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Mouse on the Mayflower (1968) Online

Mouse on the Mayflower (1968) Online
Original Title :
Mouse on the Mayflower
Genre :
Movie / Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / History / Musical
Year :
Directror :
Jules Bass,Arthur Rankin Jr.
Cast :
Tennessee Ernie Ford,Eddie Albert,John Gary
Writer :
Romeo Muller
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Mouse on the Mayflower (1968) Online

The Mayflower journey as see through the experiences of a church mouse.
Cast overview:
Tennessee Ernie Ford Tennessee Ernie Ford - Narrator (voice)
Eddie Albert Eddie Albert - Capt. Standish (voice)
John Gary John Gary - John Alden (voice)
Joanie Sommers Joanie Sommers - Priscilla Mullins (voice)
Paul Frees Paul Frees - (voice)
June Foray June Foray - (voice)

User reviews



I really enjoyed this movie. As a child I looked forward to the Thanksgiving holiday when this movie would be played on t.v. We had it on tape at one point, but over the years the tape has been lost. I haven't seen it for quite some time and would love to see it on t.v. again. It had a lot of really great information on how the holiday came to be. I would recommend this movie to all those interested in animated shows as well as anyone who would like to watch a great movie on Thanksgiving. I hope they will start playing this show on t.v. again. Every kid should get the chance to watch a fun spirited cartoon on our history.


We recorded the Mouse on the Mayflower in the 80's and have watched it almost every Thanksgiving since. It is very informative and entertaining. It is a good was to teach children the Thanksgiving story. In my opinion it was a great film, I recommend it to families with small children, and grandparents to show to their grandchildren.


This is one of the less aired Rankin-Bass specials, so I didn't grow up on watching this one, among certain others. I watched it a couple late nights/early mornings ago on Youtube, on Thanksgiving day. I've got to say, it's a nice spin on a piece of history. I think the only, other reinterpretation of this I've seen is This is America, Charlie Brown. Although I'm sure many are all familiar with the true story of how this country came to be, has anybody else besides all those who viewed it and the reviewers here ever heard of the little known fact of how at least a couple of mice were involved in how that was made possible?

The special begins with a church mouse named William telling the viewers a story of how not only how that all happened, but also explains just how his ancestor, also named Willum, played a part in this too. Aside from the difficult, challenging, perilous expedition of getting there and after with all of the things that got in the way of the pilgrims, and they had to go through like a storm, going in the wrong direction, a harsh winter, and illness, they would manage to make their way to their destination successfully eventually. There are also sub-plots of a love triangle amongst Captain Miles Standish, John Alden, and Priscilla Mullins, as well as a side story about a pair of baddies aboard the Mayflower who are seeking golden riches and they'd later team up with another pair of baddies, a rogue Native American named Smiling Buzzard and his bear after arriving on what would later become known as the American shores. William himself would team up with a Native American mouse or red mouse named Big Little Thunder.

As to the technical aspects of this. There may be those who find the art style in this Rankin-Bass/Toei co-production to be better than several of the other, 2-D animated Rankin-Bass productions, such as, say, 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. I didn't think about what was the perfect art style and what wasn't at the time, but I think I like the art style in this more than the other traditionally animated Rankin Bass projects. It's just so different that it separates itself from the more, typical style that those may not see as the nicest looking. As much as I like the stop-motion efforts as well, I also don't know how anybody would know what form of animation worked best for R-B. As for the animation quality itself, it seems fine and fluid enough. The 2-D animation, especially in this, is alright to me. The voice work is well done by the whole cast. Both Willums are great, lead characters, the other heroes and villains are as well. This animated, historical musical contains several great songs, such as the one about forming a new colony. Found the all the music enjoyable. Everything else about this is the same.

I know that some time after its original airing, it ended up fading into obscurity. This Is America, Charlie Brown is good, but I think I like this version of The MayFlower story more, for the fact that it's essentially a what-if-spin on the story. For all those who haven't seen it, I recommended it. Another R-B holiday classic in my eyes.


This program seemed to emerge when I was two. However long after that in which I saw this, I'm not sure, four or five years, but somewhere along the way, it seemed to be removed from HOliday viewing. There just didn't seem to be as much emphasis on Thanksgiving programs, which is a shame.

Also add to the fact this one is animated with illustration, not puppetry as Rudolph and the Winter Warlock are done, so that may have worked against this here, but whereas Frosty is also drawn, he was a Christmas staple.

Nevertheless, it seemed the Mayflower Mouse never seemed to air regularly for me as a kid, or maybe it was the central character never spoke, making it difficult to follow his adventures with his little chirps.

It's a shame in that regard as it really is delightful, especially for Tennessee Ernie Ford's singing and narration.

I think the 'love triangle' with Standish, John and Prisilla took up too much of the story, as well as the comedy relief characters in hillbilly yokels (on the Mayflower?) and the Indian.

Nothing else to deal with, I guess.

Still, an alltime fave.


Start with the fact that this is historically inaccurate in many important ways.

Add to that some of the cheapest, sloppiest animation you can imagine.

The only thing vaguely entertaining about this made-for-TV movie is the catchy theme song "Mayflower, Mayflower, sailing brave and free ... bound for glory, this is your story..."

Two glaring mistakes among many others: William Brewster was the religious leader of the "Pilgrims" - not William Bradford as depicted in the film. Bradford was elected governor of the colony.

John Alden was not a Pilgrim but rather a hired hand - a cooper or barrel maker in charge of looking after the ship's common cargo. He was an acquaintance of Captain Miles Standish but NOT his assistant as depicted. Ultimately, Alden married Pilgrim maiden Priscilla Mullins at Plymouth and they had a family together.

---------- A far better choice for children is the "The Mayflower Voyagers" 1988 from the six-part "This Is America, Charlie Brown" series. That little film is much more accurate and entertaining.