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Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji Online

Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji  Online
Original Title :
Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji
Genre :
TV Series / Animation / Comedy / Romance
Cast :
Yoshimasa Hosoya,Kanae Itô,Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji Online

About Erika who claims that popular boy, Sata is her boyfriend. She has no choice but to make him her fake boyfriend. Unfortunately,he may look like a sweet person, but he is actually an ultra sadist and treat her like a slave.
Series cast summary:
Yoshimasa Hosoya Yoshimasa Hosoya - Hibiya, Takeru unknown episodes

User reviews



Whether you love anime or not don't watch this.

1. The animation is nice but nothing huge.

2. Romance in this series sucks! The man is just a huge jerk who treats Erika like a worthless animal. He's not a hero we should be rooting for and yet this series keeps telling us he's good. How can we get behind their romance if he's only been arrogant around her.

3. The characters are all shallow and dull. Erika is a whiny teenager who wants a boyfriend, Sata is a nice on the outside but cold in the inside, her 'friends' Aki and Marin are clique girls who only ever talk about their boyfriends.

4. The story revolves around Sata and Erika being a pretend couple. Erika wanted to have friends so badly that she lied about having a boyfriend. Karma comes around and the guy she showed a picture of who her boyfriend is goes to the same school as her. So now she has to lie to her 'friends' about having a 'boyfriend' just so she won't be alone. That's one pathetic teenage girl right there. The guy goes along with it because he wants to use her as a dog. Yeah, why are we supposed to be rooting for these two again?

Yes the series does get better but it takes so LONG and every second of this series makes it feel five times longer than it actually is. The story is dreadful, the romance is horrendous and the characters are bad. If you want romance anime please watch Toradora, Kamisama Hajimemashita or Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. Stay far away from this.


After reading mixed reviews I decided to give this anime a chance and watch it. At first, it seemed like it had the potential to develop into a cute romance, but unfortunately, with time it just became worse and worse. And no, it's not because of the whole dog thing. Even the pretending boyfriend thing could be developed into something better if the makers of this would know how to make a romance progress organically. Unfortunately, the story now reads something like this:

Protagonist Erika is a shallow girl whose only goal in life is to have friends (doesn't matter if they're fake and she has nothing in common with them) for the sake of the looks. She likes inventing things, including a fake boyfriend. When Sata decides to go along with her lies, she just keeps on pretense. Any normal person at this point would've admitted being an idiot, apologized, and then asked that if he could've pretended to dump her (so that she could've kept the appearances and stop bugging a guy who clearly doesn't want a girlfriend). Instead, pretending to have a love life clearly seems more important to her than anything, and they both keep on the appearances. Sate is being a jerkt to her from time to time, but honestly it could've been way worse. Most of the time he just uses her like some sort of an assistant, so she keeps on fetching things for him. Erika is pretty annoying, especcially when she "falls in love" with him, which happens way, way too soon and for no good reason. Her proclamation of love sounds more like a declaration of war, and then tries to win his affection in the most cringe-worthy ways. She's pretty much thowing herself at him, which is hard to watch. When he doesn't return the feelings, she ackts like a spoild child who can't take no for an answer.

I do admit that I watched only until half of the season, but I simply cannot bear this bad "romance." It's too childish and bad developed for my taste. If you force yourself on a person you shouldn't expect them to want to be closer to you (unless they have issues). This brings out the exact offosite efect. That's clearly something the protagonist can't understand.


Although I liked the story of this romance anime and the fact its giving a message that all guys can be jerks even if they act nice to ya. However I thought the character Sata wasn't at all clear for me personality wise. He goes from being kind, manipulative, naughty or just fed up with life. Yeah we can have mood swings but I just thought the character development on him was all over the place and pretty much utterly confusing. I would ask the writers to just please concentrate on only just one personality for Sata, I think it would've made my head spin even less, seriously haha!

Other then that complaint, I thought the anime was quite alright but I have to give it 7/10
black coffe

black coffe

Erika Shinohara is an ordinary high school girl who wants to be part of the popular set so when other girls start talking about their boyfriends so does she; the only problem is she doesn't have one. When the other girls start sharing photographs of their boyfriends she takes a snap of a handsome boy and claims to be dating him… this is when her problems start; she thought he was just a random boy but actually he goes to her school. Fearing the humiliation of being exposed she approaches him and asks if he will pretend to be her boyfriend; he agrees… if she will be his dog! The boy, Kyouya Sata, may have appeared charming but he clearly has a sadistic streak and plans to have some fun with Erika. The question is how long will Erika put up with his cruelty or will she ultimately win him over?

In the opening episodes this series was a hard watch; one can't help feeling Erika would have been better of facing the embarrassment of admitting a lie than the constant humiliation heaped on her by Kyouya. Thankfully as the story progresses it appears he isn't quite the sadist he first appears. It may be rather cliché and a bit of a fairy tale but the bad boy being made good by the right girl is more enjoyable that seeing that nice girl being humiliated every week! The character designs are good enough although Kyouya is the typical bishounen bad boy of Shoujo series. Overall this is a decent enough series if you can get past the opening episodes; not a classic but enjoyable enough.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.


1.my comment is completely disagreeing with comment of Madame Monster

2.This anime has new things to say, Unlike other anime, this time a girl try to make someone like her.and this is new.

3.Madame Monster in her comment said: He's(Sata) not a hero we should be rooting for and yet this series keeps telling us he's good.and my answer is: Sata is a real hero because Erika dishonor about Sata in the restaurant in the first episode in front of 100 people but Sata always respect to Erika in groups.And in episode 2 he saves her and fights for her, although anybody isn't perfect except God.

4.After a long time, at last, I find an anime that is as good as this anime: AO haru ride.it remind me Ao haru ride,because: the boy has some family issues and the girl doesn't know anything about them.and they complementary and solving problems of each other.

5.personally in real life, I am a little like to Sata Kyouya, I don't laugh more without a reason and I am a Serious person.and because of this I like the character of Sata Kyouya.

6.this anime just has 2 problems in my opinion.The first is: Hibiya Takeru is one of the main characters as if we saw him in the first episode at the beginning, And he is likable,but we don't see him much in other episodes.And the anime replace Kamiya Nozomi instead of Hibiya Takeru. The Second problem is: After episode 5(from episode 6 until the end) The anime doesn't follow his storyline and his title.We can't see anything about Wolf girl or being a dog.


Honestly, I was never into Romantic stuff before this. I was bored and wanted to start a new anime, a friend of mine happened to suggest this anime. I was sceptical of it at first but after finishing it, I'm completely amazed. The story line up, the art, the music, the characters everything was great. The main protagonist was a bit twisted but you'd come to like him as the story progresses. It just gets better and better with each episode. Do watch it, I highly suggest this to all the anime fans!