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The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL Online

The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL  Online
Original Title :
The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL
Genre :
Movie / Horror
Directror :
Jason Logan
Cast :
Carl Bailey,Justin Duncan,James DeWitt III
Writer :
Jason Logan
Budget :
Type :
Rating :
The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL Online

A modern day creature feature using total practical effects. The story of a man whom is a prisoner in his own home, tortured by the horrors of his own mind. But when those horrors become reality, can he leave the one place he has always felt safe? Tyson Kraeplin suffers from agoraphobia making him a complete shut-in. As the days pass by he starts hearing noises in his home. Radios long believed dead start coming on at various times. Banging and shuffling footsteps come from all areas of the house, especially the attic. His psychiatrist advises him to get out of the house and take his dog for a walk. Tyson then notices strange markings in the backyard. Houses are empty and the pets in the area are vanishing. All the signs of an apocalypse are pointing directly to his home. Or is it all in his mind?
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Carl Bailey Carl Bailey - Carl Kraeplin
Justin Duncan Justin Duncan - Tyson Kraeplin
James DeWitt III James DeWitt III - Mark
Abby Joy Abby Joy - Lilly
Clay E Jones Clay E Jones - Clay Whitmore
Maya Debruce Maya Debruce - Daisy Murray
Karen Sue Long Karen Sue Long - Rose Kraeplin
Theo Bray Theo Bray - Dr. Gary Murray
Alexa Taylor Alexa Taylor - Violet Kraeplin
Cameron David Throgmorton Cameron David Throgmorton - Young Tyson Kraeplin
Anna Bukovich Anna Bukovich - Liz
Theo Bray Theo Bray - Dr. James Murray
Stacy Hernandez Stacy Hernandez - Cheryl Sanders
David Pike David Pike - John Kraeplin