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Как я встретил вашу маму Shelter Island (2005–2014) Online

Как я встретил вашу маму Shelter Island (2005–2014) Online
Original Title :
Shelter Island
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Pamela Fryman
Cast :
Josh Radnor,Jason Segel,Cobie Smulders
Writer :
Carter Bays,Craig Thomas
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Как я встретил вашу маму Shelter Island (2005–2014) Online

In part to preempt her sister Nora from stealing her perfect wedding, Stella convinces Ted to move their wedding up to that weekend on Shelter Island. Beyond Shelter Island not being quite the place that Marshall, Lily or Barney want to be, the wedding faces some immediate issues when Stella learns that Ted has telephoned Robin in Japan to invite her to the wedding, the invitation which she accepted. This move violates Stella's no-ex's at weddings policy as she fears that Ted seeing his ex will bring up old, unresolved feelings. The only thing that could be worse for Stella is if Lucy's father, Tony, was at the wedding. Ted is torn as he really would like Robin, one of his best friends, there. Lily thinks that she has a plan to get Stella to allow Robin to attend, but that plan has some unexpected consequences. When Robin arrives, she has her own admission for Ted.
Episode cast overview:
Josh Radnor Josh Radnor - Ted Mosby
Jason Segel Jason Segel - Marshall Eriksen
Cobie Smulders Cobie Smulders - Robin Scherbatsky
Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris - Barney Stinson
Alyson Hannigan Alyson Hannigan - Lily Aldrin
Sarah Chalke Sarah Chalke - Stella Zinman
Jason Jones Jason Jones - Tony
Danneel Ackles Danneel Ackles - Nora (as Danneel Harris)
Lyndsy Fonseca Lyndsy Fonseca - Daughter
David Henrie David Henrie - Son
Annie Abrams Annie Abrams - Desk Clerk
Darcy Rose Byrnes Darcy Rose Byrnes - Lucy
Aaron Hendry Aaron Hendry - Juice Bar Guy
Derek Shizuto Derek Shizuto - Host

One of Barney's formulas says: CH3CH2OH=OHOHOH. CH3CH2OH is the chemical notation of alcohol.

On Barney's whiteboard you see various references to other Barney Stinson witticisms such as the Hot-Crazy Scale, his constant use of 83%, the word suit followed by an upward facing arrow, and relationships=freeways, the analogy Barney uses to describe when Robin and Ted would breakup earlier in the series

On Barney's whiteboard, the six mathematical expressions in the three equations simplify to 69 all six times.

"Tokyo Ichi", the news Channel where Robin works in Japan, means "Tokyo One". This is in reference that she isn't taken seriously, just as she was in Metro News One.

It is safe to assume that in this episode Barney finally rode "The Tricycle". The name that the gang allocated to having sex with two women at once in Season 3, Episode 3 - 'Third Wheel'

User reviews



You would expect sitcom authors to drop a bombshell like that in the season finale. But five episodes into a new season? Wow. That's what makes How I Met Your Mother so special. They are never afraid to make it hurt, and to polarize, while they're at it.

First of all, let's talk about Ted and Robin. Their relationship seems to be downplayed in many reviews and fan reactions. At this point in the series, they know each other for roughly three years. One of these years, they spent exclusively as a couple. Which went absolutely fine until they realized that their oppositional future plans would prevent a 'happily ever after' for them. For the most part of one other year, Ted has been chasing after Robin. So only the remaining year, only a third of the time they know each other, they spent as friends without openly displaying romantic feelings for each other. And they still managed to sleep together at some point during that time.

So not only are Stella's concerns valid and understandable. Beyond that, Robin's objection, albeit surprising and seemingly coming out of nowhere, does in fact make sense. Is the Ted and Robin chapter really irretrievably closed? Doesn't seem that way from Robin's perspective. As for Ted, maybe there is a reason why of all people it's Marshall, Ted's best friend, who sides with Stella on the no exes issue. He knows Ted better than Ted knows himself. If Ted refuses to confront certain feelings, you can bet Marshall is on to him. Marshall has also been the one who articulated his concerns about Ted moving too fast with Stella most explicitly. Why is Ted rushing into this? Does he hope he'll truly get over Robin once he's happily married, and therefore he can't get there fast enough? I wouldn't put it past the creators of the show that they actually had something like this in mind as a subconscious motivation for Ted's decisions. When I had a close look at the flashbacks Ted had in his near-death experience, when his cab was T-boned, I was astounded to see how many of them featured Robin. I counted 15 scenes with Robin in the foreground, and only 3 with Stella. And yet Ted's immediate reaction was to propose to Stella. Sometimes you think you're living out one story, but the truth turns out to be something else entirely.

Back to this episode. After Barney had digested the shock of Robin moving away, he came up with a simple plan about how to compensate for not spending so much time with her anymore: Sleep with her at the next opportunity! And it could have worked, as Robin got indeed emotional and vulnerable at Ted's wedding. It is interesting to see her approach Barney on her own when she's in that kind of place. After what happened when she got dumped by Simon, she must know where this is leading. What she doesn't remotely realize is that Barney might actually be looking for more than casual sex. That misconception might lead to hurt feelings for Barney at some point. As of this point in the series, however, his biggest concern is that Robin wasn't desperate enough to engage in a three-way. Well, Stella's sister stepped into the breach. Does Barney officially win the belt now?

I guess you either love or hate this episode. I love it, for the emotions, the intensity, and the fallout: Ted and Stella are done. Ted and Robin might not be. And the Robin and Barney story is getting more and more intriguing.


Plot In A Paragraph: When Stellas sister is jilted at the alter, Ted and Stella move up their wedding date, by taking her wedding on, at a vegan, non alcoholic resort, but the wedding may not go off as planned after Ted breaks the "No Exes Rule" and invites Robin to come in from Japan for the wedding.

Well another one bites the dust. The ending to this episode was really sad with Ted jilted at the alter. Barney looks like he missed a chance to hook up with Robin again after she asked to stay in his room, she realised he had a girl in his room, not just in his room, actually tied to the bed. That crazy guy. I love him


At the end of the episode, a small lighthouse is shown with a ferry behind it. That is Brant Point Lighthouse on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. The ferry is "The Eagle" and it is leaving the Nantucket terminal. So in fact, "Shelter Island" is Nantucket island. From the exotic setting show, it's portrayed as a tropical destination. It was a good episode but from being called "shelter island" I had expected some more outside, island setting scenes. Other notes: Nantucket island is 40 miles from the Massachusetts coast. It is 14 miles long by 3 miles wide. It's a very popular summer tourist area, with a population of approx 70-80,000 in the summer and 10,000 in the winter.


I hated this episode. It totally missed the mark with me.

First, I hate the vegan jokes. I am not vegan. But they are so lazy and overdone. Of course the vegans have to be pretentious and stop it whenever it gets hard, *eyeroll*. Seems to be good joke for the douches on facebook comments sections. And I respect somebody who cares for animals way more than their kind.

Second, the whole thing with exes shouldn't be invited was stupid. Especially in the circumstances of Robin and Ted. They dated for a very short time, and have been friends for a very long time. And Stella knew it all way before, so why would she be surprised Robin was invited? And while one can act as if this was just her reflecting her feelings for her ex, it didn't make sense that many agreed and Robin even acted like that.

It also doesn't make sense how Robin reacted to Barney having women in his room. Did she meet him before and what is her reasoning?.

Awful episode. Can't wait to see a new one to forget it. And I can't even remember a single funny joke. The one good thing about it is that it looks like Ted and Stella won't get married. Hurray!