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Love You Thank You (2017) Online

Love You Thank You (2017) Online
Original Title :
Love You Thank You
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Chad Hylton
Cast :
Donovan Mendelovitz,Michael Nicolo,Tim Torre
Writer :
Chad Hylton
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Love You Thank You (2017) Online

Lance relives the good and the bad in his past relationship to decide whether or not to see his ex-boyfriend, Adam, that night. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Donovan Mendelovitz Donovan Mendelovitz - Adam
Michael Nicolo Michael Nicolo - Lance's Body Double
Tim Torre Tim Torre - Lance

To stretch the budget of $2,000, cast and crew had to sleep in the director's college dorm for the five-day shoot and a lot of the meals were home-cooked.

All of the scenes with Lance and Himself were shot in one, eleven-hour day.

Adam's "home" monologue was filmed by the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan without permits. The scene was shot with a skeleton crew and lit by just two battery-powered LEDs, as to not block traffic.

Lance's apartment was shot in the director's college dorm. The space was dressed with thrifted items to create the feeling of a Brooklyn apartment.

The film was shot in five straight days, January 19th - 23rd in White Plains, NY and New York City.

Chad Hylton asked to use Sara Donnellan's music after seeing her Senior Recital at Purchase, College. She agreed, and her live performance of "Stir Crazy" from that show is in the final film.

The first scene shot was the diner scene.

Two tracks from Sara Donnellan's E.P., "Sad Soul" are in the film. "Hooks" is present in the diner scene where Lance and Adam meet and "Shadows You Throw" scores the art gallery scene. Another Donnellan original, "Stir Crazy" is also included.

The film was writer-director Chad Hylton's third-year short for the B.F.A. Film program at SUNY Purchase.

Initially, Lance's critical side was his roommate, Toby. It was then reworked to make Toby Lance's inner voice to solidify the film's message of self-love.

Only one scene that was shot was cut from the film. There was originally a brief conversation outside the art gallery between Adam and Lance after the show, but it was deemed unnecessary.

The original draft of the script had more fantasy elements, including an animated baby Cupid that would grow old and more decrepit as Adam and Lance's relationship grew sour.