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Monsterquest Flying Monsters (2007– ) Online

Monsterquest Flying Monsters (2007– ) Online
Original Title :
Flying Monsters
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / History / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Jean Lefebvre,Tom Phillips
Cast :
Stan Bernard,Timothy Dame,Delandis Gillespie
Writer :
Meredith Fowke,Doug Hajicek
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Monsterquest Flying Monsters (2007– ) Online

MonsterQuest goes to Papua New Guinea in an effort to track down a prehistoric flying monster.
Episode credited cast:
Stan Bernard Stan Bernard - Himself - Narrator
Timothy Dame Timothy Dame - Himself - Eyewitness
Delandis Gillespie Delandis Gillespie - Historical Reenactment
Garth Guessman Garth Guessman - Himself - Director of Field Reseach, Genesis Park
Duane Hodgekinson Duane Hodgekinson - Himself - Eyewitness
Sherri Johnson Sherri Johnson - Historical Reenactment
Jimson Karry Jimson Karry - Himself - Eyewitness
Kevin MacDonald Kevin MacDonald - Historical Reenactment
David Martill David Martill - Himself - Paleontologist, University of Portsmouth (as Dr. Dave Martill)
Paul Nation Paul Nation - Himself - Eyewitness
Clifford Paiva Clifford Paiva - Himself - Physicist, BSM Research Associates
Michael Pennay Michael Pennay - Himself - Bat Expert
Michael Q. Schmidt Michael Q. Schmidt - Historical Reenactment
Peter Schmitz Peter Schmitz - Himself - Video Analysis Expert

User reviews



Monsterquest sends an expedition team into a remote mountainous tropical rain forest on a large island in Papua New Guinea. Their stated purpose, to search for a large nocturnal flying creature reported by eyewitnesses, is fascinating and worthy of the effort; but the pre-production assumptions of the Monsterquest producers ensures that the possibility that a pterosaur species still lives---that possibility is not given proper consideration.

Don't misunderstand the low rating I give for this episode (4 out of 10). I was fascinated by much of it, and the production values are high. Important eyewitnesses and cryptozoologists are shown and given reasonable time and opportunity to speak, in general. Many viewers should really enjoy it.

But the overall philosophy of Monsterquest allowed crude skepticism to go unanswered, when powerful answers could easily have been included. Dogmatic traditions were given far too much emphasis. With that said, I believe this episode helped many viewers to become aware of a phenomenon that they had never before considered: Modern pterosaurs may still live in our wonderful world, at least according to eyewitnesses.

Watch it, but remember to consider the possibility that the eyewitnesses were telling the truth and accurately reporting their encounters. Don't get fooled by dogmatic assumptions about extinctions.