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Magnetic (2015) Online

Magnetic (2015) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Sophia Cacciola,Michael J. Epstein
Cast :
Allix Mortis,Chris Bernardi,Rachel Leah Blumenthal
Writer :
Sophia Cacciola,Michael J. Epstein
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 20min
Rating :
Magnetic (2015) Online

Alice has a mission to fulfill. She does not know what that mission is, or the implications of what that mission will be. But gradually she starts to realise what she is involved in. Will she see it through, or will the emotions she is starting to feel keep her from carrying out what has to be done?
Cast overview:
Allix Mortis Allix Mortis - Alice

Winner Best Music and Score (Also Nominated for Best Feature, Best Editing, and Exceptional Acting) at the Sanford International Film Festival 2015 (Sanford, ME).

Winner Best Soundtrack and Honorable Mention: Sci-Fi Feature at the Fantasmagorical Film Festival 2015 (Louisville, KY).

Winner Best Feature at From the Beyond 2015 (Chicago, IL).

Winner Best Direction, Runner-up Best Genre Feature, Runner-up Best Plot Development, Runner-up Best Character Development at Imaginarium 2015 (Louisville, KY).

Official Selection / World Premiere at the Boston Underground Film Festival 2015 (Boston, MA).

Winner Best Sci-Fi Feature at the Motor City Nightmares Film Festival 2015 (Novi, MI).

Winner Runner-up Best Sci-Fi at the Horror Hotel 2015 (Cleveland, OH).

Official selection GEN CON 2015 (Indianapolis, IN).

Winner 2nd Place Sci-Fi Feature at the Indie Gathering International Film Fest 2015 (Hudson, OH).

Official selection at Another Hole in the Head 2015 (San Francisco, CA).

Official selection at Terror Film Festival 2015.

Nominated Best Screenplay at the Galactic Film Festival 2015 (Los Angeles, CA).

User reviews



I am not sure I understand everything in this, but the movie makes you think. It is for people who like surrealism and old type European filmmakers. If you want modern science fiction then this is not a movie for you. If you want people experimenting with form, experimenting with showing emptiness through repetition and through emotionless acting and you like experiencing the emotions of the film rather than having them shown to you then this is great movie.

It is very full of great music as well.

Reviews that say bad acting are very stupid people who do not understand this kind of film.


I have a rule for myself ... if I start a movie I finish it, no matter how bad it might be. Up until today I've only broken that rule twice. I couldn't bear more than 30 minutes. the photography was good and the music would have been decent if it was played in moderation, but the movie itself was painful. So much so that I created an account to say it. ????


30 April 2017. It's not to often I come across a movie that seems to have been produced by high school/college students who believe they know about film making. The first half of this movie is a long, boring series of music videos without much to look at except for some interesting photography work which really didn't fit well in making the music more interesting. It was the music trying to make some discontinuous repetitions mean something with the music's rather appealing melodies. The second half of this movie was an Alice in Wonderland dream dreamscape which really didn't help the movie because of the wooden, amateurish acting. This really is a bad movie with a mishmash of attempts as using a somewhat creative cognitive transference idea but it seems to have been itself short-circuited by the solar flares themselves.


If you like existential ramblings with lively music and lyrics and unusual cinematography, you might like this.

If you are looking for plot, it might help to scan through or skip the first 35 minutes. Up until that point there is a lot of screen time of Alice driving, or walking, or her eyes or face or other random pictures with existential songs as background. There is very little dialogue and what exists is nonsensical. The worst part is repeated scenes of Alice sitting in a room with a dazed look waiting for instructions and listening to a song. I think this occurs 3 times, with minor variations except toward the end of the third time. Each one is about 3 minutes.

Shortly after 36 minutes, some plot begins to develop. It is still somewhat of a nonsensical plot, mostly about brain transfer. There is still a lot of nonsensical and repetitive dialogue. There are scenes that are somewhat repetitive.

Nothing in this film bears any relationship to normal life or normal existence as we know it.

We probably get the most content from the voice overs at the beginning and end of the film.

Allix Mortis as Alice delivers almost every line in monotone with little feeling. I think some of this is intentional. Many of the actors deliver lines as animals or in sing-song voice. The red-headed scientist comes the closest to normal acting.