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Virados do Avesso (2014) Online

Virados do Avesso (2014) Online
Original Title :
Virados do Avesso
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Edgar Pêra
Cast :
Diogo Morgado,Jorge Corrula,Diana Monteiro
Writer :
Henrique Cardoso Dias,Roberto Pereira
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 36min
Rating :
Virados do Avesso (2014) Online

John is a famous writer going through a huge crisis of creativity ... and beyond. Also your life is experiencing moments of doubt. A very unusual event made John woke up one day not knowing if the person on his bed is the one who wants to continue to share life. John decides to move away and, free of commitments, he assumed as a true bachelor. Who will take this as advantage is Isabel, his rival writer. Isabel only needs a slide, with their lack of scruples, to stepping John and stay ahead.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Diogo Morgado Diogo Morgado - João Salgado
Jorge Corrula Jorge Corrula - Carlos Flores
Diana Monteiro Diana Monteiro - Isabel Amaro
Nuno Melo Nuno Melo - Ricardo
Marina Albuquerque Marina Albuquerque - Catarina Salgado
Rui Melo Rui Melo - Rui
Philippe Leroux Philippe Leroux - Pierre
Marco Paiva Marco Paiva - Julio
Miguel Borges Miguel Borges - Vítor
Melânia Gomes Melânia Gomes - Carla
Miguel Partidário Miguel Partidário - Joel
Rui Unas Rui Unas - Alcides
Álvaro Faria Álvaro Faria - Pai
Isabel Medina Isabel Medina - Mãe
Nicolau Breyner Nicolau Breyner - Médico

User reviews



How was it possible for Edgar Pera to make this horrible piece of filmmaking. He is an interesting director, responsible for A JANELA (MARYALVA MIX) or O BARÃO and here he is like a fish out of water. It is a dull film, full of stereotypes, with a ridiculous argument, a bad lighting and television rhythm. Even MORANGOS COM AÇUCAR must be better. VIRADOS DO AVESSO is similar to a television product, in the worst sense. It takes the soap opera actors, technicians and producers and vomit a low cost movie, for quick consuming. What was supposed to be a comedy of manners, a popular movie, has become a tragedy. What a pity!


Really nice movie. Saw it tonight and wasn't disappointed. Most of the performances are good. The movie is very funny and entertaining.

The movie contains a lot of adult scenes and cursing as we are used to see in Portugues movies, I think the sexual scenes are a bit too much, but the cursing is cleverly used and it's funny, not exaggerated like most of the Portuguese movies usually have.

If you want to spend a good time, laugh and even get emotioned, try it.

I understand that most of the people who know Edgar Pera's movies are probably disappointed cause his work is more experimental then this. This is a very commercial comedy with some cliché moments in it. But still if you forget about what you are expecting of Edgar and just see it as if you are watching a movie from a director you don't know, I'm almost sure you will enjoy it.