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Lost in Space Trip Through the Robot (1965–1968) Online

Lost in Space Trip Through the Robot (1965–1968) Online
Original Title :
Trip Through the Robot
Genre :
TV Episode / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Don Richardson
Cast :
Guy Williams,June Lockhart,Mark Goddard
Writer :
Barney Slater,Irwin Allen
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Lost in Space Trip Through the Robot (1965–1968) Online

While in the Valley of Shadows the Robot is affected by strange forces and grows to the size of a building. Will and Dr. Smith enter the Robot to try to reverse the process and save him.
Episode complete credited cast:
Guy Williams Guy Williams - Prof. John Robinson
June Lockhart June Lockhart - Maureen Robinson
Mark Goddard Mark Goddard - Maj. Don West
Marta Kristen Marta Kristen - Judy Robinson
Bill Mumy Bill Mumy - Will Robinson (as Billy Mumy)
Angela Cartwright Angela Cartwright - Penny Robinson
Jonathan Harris Jonathan Harris - Dr. Zachary Smith

User reviews



I loved "Lost in Space" back in the mid-1960s. Today, I find the second season's episodes to be frustrating at times, because so many of the story lines make very little sense. "The Toymaker" and "The Questing Beast" are almost incomprehensible to me. Most shows involved Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris) putting everyone in danger through greedy, careless, or cowardly behavior, with John Robinson (Guy Williams) and Will Robinson (Bill Mumy) saving the day.

My favorite episode out of all three years was "Trip Through the Robot" from Year 2. The Robot ventures into the Valley of Shadows to die, because he is very low on power. Will and Smith find him, grown to monstrous size! The two enter the now-huge robot and make some adjustments to start the Robot's "heart" again in order to shrink him, and must run for their lives before they are trapped inside.

Although this episode had the usual sappy upbeat ending, it stands out due to the great storyline, interesting use of sets, and Dr. Smith's unusual good-guy role. Harris and Mumy are great as always, while Williams overacts in his usual way. Good TV show for those wishing for a little 1960s sci-fi nostalgia.


Jonathan Harris was an icon and American treasure. His acting on LIS is a feat never to be duplicated. Once again, he was the villain we loved. Trip through the Robot revealed his kinder side. When the robot 'died', Will was very distressed. Dr. Smith, observing this, physically tried to revive the robot. When he failed, he consoled Will, placing his hand on his shoulder, telling him he was sorry. Additionally, he went along with Will's plan to ultimately revive and restore the robot. Dr. Smith, despite his faults, cared for the kids. When he thought Penny had turned to platinum, he cried, blaming himself and willing to sacrifice himself for her recovery. In another episode, he made it back to earth prior to the original launch. When he learned the Robinsons would be destroyed without his presence on the ship, he allowed himself to be trapped on board all over again. May Mr. Harris forever rest in peace...


I have little to say about this episode other than it is about as ridiculous as it could get by this point. Yet, surprise, surprise-it gets worse. Far, far worse.