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Cook'd  Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Series / Reality TV
Cast :
Isiah Hall,Dave Keystone,Rafferty Blumberg
Budget :
CAD 4,262,800
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Cook'd Online

This reality kids tv cooking show features adults cooking their signature dishes and serving them to picky child judges.
Series cast summary:
Isiah Hall Isiah Hall - Judge / - 10 episodes, 2014-2015
Dave Keystone Dave Keystone - Himself - Host / - 7 episodes, 2014
Rafferty Blumberg Rafferty Blumberg - Judge / - 5 episodes, 2014
Hunter Scobie Hunter Scobie - Judge / - 5 episodes, 2014

User reviews



I'm writing this admittedly, without having finished an episode as I felt compelled to change it after 15 minutes. I should have taken notes.

I'm not a big reality show person but it's obvious that this is trying to cash in on the cooking show trend, especially Hell's Kitchen, where the cooks' efforts are usually disregarded.

I think, except for the reactions of the cooks, the entire show is scripted which, fine, it's a kids show; I'm not saying that children shouldn't learn how to give careful amounts of criticism, but even comments during the "Judging Panel" were obviously scripted to the point that the children were probably not actually giving their own opinion but that of one written for them to make the show more "interesting". I believe this promotes heedlessly giving negative feedback by people who are ignorant of what they're reviewing.

I honestly don't know how this show hasn't already been cancelled.


The host can't act, he looks like he's just happy that his lines are memorized and the show looks very scripted and not natural at all. The concept behind the show is good, but its not organized at all, and the cheesy jokes just ruin it all. No need to be mean to the kids on the show, but come on you could find better child actors. Also the counselors don't know what to say most of the time. The only time i would credit the kids is when they are at the judging panel judging the dishes, for kids they are able to give an honest review of the dishes. But overall as an actor i have never watched a more awful show. This shouldn't last after the first season and if it does i don't know what this world's come to.