» » The Best by Private 36: 3+1 - Three Guys on One Girl (2002)

The Best by Private 36: 3+1 - Three Guys on One Girl (2002) Online

The Best by Private 36: 3+1 - Three Guys on One Girl (2002) Online
Original Title :
The Best by Private 36: 3+1 - Three Guys on One Girl
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult
Year :
Cast :
Fernanda Diaz,Frank Gun,Sandra Kay
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 26min
Rating :
The Best by Private 36: 3+1 - Three Guys on One Girl (2002) Online

Credited cast:
Fernanda Diaz Fernanda Diaz
Frank Gun Frank Gun
Sandra Kay Sandra Kay
Kristina Kiss Kristina Kiss
Kevin Long Kevin Long
Chris Mountain Chris Mountain
Jennifer Red Jennifer Red
Alberto Rey Alberto Rey
Lynn Stone Lynn Stone
Franck Versace Franck Versace
John Walton John Walton - (as Jolth Walton)

User reviews



I was disappointed with this one. I will admit that I might have had too great expectations for this one. I really enjoy watching hot sluts take on many men at the same time. I expected to see beautiful women take cocks in their pussies,asses and mouths at the same time. I expected to see the girls taking two cocks in their pussies at the same time and maybe even see them take two cocks in their tight asses at the same time. I expected to see the scenes end with "monster facials" were the girls get absolutely covered with cum. After all, this should be the best of 3 guys on 1 girl, right? We get to see a total of six different scenes in this one. Like the title says every scene involves three guys "sticking it" to one lucky girl at the same time. The good thing about this, is that we get to see every girl double penetrated in this one. Unfortunately we don't get to see any double pussy penetration or double anal penetration. The biggest fault in this, is that the scenes are ruined by too many close ups.

The first scene with Christine could've been way more entertaining if the double penetration wouldn't have been all close ups. At least we get to see a pretty good and messy facial at the end of this scene. The second scene is messed up by Lynn Stone's make up. That totally ruined the scene for me.

However the third scene with Jennifer Red was good in my opinion. I must say that it looked like Jennifer enjoyed herself the most out of all the women. She looked like she was in heaven, when she had three guys satisfying her at the same time. I really enjoyed seeing this girl get DP:ed. The scene with Sandra was quite good but it could've been much better. Sandra has a really good body, but unfortunately we don't get to see enough of it. I would've also liked to see more double penetration in this scene. Instead we get to see a lot of anal sex and not that much DP.

The scene with Kristina was also a good scene, maybe the best in this movie. Kristina has a tight looking body and it was nice seeing her get rammed by a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass simultaneously. The last scene with Fernanda wasn't that great. I really didn't like her curly hair and the scene as a whole had too many close ups. However this scene had the best facial of them all. Here we get to see all three guys explode at the same time from different angles and totally cover her face with cum. It's a shame that they missed the "target" with some of their shots. If every shot would've hit the "target" the end result would've been really spectacular.

All in all this isn't that bad of a porno movie. It's just that I had really high expectations for this one.