauty of the gem through precious metals. Sharing the Rough encapsulates the passion and beauty of one of nature's most precious gifts, weaving together the remarkable journey of all the hands that share in the creation of wearable art. Never before has a film documented the passion of what it takes to bring a colored gemstone from deep inside an African mine, to an heirloom that will be treasured for generations. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Roger Dery Roger Dery - The Gem Cutter
June Stahl June Stahl - Jewelry Consumer
Gichuchu Okeno Gichuchu Okeno - Mine Owner / Gemstone Broker
Charles Carmona Charles Carmona - World Bank Gemology Consultant
Mark Schneider Mark Schneider - The Jewelry Designer
Monica Stephenson Monica Stephenson - Jewelry Fashion Editor
Sune Merisheki Sune Merisheki - Tanzanite Mine Owner
'Sigi' Johnstone Karanja Githii 'Sigi' Johnstone Karanja Githii - Mine Manager
Elijah Mwandoe Elijah Mwandoe - County Exec. for Mining
Edward Omito Edward Omito - Geologist
Ginger Dery Ginger Dery - Owner, Spectral Gems
Dave McConnell Dave McConnell - Owner, The Kings Jewelers
Danuta Kuc Danuta Kuc - Jewelry Consumer
Orin J. Mazzoni Jr. Orin J. Mazzoni Jr. - Owner, Orin Jewelers
Peter Salla Peter Salla - Founder / Executive Director, The Arusha School

User reviews



This wasn't like any other documentary. The movie captured the true essence of mining in Africa. It makes you see the other side of life. It shows not only the beauty of gemstones but the passion and dedication these miners put into the work. It shows the unique path a gemstone takes from being found hundreds of feet in the ground to being around your finger or neck. The beautiful soundtrack accompanies the masterful cinematography. It makes me realize how much a piece of earth can bring so much joy and excitement to us. This is a must see documentary.

2 Thumbs up!!