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Bullets Over Breakfast (2004) Online

Bullets Over Breakfast (2004) Online
Original Title :
Bullets Over Breakfast
Genre :
Movie / Action / Comedy / Short
Year :
Directror :
Ryan Foss
Cast :
Ryan Foss,William R. Nagel,Brandon Ogle
Writer :
Ryan Foss
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :

What happens when three armed roommates realize there is only one waffle left in the house? Armageddon, Quantum Petshop style!

Bullets Over Breakfast (2004) Online

To most people, a well-balanced breakfast is an important start of every day. But to some, it is law. And like the flag and apple pie, its worth fighting for. So what happens when three roommates wake up to just one waffle? Armageddon, Quantum Petshop style!
Credited cast:
Ryan Foss Ryan Foss - Ryan
William R. Nagel William R. Nagel - Bill
Brandon Ogle Brandon Ogle - Brandon

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Lego my Eggo To The EXtrEme!

What do you do, when someone tries to steal your breakfast snack? You bust out pistols, machine guns, and in the end, some plastic explosives.

I have no clue what the inspiration was to make this eleven minutes of nonstop action, but it held my attention span, which usually gets lost in most 30 sec commercials.

The special effects aren't going to wow Lucas, Spielberg or anyone like that. But most of them look pretty good, even if not believable. The sad thing is that I've seen worse in some movies where millions were spent.

There's not much in the way of plot to talk about, this is shooting them up for the sake of shooting them up. But like I said, it's done in a fun spoofing sort of way, which made me smile.


Who'd have thunk such recklessly entertaining stuff could be produced so cheaply?! Quantum Petshop offers yet another example of how effectively small-time Indies can play with the big boys by poking fun at all the pointless action flicks you've ever seen. I was very fortunate to actually purchase a CD of this film, and screened it to some of my friends, they were amazed how professional it looked without consuming a huge budget. Why doesn't someone have the vision to see what these guys could do with a 10-20 million budget instead of giving it to idiot hacks like Uwe Boll to pinch out such painful turds as "Alone in the Dark" or "House of the Dead". Love that cat!


The element that immediately stood out from the get go was the soundtrack. The music fit the movie like a nice pair of Isotoners. Included are a bunch of original songs composed by Rich Stahle.

'Bullets Over Breakfast' is the type of film that mixes reality with that oh so familiar, and now more and more prevalent friend the special effect. It is a story about three men all striving towards the same goal…the waffle. What happens next is a barrage of gunfire and enough action sequences to make even Arnold Schwarzenegger cringe.

Technically the film works on all levels. On one of the many bonus features Ryan Foss discusses some of the problems his crew had experienced with lighting as seen in some of the darker shots. Also the sound was really solid right up until the first line of dialogue. It lacked that richness found from good sound equipment. What more can you expect for under $100 bucks!

We really liked this film. One of our favorite bonus features was when the guys did detailed breakdowns of all the different effects used in the film. While most microcinema filmmakers strive to just make good films, these three take the time to teach their techniques to others.

If you liked 'Bullets Over Breakfast' then you're bound to enjoy Quantum Petshop's next project 'Bullets Over Breakfast 2 (Death Over Dinner). This is film-making at its best! It only goes to show that quality film-making, a good story line and exemplary editing will produce and extraordinary film…every time.

  • 3.5 Little Guys -