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A Snow White Christmas (2018) Online

A Snow White Christmas (2018) Online
Original Title :
A Snow White Christmas
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Kristin Fairweather
Cast :
Michelle Randolph,Carolyn Hennesy,Liam McNeill
Writer :
Paula Rahn
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :

When Blanca Snow is faced with spending Christmas with her dastardly stepmother, Victoria, she attempts to fulfill her late father's wishes and create new memories as a family. However, ... See full summary

A Snow White Christmas (2018) Online

When Blanca Snow is faced with spending Christmas with her dastardly stepmother, Victoria, she attempts to fulfill her late father's wishes and create new memories as a family. However, Victoria plots to edge Blanca out of her father's inheritance and keep the money and his mansion, for herself. She plans to renovate the house by hiring a talented designer, Lucas Prince, but when he falls in love with Blanca, Victoria is jealous and outraged. With the help of her assistant, Zane, Victoria has Blanca hypnotized, so she will forget everyone and everything about her father's will. When Blanca wakes up in a quaint motor lodge out of town with severe amnesia, she receives the help of seven quirky friends, the Holly Jollies, to help her figure out her life. While attempting to regain her memory, she finds herself the object of affection to both house painter Hunter, and Lucas Prince. But, who can she trust? And will she finally remember her past, and stop Victoria from stealing everything ...
Credited cast:
Michelle Randolph Michelle Randolph - Blanca Snow
Carolyn Hennesy Carolyn Hennesy - Victoria Snow
Liam McNeill Liam McNeill - Hunter
Rich Barnes Rich Barnes - Zane
Colt Prattes Colt Prattes - Lucas Prince
Naheem Garcia Naheem Garcia - Hap
Lisa Lynch Lisa Lynch - Doc
Rose Weaver Rose Weaver - Mrs. Woods
Andrea Lyman Andrea Lyman - Probate Lawyer
Celeste Oliva Celeste Oliva - Raven Loomis
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ricky Archer Ricky Archer - Choo
Louise Mara Louise Mara - House Staff
Selena Mars Selena Mars - Zee
Corey Teixeira Corey Teixeira - Oscar
Michele Waters Michele Waters - Nat

User reviews



Where should I start? It's been a while since I laughed at how horrible a movie could be. This movie was so hilariously bad. I don't know if that's the way they intended it or not. At times it seemed that way. It was a unapologetic satirical version of Disney's version with a element of realism at its expense.

Let me count the ways: 1: There was the evil stepmother who forged her stepdaughters signature, because she was a greedy witch. Evil at its best! She was one of the best parts of the movie.

2: The Prince was so over the top and cringy. He made me want to vomit. I don't know any man who could actually be this way.

3: Blanca (Snow White) was so naive that it became irritating. No one could be that dumb, right?

4: I hate love triangles. But I liked that the Hunter was included in it.

5: The wicked stepmothers assistant aka The Mirror was turned into a gay man.

6: Blanca meets the dwarves at the Inn after she's been cast with a spell. This time they aren't all little men. They're still musical though.

7: The Princes rescue...I just can't even. His Instagramming is just plain hilarious. (Yes, I will say this word quite a few times during this review.)

8: The Hunters rescue was so much more believable, thankfully. But he was just as naive as Blanca.

And the rest is as they say history or happily ever after...

Watch if you're looking for a good laugh at a fairy tales expense. While this could have been done correctly I'd has it's moments of surprise.


I love this movie. It's a simple Snow White story set at Christmas time. The characters are cute, the budget is low, the sweaters are fabulous, and I want to stay at the Motor Lodge for a month to wind down, too! A mug of Snow's hot chocolate with one of her candied apples, while crafting and jamming to the Holly Jolly's is the way to do it!


This is beyond dreadful. It feels like a homemade or student film. Bad sets, bad bad acting, and so cheap. On so many levels. The only people who felt even semi decent were the Holly Jollys and family friend who was a Grandmother type. I have watched about 40 Christmas movies so far this year, and this one is the winner for the absolute worst. This never should have left the shelf. Sometimes mediocre films of a genre do not seem to attract reviews. I am the first one for this one. I appreciate it when people take the time to warn me off lame and poorly made films. Also check out your reviewers profile to make sure they are not just hating on one film or they obviously worked on the film and praise it. I have been doing this for years and I tend to be generous in my wide variety of reviews. Merry Christmas!


I think the bad acting was intentional and the cast pulled it off. You have to go into this movie expecting it to be bad. It definitely is not a Hallmark quality but it is worth the time, if you don't have anything else to do. Let it play in the background while you vacuum or iron or do the dishes. It is a watch-it-one-time movie, it will never be a classic.


My first time to review and it's not a good one. I don't have regular cable so I'm an ION watcher. This movie, of all the 'girl meets boy' Christmas movies this one is the worst. The worst.