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The Rockford Files South by Southeast (1974–1980) Online

The Rockford Files South by Southeast (1974–1980) Online
Original Title :
South by Southeast
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
William Wiard
Cast :
James Garner,Noah Beery Jr.,Joe Santos
Writer :
Roy Huggins,Stephen J. Cannell
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Rockford Files South by Southeast (1974–1980) Online

Mistaken identity by federal agents has Jim being sent to South America to help them contact a heiress, who has been isolated by her possessive husband.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
James Garner James Garner - Jim Rockford
Noah Beery Jr. Noah Beery Jr. - Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford (as Noah Beery) (credit only)
Joe Santos Joe Santos - Dennis Becker (credit only)
Dorrie Kavanaugh Dorrie Kavanaugh - Christine Van Deerlin
Don Chastain Don Chastain - Jon Van Deerlin
Carlos Romero Carlos Romero - Sam Gurolla
Don Diamond Don Diamond - Coelho
Jim B. Smith Jim B. Smith - Whittaker
Isaac Ruiz Isaac Ruiz - Jorge Sanchez (as Isaac Ruiz Jr.)
Bert Rosario Bert Rosario - Jorge's Assistant
Mark Roberts Mark Roberts - Agent Kleinhoff
George Clifton George Clifton - Agent Mallardi
Jim Scott Jim Scott - Agent Ben Bast
Ernesto Macias Ernesto Macias - Emiliano Rivera (as Eric Mason)
Don Dubbins Don Dubbins - Agent Frazee

None of the regular supporting characters appear in the episode although Jim Rockford makes an allusion to his father at the end.

The episode takes place in 'Tecolote', a word from Nahuatl, in several Central American countries for 'owl'.

The enchanting, delicate-featured, Dorrie Kavanaugh, who plays the brittle Christine Van Deerlin, sadly died a few years after this - her career being cut brutally short - after she being diagnosed with cancer, and only filmed 2 subsequent projects.

One of the very rare episodes were Rockford does not drive his trademark Pontiac Firebird. It is only seen parked by his trailer in the beginning of the episode.

The scene where Rockford dives under his trailer to avoid being shot, shows there's no plumbing, nor water hooked to the trailer. The trailer sits on a parking lot appears not to have been designed to provide sewer and water services for a mobile home.

User reviews



A terrific episode that plays more like a movie than a regular episode of the series. Jim Rockford is mistaken for someone else and sent by the government to an undisclosed location on a secret mission. Garner is as usual terrific playing a man trapped and frustrated by circumstance. Once he arrives (in the middle of nowhere), he learns of the mission and meets the lovely Christine Van Deerlin (Soap veteran Dorrie Kavanaugh), a woman who is surrounded by trouble. As much as I love Jim's friends and usual surroundings, its great to see him on his own, out of the usual surroundings in an episode that involves action, a lot of mystery, some comedy and even a bit of romance.


This segment started out well, especially the scenes when Rockford is mistaken for a federal agent and is driven place to place to meet a supervisor who's never the right one, and then he ends up on a plane to another country to find an heiress, although I can't quite recall the reasoning behind it. It appears that she's unhappy and held against her will, and that she knew the agent that Rockford supposedly is mistaken for. Right off the bat, I felt a lack of chemistry between Jim and Dorrie Kavanaugh's character Christine, and I felt the longer they hung together, the more clichéd their relationship became; boy meets girl, girl despises boy, girl feels sorry for boy, boy charms girl, girl likes boy, and so on. I usually dislike episodes when Jim falls for the girl, even though this woman is married; why does he need to hold her hand at the restaurant, and what did he expect to happen? There's another moment that I'm left scratching my head; Jim discovers the husband has been giving her arsenic, not pain killers, for her headache. My problem is that the husband leaves the poison out in the open for anyone to see, and voila, Jim discovers it. Is she too dumb to see what he's giving her, or is the husband too dumb not to hide the arsenic? There's no Rocky, Angel, or Dennis to add to the disappointment. The final moments have Christine wanting to meet Rocky and Jim's cat(did you know he had one?)and go back home with him, but Jim the cowboy turns her down, but proceeds to give her a big kiss to end the show. I'll make sure to watch something else the next time this show rounds the corner again, and I recommend you do the same also.