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Bao jie: Qing qing (1996) Online

Bao jie: Qing qing (1996) Online
Original Title :
Bao jie: Qing qing
Genre :
Year :
Directror :
Pun-Hei Leung
Cast :
Simon Yam,Veronica Yip,Siu-Woon Edmond Ng
Writer :
Kin-Cheong Au,Jen-Tu Hsu
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Bao jie: Qing qing (1996) Online

Credited cast:
Simon Yam Simon Yam - Lee Yuen-Lung
Veronica Yip Veronica Yip - Ivy Yip
Siu-Woon Edmond Ng Siu-Woon Edmond Ng - Lee's brother
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Farini Cheung Farini Cheung - Cat
Hung On Cheung Hung On Cheung - (as Hung-on Cheung)
Raymond Fung Raymond Fung
Wai-Sun Lam Wai-Sun Lam - (as Gilbert Lam)
Wai-Kai Law Wai-Kai Law
Peter Ngor Peter Ngor
Almen Pui-Ha Wong Almen Pui-Ha Wong - Flora

User reviews

from earth

from earth

First of all, the producers of this movie chose the right actors for their roles. This movie wouldn't have been so interesting without the presence of Simon Yam and Veronica Yip.

Veronica Yip is a doctor working in a hospital. She one day meets a patient acting strangely. She's intrigued, but not until their meeting outside of the hospital does their relation start. Unbeknownst her, he's a marked man, and a man she's been fearing in her dreams.

Simon Yam puts in a brilliant performance here as he usually does, but an honorable mention goes to Veronica Yip. By this time she had 10 years of acting career behind her, and her acting talent really shines in this movie. She's as good as any actor, and her on screen presence is better than most actors of her era. She sure looks good for a 30 year old woman here. But she apparently (and perhaps correctly) decided that her future career lies in domestic life, and retires from the movie industry shortly after making this movie.

This is also a sad last hurrah for Hong Kong movie of this style. Such flamboyant style has all but disappeared from Hong Kong cinema since Hong Kong's repatriation to China.

In many ways this is a swan song of an era, and is precious relic of what Hong Kong movie was like during its hay days of British colonial rule.