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Dokutâ suranpu (1982) Online

Dokutâ suranpu (1982) Online
Original Title :
Dokutâ suranpu
Genre :
Movie / Animation
Year :
Directror :
Akinori Nagaoka
Cast :
Kenji Utsumi,Mami Koyama,Shigeru Chiba
Writer :
Akira Toriyama,Toshiki Inoue
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Dokutâ suranpu (1982) Online

Senbei Norimaki, Arale chan and Senbei's students must race after a young teacher to save her after she is called to her home planet however it is a trap from the evil Dr. Mashirito. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Kenji Utsumi Kenji Utsumi - Senbei (voice)
Mami Koyama Mami Koyama - Arale-chan (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Shigeru Chiba Shigeru Chiba - Nikochan's Servant (voice)
Toshio Furukawa Toshio Furukawa - Tarou (voice)
Tesshô Genda Tesshô Genda - Suppaman (voice)
Naomi Jinbô Naomi Jinbô - Piisuke (voice)
Shingo Kanemoto Shingo Kanemoto - Hoi Kuen (voice)
Hisako Kyôda Hisako Kyôda - Queen Takeya (voice)
Eiko Masuyama Eiko Masuyama - Ribbon Chan (voice)
Mariko Mukai Mariko Mukai - Yamabuki-sensei (voice)
Seiko Nakano Seiko Nakano - Gatchan (voice)
Masaharu Satô Masaharu Satô - Butarebu / Pagos (voice)
Hidekatsu Shibata Hidekatsu Shibata - Yo Chien (voice)
Kazuko Sugiyama Kazuko Sugiyama - Kinoko Sarada (voice)
Junpei Takiguchi Junpei Takiguchi - King Saodake (voice)

User reviews



This is the second film for the completely nutso, potty-humored kids anime Dr. Slump. This one takes the characters into space to rescue their teacher.


I liked that they went into space for this one. It's a pastiche of sci-films and they have a lot of fun with it.

The space warfare scenes look really good. It's from the time when animation was very colorful and it works.

A lot of elements are off-the-wall, especially the villain and his mother who have to be seen to be believed.


This is the only feature length (90 min.) one in the film series. I can see why they didn't do this again. They just didn't have enough material to fill up the run time. Too many jokes run too long or are we repeated too many times. The filmmakers especially don't know what to do with the main character Arale. She's always cheerfully oblivious in the show, but at least usually she'd have things and characters to interact with. Here she just seems off to the side for most of the film doing goofy stuff because she can't understand the importance of her mission.

As a westerner, I feel there were a couple jokes that were kinda creepy.

Overall, this is is an interesting film, but I wouldn't recommend it to a casual viewer.