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Ancient Megastructures Angkor Wat (2007– ) Online

Ancient Megastructures Angkor Wat (2007– ) Online
Original Title :
Angkor Wat
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TV Episode / Documentary / Action / History
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TV Episode
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Ancient Megastructures Angkor Wat (2007– ) Online

Angkor was the capital of the Khmer empire, which at its peek periods covered most of SE Asia and even some neighboring areas. In 1113, a teenage prince murdered his reigning uncle passing his feudal domain and seized the throne as Suryavarman II. Reigned till 1150, the usurper legitimated himself by wars extending the empire and building Angkor Wat, the most impressive temple, dedicated to his and war's patron, the Hindu god Vishnu. Like an Egyptian pyramid, it was to assure him, as reigning demi-god, an afterlife as eternal Khmer king in a most monumental representation of Meru, the home of the gods, with five peeks. The complex structure with triple terraces and towers is as symbolic as the endless relief decoration. Despite mobilizing millions of man years, mainly during the agricultural low season I the monsoon climate with beasts of burden, and an elaborate canal and pulley system, it was not quite finished at his death. Staggering amounts of soil were moved, of carefully ...