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Banacek No Stone Unturned (1972–1974) Online

Banacek No Stone Unturned (1972–1974) Online
Original Title :
No Stone Unturned
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Richard T. Heffron
Cast :
George Peppard,Christine Belford,Gary Lockwood
Writer :
Anthony Wilson,George Sheldon Smith
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
1h 15min
Rating :
Banacek No Stone Unturned (1972–1974) Online

"Man in Harmony," a 3-ton, 11-foot tall sculpture, is missing at its gala unveiling. The 5-foot pedestal to which it was attached is all that remains to mark the theft. A ransom demand, threatening to turn the large stone into gravel unless $500,000 is paid, further complicates the case. Working in competition with a Boston Insurance Company colleague, Banacek has only two days to find the statue and collect his fee.
Episode complete credited cast:
George Peppard George Peppard - Thomas Banacek
Christine Belford Christine Belford - Carlie Kirkland
Gary Lockwood Gary Lockwood - Owen Russell
Don Stroud Don Stroud - Vince O'Hara
Scott Brady Scott Brady - Davey Collier
Candy Clark Candy Clark - Gretel (as Candace Clark)
Murray Matheson Murray Matheson - Felix Mulholland
Joe Maross Joe Maross - Lt. Nash
Linden Chiles Linden Chiles - Henry DeWitt
Ralph Manza Ralph Manza - Jay Drury
Larry Pennell Larry Pennell - Pete Biesecker
Peggy Walton-Walker Peggy Walton-Walker - Jennifer Nesburn (as Peggy Walton)

Kirkland makes snide comments about Gretel's age and youth, when, in fact, Kirkland is 2 years *younger* than Gretel.

In the restaurant scene with Banacek & Carly, which takes place at "Anthony's Pier 4," owner/restaurateur Anthony Athanas makes a brief cameo appearance in which Banacek shakes his hand and calls him "Tony" and later states that he's Albanian-American.

User reviews

Bad Sunny

Bad Sunny

When the statue that Gary Lockwood sculpted for Philistine millionaire Scott Brady is stolen from a museum as it is about to be displayed it's one of those Banacek like problems. But insurance company head Linden Chiles would like to solve the mystery at a cut rate so he assigns Christine Belford from his company to save on Banacek's finders fee. I learned along time ago if you can pay for the best, get the best. But then there would have been no episode.

George Peppard's mystery here is how does one get a huge 11 foot 3 ton statue out of a building without being spotted? Not only is the statue stolen, but a ransom is demanded out of Scott Brady. Peppard tags along with Belford for the ride. But of course she gets it all wrong and he's right on the money.

I have to say this was one clever robbery and done for the sake of art in a strange way. You'll have to watch the episode to see what I mean.


Thomas Banacek(George Peppard) is called in on a case involving a 3-ton, eleven foot-tall sculpture that somehow went missing between the time of its arrival at its big unveiling party given by its new wealthy owner Dave Collier(played by Scott Brady) and the time it was to be seen. Carlie Kirkland(played by Christine Belford) an old adversary/girlfriend (from the pilot film) is also on the case, but the theory she comes up with doesn't match Banacek's, though it still concerns the resentful sculptor Own Russell(played by Gary Lockwood) who had plenty of motive... Fun mystery with a clever solution to the crime, though the astute viewer may have figured it out.