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Café para llevar (2014) Online

Café para llevar (2014) Online
Original Title :
Café para llevar
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Patricia Font
Cast :
Alexandra Jiménez,Daniel Grao,Alba José
Writer :
Patricia Font,Patricia Font
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Café para llevar (2014) Online

Busy discussing the details of her wedding on the phone, Alicia walks into the first cafe she sees and orders a coffee to go. As fate would have it, she unexpectedly bumps into Javi there.
Cast overview:
Alexandra Jiménez Alexandra Jiménez - Alicia
Daniel Grao Daniel Grao - Javi
Alba José Alba José - Alma
Jordi Domènech Jordi Domènech - Camarero

User reviews



This movie, Cafe Para Llevar (Coffee to Go), is an absolutely brilliantly done movie short...only about 13 minutes long, but packed with the essence of human emotion in its raw state. Anyone who has found love, chased love, experienced it, lost it or yearned for it, will find a deep connection with this film.

I managed to watch this on an international flight, but I'm not sure it's available yet to buy or rent. I was not able to find anything on- line, and was told that it was still being screened at film festivals. I could watch it over and over again.

Congratulations to the cast / actors, and script writers for a superbly moving and well-done piece of cinematic art. I look forward to more work from this artist.


"Café para llevar" or "Coffee to go" is a Spanish Spanish-language short film from 2014, so not very new, but still relatively fresh. At this point, this little award-winning live action film is probably the most known career effort by writer and director Patricia Font. It runs for 13 minutes, but 13 is no unlucky number this time as I thought it was a pretty good watch, even if maybe not on a level where it will rock your world. This is the story of a man and woman meeting in a café. They separated two years ago because maybe their approaches to life were too different. She turned into a successful businesswoman while he is an unsuccessful writer thinking from day to day financially and now working in his father's company. Life had different things for them in mind, namely that she rose quickly career-wise and is about to marry while he met another girl globe-trotting and now not only lives with her, but also is about to become a father. Will they get together again? Without the new people in their lives certainly, but again maybe only for a while. The ending does not define it entirely. She knows where he works, so... We will never know if they find happiness. And if so, if that happiness comes with each other or with other people. Did she leave the bag on purpose hoping she'd get one more intimate moment with him? So many questions. This was a well-written, dialogue-driven little movie with a great deal of emotions. Thumbs-up for Patricia Font and this makes me curious about other works from her, from the past and about future efforts too. If you aren't Spanish, you probably won't know any of the cast here, but that's not a problem. I certainly recommend this one, perhaps a film that females will enjoy a bit more than males. Go see it.
Love Me

Love Me

This is one of those films, as short as it is, which perfectly captures the raw emotions associated with true love found...and then lost. It is clear that she (the bride to be) was once deeply involved and in love with Javi (the man she runs into at the coffee shop). Javi initially appears to be extremely happy to have run into his ex girlfriend after two years; he invites her to join him after she orders her coffee to go. As they sit down together and begin the small talk, we realize that this past relationship they shared truly mattered to her more so than he...as she is reminded of what went wrong between them. For Javi, not so much. He's immature, self-involved, and we realize that one woman is as good as another in his own mind. One line that struck me is when he mentions the length of time since they split (2 years) as enough time gone by to justify moving on; she replies saying 2 years isn't really that long. Right then I knew whomever she was about to marry...he IS the rebound guy! As Javi is just about to "tell you something"...we see a tap at the window, where a woman's face appears smiling and looking at Javi. As she enters the coffee shop, Javi introduces her to our bride to be...and bride to be can see that Javi's current girlfriend is about 8 months pregnant. Oh..and wait. That was the reason why Javi and bride to be broke up in the first place; she wanted marriage and a family---and he wanted to globe-trot and escape working for his father's business. Of course he met his current flame while globetrotting. Oh boy when will we women ever learn!? As bride to be hurries up to leave the shop, she forgets her shopping bag. Javi runs out of the coffee shop to return it to her. As they stare into each other's eyes and hug....she is clearly a hot mess of regret, sadness, and all that went with having loved this man as she did. For you see, she was just an object to Javi...and now he's moved on to another object that finally managed to pin Javi down..at least for now.

Bride to be's phone rings just as she and Javi part ways for good...and she cries into the receiver saying no, she's not upset---just wants to know why she can't get dahlias for her wedding day. I will use this film as an object lesson for every young woman (or man) who couldn't quite recognize the character of who they were dealing with when love blinded them both physically and emotionally speaking...

If you haven't yet seen "The Heiress", a classic film starring Olivia DeHaviland and Montgomery Clift...seek out immediately to watch. It's the much longer and drawn out version of this same story...but set in the late 1800s/early 1900s.