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Zolabarth Bi (2016) Online

Zolabarth Bi (2016) Online
Original Title :
Zolabarth Bi
Genre :
Creative Work / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Steve Warky Nunez
Cast :
Steve Warky Nunez,Julie Rei Goldstein,Kiba Walker
Writer :
Yamila Abraham
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
Zolabarth Bi (2016) Online

Maximillien controls Zolabarth, a shape-shifting alien powerful enough to destroy all his enemies, and capable of assuming a beguiling form that satisfies all his other needs. Megalomaniac Maximus always achieves his goals. Right now, his goal is to destroy a massive army that tried to draft him using a mind control device. The only way Maximus can accomplish this is with a Rig-mertian: an alien that can transform into an invincible monster. Zolabarth is the Rig-mertian lent out to Maximus. Since Zolabarth is so destructive, his master cursed him with a weaker form. Every time Zolabarth takes his monster form, he has to become a female afterward. Maximus is too elitist to relate to the crass Rig-mertian at first, but after some strange intimate moments, he finds himself drawn to him. When he's suddenly presented with Zolabarth as a female, there's no question in his mind how things will proceed.
Cast overview:
Steve Warky Nunez Steve Warky Nunez - Narrator (voice)
Julie Rei Goldstein Julie Rei Goldstein - Zolabarth (voice)
Kiba Walker Kiba Walker - Maximus Crom (voice)
Josh Chichester Josh Chichester - Lurz (voice)
Tonya Adolfson Tonya Adolfson - Xenith (voice)
Preston Cowley Preston Cowley - Sgt. Coll (voice)
Danielle McRae Danielle McRae - Teenage Boy (voice)
Christopher Escalante Christopher Escalante - Jaywen (voice)
Michaela Laws Michaela Laws - Mother with Kid (voice)