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Adebar (1957) Online

Adebar (1957) Online
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Genre :
Movie / Short
Year :
Directror :
Peter Kubelka
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Adebar (1957) Online

An early experimental short film produced by Peter Kubelka.

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What I really like about Peter Kubelka's obscure avant garde filmography is that his films don't feel as if they're pretending to be something they aren't; instead, they are presented in a way that is very concise and to the point, often being just short enough to avoid pretension or tediousness. His films also offer a fascinating study of cinema and its relations to light and sound, especially in this film in which all that occurs is a series of white, dancing figures behind a bizarre, but somewhat catchy instrumental soundtrack. It has a surrealist vibe going on throughout; the constant moving, the enigma of it all, every frame being relentless in its contrast between darkness and lightness. It's a playful short that is likely to attract enthusiastic fans of experimental film.


"Adebar" is a short film from 1957 that was made by the then still very young Austrian director Peter Kubelka. And I must say I am generally not too big on him and this one here does not change my opinion for the better. It was almost painful to listen to, so luckily it was over quickly, and it was not more interesting to watch either. I am a bit baffled that this work is semi-famous and considered one of Kubelka's best. I cannot agree with that at all. The constant movements and use of light and dark in here left little impression and as a whole this felt like style over substance for me. I do not recommend the watch. Thumbs down.