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Original Title :
Going Out
Genre :
TV Series / Drama / Family
Cast :
Marcus Francis,Andrew Paul,Perry Benson
Type :
TV Series
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Going Out Online

Series cast summary:
Marcus Francis Marcus Francis - Sean Tinnersley 6 episodes, 1981
Andrew Paul Andrew Paul - Roger Unsworth 6 episodes, 1981
Perry Benson Perry Benson - Sammy Lee 6 episodes, 1981
Peter-Hugo Daly Peter-Hugo Daly - Dikey 6 episodes, 1981
Michele Winstanley Michele Winstanley - Cathy Wickes 6 episodes, 1981
Linda Robson Linda Robson - Gerry Henshaw 6 episodes, 1981
Peter Childs Peter Childs - Mr. Tinnersley 5 episodes, 1981
Ray Burdis Ray Burdis - Rick Tinnersley 5 episodes, 1981
Jo Rowbottom Jo Rowbottom - Mrs. Tinnersley 4 episodes, 1981
Gerard Kelly Gerard Kelly - Arty Jackson 4 episodes, 1981
Steve Fletcher Steve Fletcher - Mike Ryan 4 episodes, 1981
Peter Godfrey Peter Godfrey - Alec 4 episodes, 1981
Elaine Noble Elaine Noble - Rose 4 episodes, 1981

User reviews



`Going Out' was a drama series written by Phil Redmond (Grange Hill, Tucker's Luck, Brookside etc) for young people and was produced by the now defunct Southern Television. To the best of my recollection, the series was originally broadcast weekly, late at night, on ITV during October and November of 1981. A repeat of the series was then subsequently shown on Channel 4 not long after the channel first started in 1982. The show comprised of six half hour episodes that followed the lives of a group of teenagers who had recently left school. The storyline included the 'typical' activities of teenagers such as forming relationships, fighting with rival gangs, under-age drinking etc and included strong language (for the time). When I first watched the show on ITV, I was approximately the same age as the characters and I thought that the series was excellent. I also really fancied the `Cathy' character played by Michele Winstanley.

The theme music had a definite punk influence and I think it was by a group/singer called Judd (not sure about the spelling) and, although the song was quite catchy, it included some really iffy lyrics such as `I'm Going Out, Keep your telly, Your royal Jelly, I'm Going out...'. One of the main characters was called `Sean Tinnersley' and was dating `Cathy'. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the actor that played him. The noisy character that was always drinking, had an alcoholic father, and wore an old long coat was called `Dikey', and was played by Peter-Hugo Daly. Linda Robson (`Tracy' from Birds of a Feather) and Andrew Paul (`PC Dave Quinnan' from the Bill) played another 'couple'. Gerard Kelly, not unsurprisingly, played a Scottish psycho from a rival gang. The bespectacled character was played by Perry Benson (I think), who, like most of the cast, has gone on to appear in numerous television programmes over the years. To the best of my knowledge, the series has not been repeated since it was shown on Channel 4 in 1982 and I really would like to see it again via video or DVD.


Going Out was a true classic for me as I left school at the same time the show aired. I could really identify with the characters being of a similar age group. The story lines and writing were excellent. Going Out was mainly filmed in and around the Southampton area. One shot was of Dikey walking passed the Vosper Thorneycroft shipyard (now demolished). Shame it never gets repeated on one of the many satellite stations that just show the same things over and over again!

Theme music lyrics: "Keep your money, I'm going out Your bread and honey, I'm going out So many things I've been itching to do Such a lot of things I've been wanting to do That I can't do when I'm stuck in here with you I'm going out Keep your telly, your royal jelly I'm going out"


The character with the braces was called Cathy, I seem to remember, but I've only had the chance to read the (very good) novel of the series, which I picked up in a bargain bookstore in Sydney in 1982. The series has never been shown here to the best of my knowledge, but the previous reviewer makes it sound like something worth seeking. DVD release anytime?


I seem to remember this was shown on Channel 4 when it first started twenty years ago. I would love to see it again,at the time I loved it,and Im curious to see if it was as good as I remember. I was 17 then,around the same age as the characters,and really indentified with them,and their exploits;unemployment,under-age drinking,parties when parents were on holiday,fighting etc. And I really fancied "cathy"--braces and all!!Does anyone remember any of the characters names,especially the one who always wore an old coat?And was Gerard Kelly in it?


I give Going Out a 10/10. I have never seen the series since it was first shown back in 1980. I have never forgotten it! The previous comments that other members have submitted on this sight are all so very relevant, and on a par with my recollections of this brilliant (and seemingly underrated/forgotten show). I remember my mates and I ( a couple of years after leaving school)really 'buzzing' and looking forward to each episode. We were in our late teens, and were punk rockers - really identified with the characters and the plot. Watching the series was like a teenage summer love - wonderful/magic then painful when the short-lived joy was over - never to be forgotten! For information: The Scots 'baddie'character was called Haggis - he appeared in an episode of the Comic Strip Presents 'Mr Jolly Lives Next Door'! I have seen a couple of the show's characters in other films/programmes, since: the bespectacled'geek' Sammy, was a Sex Pistol (Paul Cook) in the movie Sid and Nancy. The girl with the braces on her teeth, appeared in the same movie as a punk rocker. She also had a run in the TV police series The Bill. Thanks to all of you who have posted about this great show already. It's great to read all of your comments and know that others appreciated the show and felt the same. Let's hope that the show gets a re-run one day soon!


I remember this short-lived series as clearly as if I'd been watching it yesterday. It was repeated quite late at night sometime in the early months of 1981, as it was originally made for ITV's morning Schools educational slot. Through it we followed the lives of some trendy East End kids and their escapades around London. It was created by Phil Redmond, the man behind another TV gem 'Grange Hill', and featured some great title music by the group The Pretends which was sung by Chrissie Hynde. In one episode, the goofy-teethed character portrayed by Michele Winstanley, (alas I can't remember her character's name.) is flashed by a pervert in an underpass. It sounds sordid, but is done with such humour, it's hilarious to watch!! Most of the time, Winstanley's character is barely understandable, as the braces in her mouth restrict her speech so much.

I certainly hope that it turns up on one of the satellite digital channels in the U.K.


After searching for the programme, seems years, I have now discovered it in full on you tube, and it has brought back so many happy memories