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The Amazing World of Gumball
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TV Series / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Romance
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Dan Russell,Teresa Gallagher,Jacob Hopkins
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TV Series
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The Amazing World of Gumball Online

Welcome to Elmore. This quaint little suburb isn't quite what it seems, as in Elmore, just about everything has the ability to come to life. The Amazing World of Gumball follows the misadventures of Gumball, a twelve-year-old cat. With the help of his best friend Darwin, his former pet goldfish that grew legs and joined the family, he gets into all sorts of antics. He is joined by his sister, Anais, a four-year-old bunny with heightened intelligence. His father, Richard, and his mother, Nicole, are there to provide him support as well.
Series cast summary:
Dan Russell Dan Russell - Richard Watterson / - 108 episodes, 2011-2018
Teresa Gallagher Teresa Gallagher - Nicole Watterson / - 100 episodes, 2011-2018
Jacob Hopkins Jacob Hopkins - Gumball Watterson / - 92 episodes, 2014-2017
Terrell Ransom Jr. Terrell Ransom Jr. - Darwin Watterson / - 92 episodes, 2014-2017
Kerry Shale Kerry Shale - Larry Needlemeyer / - 80 episodes, 2011-2018
Kyla Rae Kowalewski Kyla Rae Kowalewski - Anais Watterson 79 episodes, 2011-2018
Logan Grove Logan Grove - Gumball Watterson 61 episodes, 2011-2014
Kwesi Boakye Kwesi Boakye - Darwin Watterson 61 episodes, 2011-2014
Tony Hull Tony Hull - Anton 59 episodes, 2011-2016
Hugo Harold-Harrison Hugo Harold-Harrison - Tobias Wilson / - 58 episodes, 2012-2018
Jessica McDonald Jessica McDonald - Carrie Krueger / - 53 episodes, 2011-2018
Sandra Dickinson Sandra Dickinson - Granny Jojo / - 49 episodes, 2011-2017

Carrie the Ghost is in 3-D if you put on 3-D glasses.

Was originally conceived as a show with rejected cartoon characters in detention before it was retooled.

According to show creator Ben Bocquelet, the name Gumball was given before the character was created because it represented the childlike nature of the show.

Gumball, Darwin, and Anais are the only child characters to be voiced by actual kids.

The backgrounds of Elmore are actually photos taken of San Francisco and Vallejo, California, as well as some places in London.

The characters Anais, Richard, and Nicole Watterson are named and based on Ben Bocquelet's own family members.

Many of the supporting characters are actually rejected characters from commercials Ben Bocquelet worked on at Studio AKA before working on the show.

The last name given to the five main characters is a homage to famous cartoonist Bill Watterson.

The character Richard Watterson was originally written as a dog.

Darwin is named after evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. Appropriately, he is a legged fish, the probable common ancestor of all land animals.

Any character viewed from far away is represented as a rectangle, with the color changing for each character. For instance, Gumball is blue, Darwin is orange, and Banana Joe is yellow.

The animation style for the 2-D characters was changed to look much more fast and fluent after season one. The style change is even mentioned in the season two finale.

The popular Nintendo series "The Legend of Zelda" is referenced in multiple episodes, including the spoof "The Tale of Zelmore" and sound effects.

Every character in the series is hurt at least one time.

Darwin is also based on Ben Bocquelet's long-time friend Paul.

Gumball increases in intelligence during the series.

The three sets of doors at the entrance of Gumball's school represent the colors of Anais, Gumball, and Darwin: pink, blue, and orange.

Many of the cars have the same license plate - X23 TU.

Gumball has been to the hospital more than anyone else in the show.

Larry does almost all of the jobs in Elmore.

Darwin is not the original Watterson pet. Richard bought a total of nine fish, all of whom Gumball accidentally killed, before he bought the Darwin we all know and love.

The van where Richard bought the Evil Turtle is also where he bought Darwin, as seen in season four, episode nineteen, "The Origins".

The only episodes not to have the word "The" in their titles are "Halloween" and "Christmas".

There are multiple references to "Dragonball Z" within the show. In the episode "The Move", the scene when Darwin briefly turns into "Darkwin" in order to stop Gumball and Clayton from fighting is a reference to a Super Saiyan. In "The Others" Gumball tries to become a Super Saiyan and in "The Pest", at one point while advising Anais, Gumball actually transforms into a Super Saiyan. Lastly in "The Night", the Robinsons' dreams are of becoming Super Saiyans themselves.

In season four, episode nine, "The Gift", Masami requests a painting by Mic Graves, the series' director.

According to season three, episode seven, "The Name", Gumball's real name was Zach, but it was officially changed to Gumball in the same episode.

There are a few connections to Terminator and Terminator 2 like in the "The Procrastinators" when Nicole says "I'll be back." then acts like a machine as she leaves for work expecting Gumball and Darwin to take out the trash, sporting the Terminator sunglasses, an Arnold Schwarzenegger chin and jaw, and the iconic red robotic eye. Another visual reference to the Terminator series occurs in the season 5 episode "The Stories", wherein multiple characters sacrifice themselves to a dodgeball onslaught to avoid hearing Molly's boring stories again. We see Bobert (who is a robot, not unlike the Terminator) sinking under a sea of dodgeballs, his claw hand extending into a thumbs up, akin to the Terminator sinking into lava and giving a thumbs up at the end of Terminator 2.

User reviews



The Amazing World of Gumball is one of those shows I looked at and said, "How can anyone like that?" But like other shows on Cartoon Network it surprised me to see it was actually a well written show.

The show takes place in the fictional city of Elmore inhabited by talking animals, animate objects, tyrannosaur, talking peanuts, and other weird things you wouldn't even expect to live together. The show follows the Watterson family, mainly Gumball and his adopted brother Darwin, and their misadventures.

You got Richard, a lazy stay at home dad with good intentions but small intellect. Nicole who is a typical workaholic mom with a short fuse but deeply loves her family. Gumball and Darwin are your average pre-teen boys who have all sorts of weird interests and misconceptions on girls, adults and life in general. And their sister Anais who is a child prodigy at four years old. Together they get into all sorts of unbelievable situations around their house, school, or city in general.

What I find really appealing about this show are the characters. Each character has a different animation style. One character can be traditionally animated but another can be done in CGI. And another could be a puppet. And another could be an 8-bit video game character. They all have individual character traits and it's really interesting to see all these animation styles really blend together.

The family is pretty close to real life too. I can remember as a kid actually getting into some of the fads Gumball and Darwin do.

This show is still pretty new and obviously has a lot more to offer, but from what I've seen it's worth watching a few episodes. I don't really see anything that bad for younger kids like I do in shows like Regular Show and the adult humor is subtle enough for kids to not know what they're missing. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this unique style in the future.

So far I give The Amazing World of Gumball an 8.5
Scoreboard Bleeding

Scoreboard Bleeding

The Amazing World of Gumball is you know...AMAZING! That's why they put "Amazing" in the show's title so that it can make sense, am I right? I love the characters, a blue cat, a walking fish, a talking banana, a talking balloon, a walking coconut (I think that's what Penny is), and a bunch more cool and crazy stuff. Every time Gumball and Darwin scream, I always have to laugh because they scream like little girls. It was really funny in one episode when Gumball was crossdressing with his momma's wedding dress. I cracked up when I saw Gumball crossdress. Every time I'm bored, I always have to watch this show. If you're asking me what I wanna give this funny show, I give it a perfect 10/10.


This show is one of the apples of our time. I mean, so far, it has some sophisticated humor that makes us laugh, and it is on Cartoon Network. And it's current.

I'd say, it's Adventure Time and Phineas and Ferb combined with Flapjack. I mean, T-Rexes in 2011? That's not on all of the TV shows today.

So far, on Cartoon Network, not many shows are good. The Problem Solverz and Johnny Test are two of the things killing it's rating overall. But this show is something new, something fresh. Check it out! Protecting a store from robbers, wearing a dress to school...it's fun.


This show is hilarious in many ways. It's a children's show that somehow reaches older ages as well.

Characters are created in many ways, such as traditional animation, Claymation, stop-motion, CGI, pixilation, and even puppets. They're inspired from everyday thing, too. As an example, the burglar is a walking fingerprint. Then you have a variety of personalities, such as Mr. Small, the school counselor that's a hippy; Mrs. Simian, the ancient, ill-tempered monkey that is a teacher; a CGI tyrannosaurus rex named Tina; a peanut with antlers named Penny. The list is endless and new things are being discovered in every episode, whether they are costars or hidden in the background. Everything about the setting is lovable.

The family is quite cliché, however, but they manage to be cliché in a new way. Richard, the father, is a gluttonous, pink rabbit that does nothing but sleep, unless his wife Nicole says otherwise. Speaking of Nicole, the blue cat, she's a workaholic that will blow up on someone at any given moment. She's a freakishly amazing mother. Her ways of doing things for her kids is something that's not seen very often in the real world, so although she's fantastical, her views are good. Gumball, the protagonist, is always getting into trouble with his walking-fish-adopted-brother named Darwin(an ongoing mystery to the series: Where did Darwin come from?). Their troubles are usually accidental and good-natured. Think of the Apple Dumpling Gang. Darwin is the one that usually has moral views and wants to do what's right, whereas Gumball wants the same result but reaches it in a more troublesome way. He often talks Darwin into helping him achieve his goals. Finally, you have Anise, the youngest of the family and for some reason, the smartest. She has a scientific explanation for everything that her "dumb" brothers can't understand.

The show has a lot of slapstick humor. As an example, Gumball was calling someone, and the screen split into two to show the ends of the line. The camera zoomed in on the one Gumball was calling, but as it did this, his side of the screen got bigger and bigger until Gumball was crushed on his end, morphing his face into a goofy-looking thing.

But you have to listen to the dialogue, for jokes are hidden in almost every sentence, whether they be hilarious or simple tings that make you smile. Dialogue helped make this show as funny as it is.

The show ha made several references to other things as well. There was a scene where Gumball is fighting his brother, Darwin, but they've become pixelated and are jumping into the air with robotic moves. It was spoof off Mortal Kombat. Again, the dialogue related to it. One episode, called The Sweaters, brought new characters in, dressed like teenagers from the eighties. They sported big, colorful glasses, leg warmers, and sweaters. And their hair... Eighties-style music can be heard at the end.

The show is unbelievably cute at times as well as so funny that my parents have even laughed at it. One scene showed Gumball losing his clothes, and in place to cover the special spots, was that pixelated box that shifts and changes color with movement. It's not raunchy or anything. Nothing that should scar kids or offend parents. But sometimes scenes are cute wonderful and heart-touching.

It's rare that an awful moment has appeared in the show, but they have happened. However, any show can have those. This show easily outweighs the bad with all it's humor and goodness.

I think the shows Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe have tried to embrace the hilarity that Gumball wields, but those shows are too weird to understand and the humor is minimal or uncreative. Gumball also doesn't feature creepiness like Adventure Time and Regular Show, although those are popular, for what I don't know. But I understand that some parents don't allow their young kids to watch those. Gumball is much milder and nicer, more pleasant, even in its ridiculousness.


I saw the commercial for this show, and was hoping it wasn't going to turn out like Secret Mountain Fort Awesome or Problem Solverz. Although, I don't think anything can be as bad as those. But, surprisingly, it was quite good. I was like, "Here We Go...huh, this is good!" It has laughs, weird, yet entertaining, stories, and funny characters. I'll review the characters first. GUMBALL: A fun-loving, detention-getting blue cat, who could care less about school, grades, and hygiene. Gotta love 'im! DARWIN: A more-hygienic-than-Gumball, orange fish, he cares a tiny bit more about school, doesn't wear clothes (Although you can't see anything), and his legs are 3 times as long as his head. He is playful, considerate, and doesn't make sense sometimes, he is Gumball's brother. ANAIS: A pink bunny, about 1 foot tall, and wears the same baby sun-dress every episode, and is smarter than the whole family combined. RICHARD: Sleep loving, un-hygienic, sausage-eating, fat pink bunny, he's the dumbest and most irresponsible person in the whole family, yet one of the funniest people on the show. NICOLE: The blue cat mom who is always a buzzkill, represents the usual overprotective mom who doesn't stop worrying. I am gonna stop right there for the character reviews because that's really all you need to know, because it is Gumball's family. The voice acting, I thought, was great and hilarious. No complaints about that. I would like to say that I heavily disagree with all of the people who said this show was horrible. Don't listen to them, readers! You would probably like this show as much as I did. You will probably think the parodies of movies and real life are funny and random. Ben Bocquelet did a good job creating this show and probably won't be able to pull off a show like this again in his career (Sorry, Ben). I give it a 9/10 because it is funny random, and not trash like Problem Solverz. Thanks for reading!


Out of all the cartoons and TV shows I can find, this is my #1 favorite. There's no way I could find a better show than this one. There's just no other show I like. Here's why. This show is adorable, hilarious and simply awesome. The animation is really good, and I can't believe this show has both hand-drawn animation and CGI. They did a really great job designing the characters, too. I can't pick one best part of the show, because it's perfect in every way. This show should have been rated TV-Y or TV-G instead of TV-Y7-FV. If you're looking for a recent animated show, you'll want to watch this one. Overall, I give this a great big 10/10. My favorite episodes are "The Responsible" and "The Pressure."


After previously watching the pilot on YouTube, I was amazed by it I thought the mix of 2d and 3d was amazing, and I have never seen any other TV show do that, to my knowledge of course.And then a couple of months later, I found out it was a Cartoon Network series and was eager to watch it. After watching my first episode(The DVD), I was speechless and desperately wanted to watch more. Sadly though, the only way to get it is in dollars on DVD, so I am still waiting for a UK DVD release. But back to the subject.This show is amazing. Acting, story, Characters. All of it. Just bonkers. I'll begin with the acting and characters. Logan Grove and Kwesi Boyoake as the unforgettable duo Gumball and Darwin Watterson. They go together like butter and toast, just those two alone could teach kids a valuable lesson about friendship. I only dread the day when Kwesi Boyoake's voice breaks.

And the storyline. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Every episode differs in jokes and story lines, so you never get bored of an episode. Unless its a repeat.

Overall 10/10, amazing


I've watched some episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball and it's absolutely brilliant. This is one of the best cartoons I've ever watched. It's also very funny and bizarre.

My favourite character is Richard Walterson because he is the funniest character I've ever met. He's an absolute gas.

I'm nearly 27 years old and I'm still watching this cartoon.


Not only is the animation an amazing blend of everything (CG, flash, stop-motion, traditional and some live-action) But this show is really damn funny. Gumball humor can go all over the place and still be really funny. Gumball and Darwin are a great duo and work off each other pretty well. The rest of the family are pretty good to but the one who takes the cake (and eats it to)is the dad, I know the dumb dad cliché is way too common But Richard is really a cut above the rest. The side characters are nothing to sneeze at to, Principal Brown gets some good quips in, Mr.Small is a hippie guidance counselor, The robot is a fan favorite, The ghost girl is cute, and Penny gumball's crush is more than just some token love interest. Anyways I'm just gonna recommend so episodes to give you an idea what kinda show Gumball is. The Fraud, The Law, The Check, The Shell, The Bus, The question and The origins part 1&2.
Trash Obsession

Trash Obsession

When Cartoon Network's new line of programming is brought up, people think of the following: Adventure Time for its unbridled imagery, Regular Show for its surrealism intertwined with realism and Steven Universe for its world-building and thematic storytelling/writing.

The Amazing World of Gumball, courtesy of Cartoon Network Studios Europe, is a show that can be classified in any of the categories alongside its American contemporaries. What started as a charming project between the UK and America that was rough around the edges eventually blossomed into a show that is on the same league as the above mentioned shows.

Helmed by former in-house development artist Ben Bocquelet, Gumball chronicles the escapades of the titular blue cat, Gumball Watterson, and his chaotic yet still close-knit family; pet-goldfish-turned-brother Darwin, child prodigy youngest sister Anais, overbearing and overworked mother Nicole and deadbeat, stay-at-home father Richard. They're admittedly character archetypes that we've seen many times in the past, but the way these archetypes are played with is what makes them truly memorable.

Right off the bat, the most obvious draw to the show is its art style, which is undoubtedly one of the most creative in recent memory. It's a hodgepodge of individual styles put together (hand-drawn, claymation, 8-bit, stop-motion, live-action, CGI, puppets, and so forth) to create the vibrant and illustrious town of Elmore, the show's setting, as well as the vastly diverse cast of characters. And in an odd yet refreshing way, these styles manage to compliment each other and not look like a slapdash college project.

Speaking of the characters, Elmore is inhabited by a very charming ensemble with their own separate quirks to distinguish themselves from each other. This is aided by the fact that many of them get their own time in the spotlight as opposed to just being an afterthought.

Gumball's comedy is the deal-breaker here. Is it funny? Yes. Yes, it is. As is the standard fare for Western Animation, the humor has something for every age bracket. The show still retains a family-oriented atmosphere, but it's not afraid to throw in the occasional joke that flies over kids' heads but adults will completely understand. Season 2's "The Job" and "The Storm" have two fantastic examples that I'll let you see for yourself; it's too good to just tell you.

Bolstering the humor are the solid writing and voice work. Jacob Hopkins (Gumball) and Terrell Ransem Jr. (Darwin), and their predecessors before them, Logan Grove and Kwesi Boyake, bring the youthful energy that you can expect from their characters' ages. The rest of the main cast (Teresa Gallagher as Nicole, Kyla Rae Kowaleski as Anais and Dan Russell as Richard) also do a bang-up job with their roles.

Now, when I say that the show was initially rough around the edges, that applies more to the first season, which was definitely a good outing for Mr. Bocquelet. However, it's set back by some tired and quite frankly annoying characterization, mainly from the protagonist, Gumball. Depending on the writer, he's either helplessly idiotic, not-as-idiotic but still something of a loser, or an outright punching bag, physically and emotionally. Not helped is the frequency of mean-spirited episodes in the first season such as "The Gi", "The Robot" and (arguably) "The Curse", or episodes with mind-numbing plots like "The Picnic" and "The Genius".

And that's not to say that the rest of Elmore leaves scott-free. Elmore as a whole is usually the biggest contributor to the mean-spiritedness that I mentioned. Richard Watterson, however, is arguably the worst of them all. He's more or less Homer Simpson if he were an overgrown pink bunny rabbit, except with NONE of Homer's endearing qualities.

Thankfully, the second season on-wards have seen a tremendous improvement in the show's quality, the writing more competent, the characters more consistent, the plots more engaging and mature, and the art style cleaner. And the show has only seen improvement since then.

The point about the art style is kind of subjective in the fandom. A handful of fans preferred the less-defined, less-shadowed and swifter animation from season one, which gave it a rugged appeal, while another school of thought prefer the subsequent 'cleaner' style with more defined shapes, thicker lines, shadows and slower, slightly-stilted movement. I personally go with the latter.

And that is all I have to say about The Amazing World of Gumball. It's an amazing (redundancy not intended) cartoon series that will appeal to a wide demographic much like its contemporaries and predecessors before them, thanks to its writing, its art and its characters. As of late, I actually hold both Gumball and Steven Universe in higher regard than any other show in Cartoon Network's new line-up, and that includes the other two powerhouses Adventure Time and Regular Show.

For new viewers getting into Gumball, I'd recommend the following: "The Painting", "The Meddler", "The Job", "The Third"

This show gets a ten out of ten from me, and damn right is it deserving of it.

Thank you, Ben Bocquelet, for this marvel of a show, and thank you, Cartoon Network, for your continued support of the show.
Yellow Judge

Yellow Judge

When i first saw the commercials for this show i thought to myself what is wrong with Cartoon Network? What are they thinking? I thought the cartoon was poorly drawn and the mix of characters was just ridiculous. A fish with legs,a talking banana, a dinosaur , a piece of toast.... did not appeal to me at all.

Boy was i wrong!

One day being bored and having nothing else to watch i decided to give it a shot, why not? I have to say that i laughed till my stomach hurt.

This is the story of the chaotic and insane Watterson family. A lazy beyond words dad, a workaholic mom, Gumball and Darwin the two crazy brothers one of which is a fish that one day sprouted legs and Anais their 5 yr old sister who honestly seems to be the only smart and responsible person in that entire family, and their chaotic life.

The Amazing Word of Gumball is absolutely clever and so well written. The commercials does not do this cartoon any justice. Trust me it is worth giving a shot im sure anyone call have an appreciation for it.


Looking for a tl;dr version? Here goes - TAWoG is a show of fantastic production quality with writing that's all over the place. When it works, it soars above all expectations; when it fails, it's practically unwatchable.

* * *

Here's why. From the first piece of promotional art I saw back in 2010, I was instantly drawn to the unique visual style cooked up by France's Ben Bocquelet, the mastermind behind Gumball's world. Almost every character looks like they were pulled from a completely different source, with some characters drawn in a traditional cartoon style, while others are puppets, CGI, 8-bit sprites, or even live action (which is also used for the backdrop of the show) - and stills from the show don't even come close to describing how much eye candy is packed into every frame. If you've only seen the show on Cartoon Network, I recommend that you look up the show's (conspicuously missing) theme song online, as it's great example of how much energy and creativity the crew has. Watching this show is the remedy I needed after the visually offensive "The Problem Solverz" ravaged my fragile cornea.

Aurally, the show almost reaches the same height of excellence. Although the voice actors are more than passable, the most enjoyable part of the show's audio experience is the soundtrack. The score is bubbly, cheery, fun - and when called for - epic.

The problem is that, under the fantastic visuals, music, and production value, the writing (especially the humor) can be quite lackluster, sometimes fatally so.

The most frequently recurring problem is simply a lack of originality. Despite the trippy visuals and wacky characters, the show's basic structure is your run-of-the-mill school sitcom. The plots are recycled, the characters cliché, and the outcomes predictable. The most glaringly obvious example is the main family, the Wattersons, who are about as unoriginal and tired as possible. You have the idiot father (think Peter Griffin crossed with Homer Simpson and Dick Daring) who can't do anything right, the genius kid (Lisa Simpson, maybe a bit a Stewie Griffin?), the voice-of-reason mom, and the trouble making boys. If you're looking for a show that subverts the "smart girls, dumb boys" dynamic, you had best look elsewhere. The father is especially poor, moving past simple incompetence to complete mental retardation at points. At times I found myself wishing he was either more like the stay-at-home dad on "Johnny Test," which is a terrible thing to want, or not in the show at all.

Predictably, the show works best when working with character traits and quirks that haven't been lifted wholesale from previous shows. The mother, Nicole, is bi-polar, and occasionally transforms into a suburban ninja of sorts. Even more importantly - perhaps the saving grace of the whole show - is that the titular Gumball is a refreshingly endearing male lead. Although he gets into loads of trouble, he isn't an extreme jerk like Johnny Test. The way the writers craft Gumball's dynamic with his adopted brother, Darwin, and girlfriend, Penny, can reach teeth-melting levels of adorability.

But again, this creates quite a large problem, this time with the show's humor. Bafflingly, the writers seem to think the best way to get laughs out of the audience is to take young Gumball and destroy him emotionally and physically in practically every episode. From being abused by his classmates, laughed at by his mother, and patronized by his sister, Gumball's cavalcade of suffering is usually the focal point of the show's surprisingly mean-spirited humor. And it barely ever works. The end sequence of the episode, "The Gi," is practically unwatchable due to the amount of public humiliation and pain inflicted on Gumball. Although the episode has a maddeningly cute happy ending, it feels disingenuous when compared to the mean-spirited tone preceding it.

Like with the characters, though, there are a handful of episodes that avoid this routine, and the difference in quality is astonishing. If you want to see the best Gumball has to offer, seek out the episodes, "The Dress," "The Pressure," "The DVD," and "The Third." Here the humor is based more on dialog, surprisingly adult innuendo, and interaction between the characters rather than cheap slapstick and cringe-inducing humiliation.

If the bad parts of this review seem too harsh, I would only say that it stems from the fact that the good episodes of TAWoG are so good, enjoyable, cute, and funny, that the bad ones stick out like a hand of sore thumbs. I can only recommend that you don't give up after a single viewing, since the quality of the show's writing varies vastly between episodes.

EDIT: tl;dr: The show got much better in season 2 and 3. Go watch it and be entertained.

* * *

Years later, I felt the need to edit this review, since some of the grievances I had have been more or less addressed in the second season of the show. Gumball's scrappier and less prone to abuse and manipulation by his peers and family, and the humor moved away from abusive slapstick to focus more on cartoon physics, sight gags, and 4th-wall breaking. The visuals lost a smidge of their original wild abandon in exchange for a much cleaner, consistent (and still amazingly pleasant) aesthetic. There are less genuinely adorable moments, but the tone of the show is just nicer overall. There's still plenty of cutesy gags and dialog to keep a goofy grin on your face while watching. The exceptions, unfortunately, are still Anais and Richard, who continue to be inexcusably mean and stupid respectively. How anybody could enjoy them still eludes me. Season 3 really goes down hill after The Shell, though. Stop making Gumball so stupid, Ben.


This show is absolutely the best! The only thing that I took a star off for is the fact that the scenery is repetitive, similar to South Park. Otherwise, the character development is great, there are cool fighting scenes, there is very funny humor, and things that make no sense to the point where it somehow is funny. I hope this show never falls down the same hole as Teen Titans GO! did.



The Amazing World of Gumball is a Cartoon Network kids show for maybe 10 and above. The entire show is about a Cat named Gumball and his walking, talking fish Darwin and their incredible funny everyday adventures in 'Elmore'

The reason I love this show and recommend it to everyone is that in the show many of the things that happen are real life problems like oil spills and presidential issues. And as the show makes those issues funny we forget how bad they actually are.

Many of the shows also are about Gumball weird comedic family and things that happen their. GB's mum is a frantic, loud strict mother who takes no nonsense and GB's dad is a fat, stupid, bunny who loves food and eats all day. Lastly, GB's sister Anais is an intelligent freak who is smarter than everyone, but all of them are funny in their own way.

To conclude, Cartoon Network is back! With much better show like gumball regular show and adventure time.


Cartoon Network are not as good as they were, back in the days when Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken and Powerpuff Girls were airing, but it is not a channel to give up hope on. There is trash like Problem Solvers, Mad and especially Johnny Test(Ben 10: Omniverse is not quite as bad but an example of a great franchise going a huge step backwards), but there are also gems like Regular Show and Adventure Time. While it's not without its faults The Amazing World of Gumball is one of Cartoon Network's better shows. In the earlier episodes especially, some jokes do fall flat due to either not being funny or having bad(rushed and drawn out, starting and ending too early or late) timing, and there are a few tired story lines here and there.

On the most part however, The Amazing World of Gumball is a very good show that has gotten better overtime and has potential to grow even more given the chance. The selling points are the animation, music and characters. The animation is colourful and wonderfully surreal, the mix of traditional, CGI, stop-motion and surreal environmental-like backgrounds make for one very unique visual style and in a good way. The music is bubbly and catchy, always memorable and enough to keep you in a good mood. The theme tune is not quite a personal favourite(populated with Hanna Barbera and 90s Disney shows admittedly), at least though it's not as cheesy as the ones for Ben 10: Omniverse and Johnny Test. The characters are admittedly cliché but they're funny, quirky and cute and fit beautifully within the show's overall tone. Gumball is an endearing titular character, but the most memorable are Anais and especially Darwin.

Some have shown annoyance towards Richard and understandably, he was annoying to begin with. But once the writing got better the more easier it was for me to like him better. Besides the father figures on the Seth McFarlane shows(especially Peter Griffin on Family Guy) are far more obnoxious. Although the writing and stories for The Amazing World of Gumball haven't been consistently perfect, they still have more shining moments than utter failures. Most of the humour and writing is smart and hilarious with clever timing, while the stories have a great oddball charm and are sweet-natured and fun. The voice acting is great, the voice actors of Gumball and Darwin have such a good dynamic and should get more work. To conclude, not quite amazing but very good. It starts off a little shaky but if you stay with it it gets better, and has more potential to grow even more than it is doing.

8/10 Bethany Cox


Let's start with the voice acting. Its It's pretty good, almost all the acting for each character is a perfect fusion of their age and personality. There's a lot of characters and all of them have pretty interesting traits, and the voice actors do a pretty good job of making them convincingly sound like who they're trying to portray. I'll get back to the characters later in this review. Then there's the plot line. The best part about The Amazing World Of Gumball's plot is that it's an exaggeration of real life issues and topics, much like The Simpsons. But it does it in sort of a different way. They focus more on taking family and school matters instead. Gumball is a show about a middle schooler's misadventures with his family and friends in a strange, diverse world. It's very interesting how Gumball lives in a world that's basically an insane twist on reality. The humor of the show is executed well. It should be noted that it's almost void of any potty humor. Of course, there's some toilet and fart jokes here and there, but it's mostly self referencing jokes. You have to know what's going on and remember earlier details sometimes, but the show is very funny if you don't have a decent attention span and a somewhat sophisticated mindset. Oh, and I forgot to mention, almost all of it is relatable to almost anyone who is somewhat updated with trends and topics. Now for the characters themselves. The show does a good job of making relatable characters for almost anyone. I think almost all the characters are somewhat enjoyable, but a few are kind of annoying sometimes. Sussie, for example, is a chin girl whose only gimmick is being weird and gross, and abnormal. It's sometimes off putting. Same goes for her family. In one episode which focused on the meaning of love, her parents go on a date and disgust the whole restaurant. And Mr. and Mrs. Robinson are somewhat unlikable as well... Episodes featuring Mr. Robinson are kind of like episodes of Spongebob Squarepants where Squidward is annoyed by Spongebob and Patrick and ends up getting the worst treatment possible. Mrs. Robinson is pretty okay except for a recent episode, in which she commits nonstop, evil acts against everyone, and gets no punishment at all. Everyone is a victim except her. But sometimes the two get some redeeming moments. Sometimes. The character and background design is a rather interesting mix of real life, CGI, and animation. To some, it may be off putting, but anyone with an open mind can enjoy it. In conclusion, Gumball is a very great show with charming characters (mostly), interesting design, and charming plot lines. Definitely recommended.


The Amazing World of Gumball is one of the best shows (in animation) that's out there and possibly of all time to this day. The show contains not only 2D animation, but along with 3D animation. The humor is always funny and it isn't "random = funny" type of humor. Yes, they do contain modern humor, like dabbing and etc, but somehow the show writers make that type of humor actually funny and not cringey.


I might be in the small percentage of people who don't like CNs new humour.Its childish,irritating and obnoxious.Many of the show's of this nature get a pass for developing their characters or having story arcs.Take Adventure Time:Farts,Radical lingo,Screaming and sexual innuendos do not a good show make.Sure they develop their characters and what not but the humour is very bad.But this show is good.The pop culture references are all clever not shoehorned in like PPG 2016,the parodies of movies are all clever and it makes over the top situations of everyday tasks like regular show.Despite all the slapstick there is a lot of dialogue oriented humour and the punchline of most jokes are the characters interacting with the environment.The characters don't rely on screaming or being overly cutesy or sympathetic to make you like them.In fact they can be downright cruel yet you cannot hate them.A must watch and a 9/10


My favorie serie for all time i love my favorite character is darwin 10/10


This is quite possibly my favorite show on Cartoon Network. From the excellent visuals to the clever humor to the well thought out plot, this show makes me love cartoons again, even as a teenager. I, of course, also love other Cartoon Network shows, but this one consistently comes out on top for me. I just find it somewhat sad that they do nothing but air mediocre, immature, and overall foolish shows such as the immensely popular Teen Titans GO!. It shames me to think of that. Luckily, they still air this several times a day, although I don't watch TV very often. (In fact, the only reason I was watching this was because I was visiting a relative.) Well played, Cartoon Network, keep going with the original content!


I love this cartoon it is very awesome.The creators are very talented.


I like south park, the humor is dark and hilarious but it's crude and graphic which make it unwatchable around family. Gumball on the other hand, is family friendly show about a cat named Gumball and his family and all their crazy adventures which are amazing and hilarious. While it main appeal is for kids, it has some hidden social topic references that adults will relate to and they laugh out loud at it. Season one is OK to watch and it will be fun for the newcomers but the rewatch value is just once, but from season 2 and above, it becomes better in terms of animation and jokes, so you can skip season one if you have to and watch this amazing show that will uplift your day in every episode. 10/10


This is definitely a show worth watching. The characters are all great and even the side characters are memorable, but not as much as something like Gravity falls. The blend of animation styles is also a brilliant concept. While there are Handrawn and CGI characters in every episode, they will sometimes use live action, puppetry, claymation, anime, and they even get experimental with the 2D and CG stuff. And all on a background that's just photos of the real world. The show is rarely emotionally gripping, because that's not the point of the show; it's primarily a comedy series. Every single episode has at least 1 light-chuckle-worthy joke. But some of the episodes are absolutely hilarious, especially when they are parodying things. They've parodied The Jurassic Park Franchise, The Star Wars Franchise and its Fanbase, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Soap Opera's, The Walking Dead, Lame Teen pandering Sitcoms, Rocky, and even Back to the Future. And if it's not a direct parody, there are still references to several other things such as 2001: A Space Odessy, The Shining, and Silence of the Lambs. BUT. But when they actually go for emotional or heartwarming stories, it always works, given it happens rarely. My only complaint would be the lack of continuity in... how the continuity works. There are 3 or more episodes with the exact same plot of the main character proving himself to his crush's father. Sometimes characters are just completely different from episode to episode in personality and intelligence. It's like some episodes are important and actually have relevance in later episodes, where other episodes are 100% inconsequential. But that more of a nitpick, and I wouldn't say it doesn't take away any of my enjoyment of the show. The lows in the show are still OK, but the highs are the highest of highs and make the whole experience so worth it. Definitely check this one out... or just find a list of the best episodes. 9/10 (Plus they mention DANK MEMES more than once. So it gets extra points for that.)


This show is arguably a great spiritual successor to both classic Simpsons and Animaniacs in it's sense of humor. Not to say it's a perfect show by any means but what show is?

People who love cartoons, smart writing, jokes both kids and adults can enjoy, and creative episodes are gonna fall in love with this show real quick. For starters, I would start with either season two or three as the first season is the worst one (despite having some good episodes in the first season)


If you're looking for something fun, creative, and action packed to watch for your children you should watch this. This show revolves around the Watterson family who lives in the city of Elmore. The father Richard Watterson is pink rabbit who is very sedentary, and the workaholic mother Nicole Watterson have 2 children a prodigy 4 year old Anais and entertaining Gumball Watterson. They also have an adopted son Darwin Watterson (formerly a pet fish). Gumball and Darwin will always put a smile on peoples faces with their wild antics and craziness. It is very easy to find things funny in this series. For example, in the Christmas episode Richard runs over a homeless man thinking it's Santa, or in the episode "The Guy" when Gumball dresses up as a waiter and gives Anais's friend a meat shake. In the same episode Anais's friend is talking about worshipping a space frog that hatched out of a meat egg. Gumball's and Darwin's school counselor Mr. Small also paints on 6 nipples and wears a loincloth saying redheads "really are the descendants of alien race". I'm terrible at writing reviews but seriously if my review didn't help you should still give this show a try. I'm not the best at showing things in the best possible light.