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Nurse 3-D (2013) Online

Nurse 3-D (2013) Online
Original Title :
Nurse 3-D
Genre :
Movie / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Douglas Aarniokoski
Cast :
Paz de la Huerta,Katrina Bowden,Judd Nelson
Writer :
Douglas Aarniokoski,David Loughery
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 24min
Rating :

By day, Abby Russell is a dedicated nurse, but by night, she lures cheating men to their brutal deaths and exposes them for who they really are.

Nurse 3-D (2013) Online

By day Abby Russell is a dedicated nurse, someone you wouldn't hesitate to trust your life with. But by night, her real work begins...using her smoldering sexuality she lures cheating men to their brutal deaths and exposes them for who they really are. When a younger nurse starts to suspect Abby's actions and compromises her master plan, Abby must find a way to outsmart her long enough to bring the cheater you'd least expect to justice.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Paz de la Huerta Paz de la Huerta - Abby Russell
Katrina Bowden Katrina Bowden - Danni Rogers
Judd Nelson Judd Nelson - Dr. Robert Morris
Corbin Bleu Corbin Bleu - Steve
Boris Kodjoe Boris Kodjoe - Detective Rogan
Melanie Scrofano Melanie Scrofano - Rachel Adams
Niecy Nash Niecy Nash - Regina
Martin Donovan Martin Donovan - Larry Cook
Chris Hoffman Chris Hoffman - Married Man / Fred
Brittany Adams Brittany Adams - Young Nurse
Kathleen Turner Kathleen Turner - Head Nurse
Jake Michaels Jake Michaels - New Dad
Adam Herschman Adam Herschman - Jared
Patrick Kwok-Choon Patrick Kwok-Choon - EMT #1
Tracy Michailidis Tracy Michailidis - Abby's Mom

Corbin Bleu - a former Disney child star - eagerly leapt at the opportunity to appear in a film that required him to be nude.

Sat on the shelf for two years after completion before Lionsgate acquired the rights to it.

Although the film is replete with full frontal female nudity, the notion of having one of the male characters walking around full frontal was nixed.

Dita Von Teese was originally meant to have a cameo in the film but later withdrew.

Director Douglas Aarniokoski later admitted that he would be very loath to make another film in 3D due to all the demands of the format.

Katrina Bowden's apartment in the film is the exact same one that Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams inhabited in La memoria del cuore (2012). Director Douglas Aarniokoski discovered this when he took a plane ride and watched an in-flight halfway through production.

A lot of the 3D effects were CGI-ed in afterwards to save time and money on set builds.

Shawn Ashmore, Dominic Monaghan and Ashley Bell were all originally set to star.

This movie represents the first time a movie produced by a major studio has been premiered "day-and-date" -- a term for a release strategy in which the film opens in theaters and in the home on the same day.

Inspired by the photography of Tim Palen, chief marketing officer for Lionsgate Films.

User reviews



Just watched this. An odd film; a mix of film noir narrative overlay, slasher, sexploitation and a moral message. Paz de la Huerta as the 'nurse' is super sexy and undressed for about 30% of the movie. Having watched her in Boardwalk Empire and this, I can't decide whether she can't act at all, is a one trick pony or held back by typecasting. Here she plays an entirely competent serial killer so cold she'd make Henry and Otis squirm. Pretty high production values for what I would say was a film on a tight budget and the gore is plentiful and at times enjoyably gratuitous. Definitely not a keeper but fun for a Saturday night on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn. 6/10


One of the worst things I have seen in a long time! The only saving grace was Katrina Bowden. I don't think I've ever said this but there was just way to much nudity, that even felt wrong typing, but it's all the movie is. It's like they knew they had a stinker so they threw in a bunch of T&A and hoped no one would notice how bad it was. Well, I noticed and I want a refund.

Paz De La Huerta CAN NOT act. It was like watching someone run their fingernails across a chalkboard. Yes, it was that bad. Save yourself some money, more importantly, save yourselves the hour and a half of your life that you'll never get back. Stay away, stay very far away.....


Look, if grindhouse isn't your thing, that's cool. I hate ballet. I would review every ballet I see as the most boring experience one could have in a theater. But as one of the best representatives of the genre given us in a long while, Nurse delivers just the right dose.

Is Paz de la Huerta going to win any Academy awards any time soon? Hell no she's not, but this isn't a movie in which you are expected to suspend disbelief any more than being on a roller coaster is trying to make you feel like you're driving on the freeway. This is over the top mayhem with hearty helpings of sex, gore and dark humor. For me her acting (and perhaps especially her voice over work) elevated the movie beyond what it would have been with a "good" actress. Frankly I'm not even sure much acting was required, as those familiar with Paz's real- life adventures might agree.

The rest of the cast is decent with Katrina Bowden bringing the requisite wide-eyed innocence about to be shattered, and Judd Nelson doing his best creepy shaggy mustache. But Paz and the smart, brisk writing are what breathes life into Nurse. And the gratuitous T&A certainly didn't hurt my enjoyment either.

Even so, if grindhouse is your ballet, you probably want to skip this.


In New York, Abby Russell (Paz de la Huerta) is a nurse of the All Saints Memorial Hospital and a serial-killer of unfaithful husband after hours. When the rookie Danni (Katrina Bowden) is hired to work in the hospital, Abby is into Danni but she has a boyfriend and does not suspect of the intentions of her friend. Abby believes that if she kills Danni's stepfather, Dr. Larry Cook (Martin Donovan), she will live with her. But soon Danni suspects that Abby has murdered her stepfather and moves apart from her. When the new HR manager arrives at the hospital, she is impressed with the resemblance of Abby with a woman named Sarah Price. Danni investigates Sarah and discloses dark secrets from the past of Abby.

"Nurse" is a horror movie with one of the awfullest lead actresses that I have ever seen. Paz de la Huerta seems to have speech problem and is neither beautiful nor sexy or funny and her nudity is depressing. Douglas Aarniokoski directs the movie with heavy hand and scenes that should be funny to relief the tension do not work. Last but not the least, the story is terrible. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available


i'm one of those guys who likes a movie that can be appreciate being stupid while having a whole lot of fun...this is not that movie. it tries to develop as part American psycho, part fatal attraction, but has neither the brains nor the class to be either. seeing the trailer, i was hoping this would be some fun crap, but there's no humor, the gore is cheap and (by the end) downright cruel and ludicrous. the premise is simple enough: Abby (Paz De la Huerta) is a nurse by day and a seductive killer by night, targeting unfaithful men. enter Danni (Katrina Bowden), the new nurse under Abby's wing. Danni has a few rough patches, from freezing up on her first blood-drenched patient to being subjected to verbal abuse and arcane sexual advances from the hospital's lecherous, scumbag excuse for a resident surgeon (judd nelson). things only get worse when Abby develops an unhealthy attachment to Danni, obsessing over her. despite a drunken indiscretion, Danni rebuffs Abby, realizing she's unstable. that's when Abby goes from sabotaging Danni's relationship with her ambulance driver boyfriend (Corbin Bleu) to making a project out of Danni's cheating stepfather (Martin Donovan). this is all typical stalker-movie formula that practically goes nowhere. its weak attempts at a bloody slaughterhouse ending just gets dumber and dumber and while a smack-down, cat-fight brawl between De la Huerta and Bowden appeals to many a man (including myself), this doesn't deliver enough of a payoff. the violence is nothing we haven't seen before, nor will it impress any horror geeks. and where it fails in gore (weak CGI gore, no less), it tries to make up in gratuitous nudity and there's plenty. De la Huerta has a strong aversion to clothing and struts her dominatrix physique well. she knows how to be sexy and is certainly fearless, especially when two full scenes call for her to walk around wearing no pants...at all. her line delivery...yeah, that leaves much to be desired, coming off more of a brainless bimbo than a frightening murderess. Bowden is a lovely girl, but she has nothing to do here but play the generic helpless victim. Kathleen turner has a pointless cameo. this leaves nelson, who borders between entertaining and ridiculous in a thankless role. if there is any winner in all this, it's the underused Niecy Nash, who scores as the sassy desk nurse who's got a line for everything. i wanted this to be fun. i really did. disgusting, nasty, trashy fun...but no. this is pointless drivel that offers nothing. yes, the two leads are two extraordinarily attractive women, but they look just as hot and serve their talents in much better work. this really isn't worth anyone's time. skip it.


Let's just make thing one thing clear. Horror films are suppose to be purely entertaining and you shouldn't expect some Oscar acting. Paz is not the best actress, but neither was she down right horrible as some are claiming. I feel Huerta's acting was pretty amusing it's obvious it was meant to be over the top cheese and humorous.

As for the film goes yes there's not much originality behind the story, but what horror film is now a days? I personally enjoyed this film due to the ridiculously funny dialogue and watching Paz be a crazy obsessive murdering bitch. There was enough blood to satisfy me and yes there's tons of nudity, but hardly any graphic sex scenes so I don't get why some are calling this soft core porn.

The ending climax was pretty great in my opinion because it was filled with constant bloody deaths and a big cat fight that kept me thrilled. I believe this film is worth checking out for any horror fan. It was a fun erotic horror thriller and it defiantly entertained the hell out of me.


Nurses are sometimes displayed as sexy stereotypes. This movie added also some psychopathic/egocentric characteristics to this stereotype and thereby created a much more nuanced character then the far more often seen sexy dumb blonde.

This movie ain't exactly porn or horror, but has most in common with exploitation movies, whereby nudity and violence is used to get more attention for movies. The nudity in this movie however is very functional for the character development of the sexy Abigail. The power of sexual attractiveness is very well displayed in this movie.

The storyline and acting were far more sophisticated then I had expected after having read a review about this movie. This movie also scores from a cinematographic point of view: there are many colorful scenes with a good feel for balance and symmetry.

Great movie!


A crazed nurse who spends most of the running time in a state of undress, becomes obsessed with a beautiful female co-worker, and also lures cheating men to their gruesome deaths. Sounds good right? And I ask that without an once of condescension - it does sound good. But it's not. In fact it's awful and perfectly understandable why it collected dust on the shelf for over two years before being dumped in a handful of theaters and VOD. As forgettable as the film is, there would be nothing of value here if it wasn't for Paz de la Huerta. Her line readings are mind bogglingly insane and she's clearly drunk in more than a few scenes. There doesn't seem to be much going on between her ears, except for her synapses misfiring and she comes across like a complete imbecile and/or stroke victim. Whatever her problem is, drugs, booze, low IQ - she's hilarious. There's also voice-over narration throughout the film that is supposed to be Paz, but it's clearly a different actress's voice. It just adds to the absurd nature of this film. A behind the scenes documentary that shows all and tells all, would be far more entertaining than watching the final product. Paz de la Huerta gives a legendary performance of awful.


Oh man, Nurse 3D is baaad. The acting is atrocious, really atrocious. And that woman in the lead role? I don't know anything about her, but apart from when she's half naked (which she is a lot) she actually looks like a drag queen haha. I'm only saying this because everyone kept saying how gorgeous she is - but not for me, and if you see the film you'll agree that they seemed to be trying to drive the entire movie on her (apparently great) looks, but she can't act to save her life, and has a face like a busted sofa lol. The first half is just a bunch of tits, ass and titillation, which ain't what I want to see in (what seemed to be) a horror flick. There's a bit of CGI gore towards the end but it fails to lift the dud from the gutter. The movie stinks like a fart in the bath. Avoid, unless you really are desperate to see the lead character naked. I want my friggin money back.


I recently saw this movie and felt compelled to write a review.

I'd read some of the other reviews before viewing, and had two reactions. First, this movie is a good deal better than I was led to expect from the reviews. Second, the negative reviewers were simply wrong on key points.

The plot is simple enough. A woman with "father" issues is sick of men who take sexual advantage of women in work places, and ruin families by thinking with their penis, and decides to take matters into her own hands (no pun intended). By day she is a dedicated nurse, by night she trolls for guys who she feels deserve death because of their sexual conduct. And she takes advantage of her medical knowledge to pull off her kills.

She accomplishes her task by scantily dressing like a total slut, and throwing herself at whoever looks interested. And this is a woman with extremely good looks and a smoldering sensuality.

The use of medical knowledge makes just barely (no pun intended) believable the ability of a skinny girl to pull off killing the guys she ends up alone with. And the tinge of unfairness in her judging men from their reaction to her "entrapment" is immediately offset by the slightly tongue in cheek treatment of this plot by the lead actress. Thus my several no puns intended really were.

I know this is just my opinion, but Paz de la Huerta is drop dead gorgeous in this movie. Even her casual movements seem specifically choreographed to be sultry and provocative. And to spice things up even more, she has some brief nude scenes with all of her parts uncovered, and she comes on to another woman whom she wishes to befriend. I think she plays this part magnificently. She definitely has the body and voice for it, and her approach is just shy of serious, in the same manner as Sean Connery's treatment of his 007 portrayals.

Its not all T&A though, as the real world soon intrudes on her activities, and some unqualifiedly serious stuff does happen, and there is definitely a gore element. Overall, tinge of comedy aside, this movie is more suspense than drama.

Secondary characters are also well played by Katrina Bowden, Judd Nelson, and a brief appearance by an almost unrecognizable Kathleen Turner.

This movie was a fun watch. I'm not sure the average straight woman would enjoy it as much, but it is what it is. Serious subject, over the top reaction, and really fine views to rivet your attention.


Several friends and myself had the privilege of catching this on demand the same time it released to theaters in 3D no less. Paz De La Huerta plays Abby Russell a nurse by day and man killer by night literally. When Danni played by Katrina Bowden a new nurse suspects that something may not be right with Abby who is mentoring Danni, thats when all hell breaks loose for Danni and those around her. Judd Nelson and Niecy Nash also show up for the fun. Blink and you might miss the cameo from Kathleen Turner as well.

An homage to 70's exploitation films, a time of some great grindhouse flicks that went balls to the wall outrageous this movie has it all. Lots of nudity, sex, gore and some of the most campy dialogue you've ever heard in a film. We were laughing and howling at the screen many times.

The film is sharp looking and filmed very well, as far as 3D goes, some of the CGI could have been a bit better but the in your face effects sprinkled in the film do their part mainly when it comes to the gore.

I've read many reviews from those that didn't like the film and thought Paz De La Huerta's acting left a lot to be desired. People she's a sociopath and she played her role perfectly. I think those people didn't get the joke or what the film is trying to be. Those that love campy B movies and 70's exploitation will appreciate this film and will get it and will love it like we did.

This is one of those films where you get your friends together have a few drinks and just marvel and the madness on screen. It delivers in spades at what the trailer only hints at. Enjoy!!


You know what guys this film does not deserve the hate its getting its actually quite hilarious its a mixture of horror,soft core & comedy on top of that it takes it self so serious we all remember dexter TV series i have collected all seasons of that show its awesome this film is just like that where its a female protagonist kills men who cheat & commit adultery specially the climax will remind of the show this nurse should marry Dexter Morgan they would make a great couple & fantastic team.

The Plot:Abby Russel is a nurse who works at a hospital in new york but she is also a seductive assassin who kills men that cheats on their wives girlfriends or do bad things.

The Cast:almost everyone did a good job but this film is about Paz De La Huerta she gave her best many people hate this actress but she gets bad scripts this is the reason shes not more famous the lady got the looks and has a very underrated personality.

The acting in this film is weird the lead actress Paz speaks in a funny & sarcastic manner the story is weird and the surprise is that the villain wins in the movie.

I don't know about the 3D version of the film its not needed a regular version is just fine to see it is what it is i enjoyed this film with no expectations and it worked the movie holds enough humor & gore till the end to keep you glued to the screen.

Overall Nurse 3-D 2013 is a good fun film if you like sexy women do try this one you will not be disappointed just beware of the critics they lie.My Rating is 7/10:Recommended.


NURSE 3D - Waited a long time to see this movie. Reading about it in Fangoria and Rue Morgue. Than seeing trailers etc. Finally it got released today. I watched it on demand via Cinema Now app on Xbox360. Nurse Abby is sexy and a real good friendly Nurse by day. At night is when her real work begins. She lures cheating men in, like a fish on a rod than kills them in a brutal way. Lots of nudity, sex and very adult themed. A healthy dose of blood and gore too. The story keeps you glued. This movie is pure entertainment. Moves really quick, offers a generous amount of shocks, and displays a slyly dark sense of humor. Really worth watching. If you ever wondered what the result might be if the screenplay for a Brian De Palma thriller somehow landed in the hands of the late, great Russ Meyer, "Nurse 3D" is the film for you......... 10/10.


I couldn't watch this movie to the end. I got about 20 minutes in and decided I might re-read a book instead of watching bad movies on Netflix.

The first thing I noticed is Paz de la Huerta who plays the main character Abby Russell. Probably the worst acting I have ever seen. I have seen better acting in commercials and soap operas. Her voice was the most irritating. Not helped at all by the terrible script. I had no idea who she was but I looked her up thinking it must be her first movie, but apparently she has 48 credits. She has no emotion, resting bitch face and bad delivery of lines and body language. I can say she was likely hired because of her body and willingness to appear naked in the film.

Katrina Bowden who plays a nurse Danni, has much better acting skills and would have made a much better lead.

Okay so the movie - the part I watched anyway

Abby Russell is a nurse that 'disguises' herself as a slut and goes out to bars and clubs wearing barely anything and waits for married men to hit on her. Of course a married man does. She 'ALWAYS' gives them a chance to change their mind. He doesn't and then the movie starts.

We then discover she is more interested in woman than men. We find this out during a scene at a nightclub that was the most nauseating to watch. The lights flashed across the screen, if I had epilepsy I would have had a fit. Then we see her prance around naked at her house and walked unnaturally as if she was strutting on a runway. (You know she is a bad actress, when she can't even walk naturally).

Then I turned the TV off.


I wasn't expecting much of this movie after reading tons of negative reviews. But let me tell you this: Don't let these negative reviews fool you. This movie will entertain you and surprise you! I know it sure surprised the hell out of me. If this was a new movie from Quentin Tarantino everybody will instantly say this is a genius movie and nobody would criticize this movie about: nudity, violence, gore, sexism and the acting. This movie has 'classic' written all over it. Let me tell you this, I don't know which directer this is from (yet), but it sure delivers more than that stupid hip-hop western Tarantino did, which I can't remember the name of. I loved every part of this movie. It has character, soul, edge, humor and it doesn't care about conventions and stays away from your typical Hollywood flick. This is a movie with no gimmicks, but satisfying visuals. People that criticize this movie about sexism are taking this movie way too serious. Yes, these woman are sexy, and no this movie wouldn't be the same if all the pretty women were replaced by fat guys. Of course not! This movie is fiction and it's art. It doesn't have to be politically correct to be enjoyed. That is the beauty of movies, music, literature or whichever craft that is meant to be viewed, read or listened to. I was laughing my ass off at the dark humor and absurdly gory visuals. At other points I was captivated by the intensely unfolding storyline which resulted in a more than satisfying plot. It's a Bingo! Tarantino is overrated.


...Paz de la Huerta is his sultry, seductive, psychopathic nurse counter-part. I prefer horror movies that don't avoid sexuality intertwined with a suspenseful, horror movie plot and this has a well-balanced portion of both. I love the fact that nurse Russell is both ultra hot and ultra lethal. She's also ultra-cunning as she wields her incredible body like a scalpel, coldly calculating her focus and mannerism to satisfy her thirst for revenge while excising any suspicion of her true intent. Her lethal nature becomes obvious early on, and she never lets you forget that she'll stop at almost nothing and eliminate almost anyone who gets in her way. Her only Achilles heal is an obsession with another nurse, a spreading cancer that eventually consumes her. The plot is actually fun as it weaves in and out through the distorted thinking of nurse Russell and the wtf expressions of everyone else trying to figure out what's going on. But she always has an edge as she devours the details in every situation and twists the outcome in her favor. The cast is well chosen and well acted. I found it particularly pleasing that the extras seemed so believable. The 3D even works well in 2D. In fact, I forgot I was watching a 3D movie in 2D until the camera angles and 3D effects became so pleasantly obvious. In a wide field of horror movies that spend way more time and effort distracting from the plot to show gore, this movie stands out as a pleasing mix of hot human desire and fanatical emotional frailty mixed with a modicum of well-placed horror. It easily made it into my 'top 50' list of horror movies.


This film was a strange one but it was surprisingly good. At first i thought i wasn't going to like it but i gave it a chance and glad i did, i wouldn't say it is 1 of the best films i have seen but it is alright if you have run out of things to watch.

It is very bloody but the film carries well. It makes you want to watch it to the very end. I would recommend people give this a try. I don't see why people hate this film so much, there is nothing wrong with it apart from quite a bit of nudity but other than that it is a good film.

I would say that this film would be better for the horror fans out there, if you are not a big horror fan then maybe this film wouldn't be great for you depending if you like gory films or not.

6/7 out of 10.


Very comical and bloody. It had a very fun time watching this movie, with all its dark humor, over the top gore and nonsensical dialogue and situations. And even though it was filled of clichés and obvious plot, even to the point were it was stupid and silly B-movie type. It still managed to be sneaky and suspenseful. But mainly it was Paz de la Huerta who was the baddest nurse I've seen in a horror movie. She was very seducing and plain crazy, but added that extra something to her character that made it more "believable" and it actually made me root for her because she was exciting and fun to watch. It also featured some familiar actors in small roles, and that for me was cool. But I was disappointed with Katrina Bowden performance, because she seemed very weak in her acting skills in most of her scenes. Therefore, this was one of the craziest movie experience so far, very satirical, funny and not take seriously in any sense. And hopefully there will be of the Nurse in the near future.


being a nurse myself i was super excited when i heard about this upcoming movie. finally got to see it and i was disappointed. it was boring, it had no story line, the acting is horrific.

the special effects where low grade, the storyline was all miss-match, and at the end you think to yourself...." Ummmm, okay. what was the point of this? and why did i just waste 1hr 30mins of my life, even though sitting through this movie felt longer then that"

I really wanted this to be good. its just a let down from the get go, i am unsure as to where this so called $10,000,000 budget went for this movie?? I've seen better low budget movies. I'm sure there are many other people out there excited about seeing this movie. Maybe stick to thinking how good it is, instead of seeing it and destroying that thought process...


Abby Russell is a nurse of the All Saints Memorial Hospital and a serial-killer of unfaithful husbands after hours.

When newly qualified nurse Danni is hired to work in the hospital, Abby is instantly drawn to Danni, but she has a boyfriend and does not suspect the intentions of her friend. Abby believes that if she kills Danni's stepfather, Dr. Larry Cook, she will get to live with her.

But soon Danni suspects that Abby has murdered her stepfather and moves away from her. When the new HR manager arrives at the hospital, she is amazed at the resemblance of Abby with a woman named Sarah Price.

Danni investigates Sarah and discloses dark secrets from the past of Abby.....

Well this film clears the question that all feminists have been asking since the sixties, yes, all men are abhorrent, insufferable pieces of work......even in flashbacks. And the ones who are not completely disregarding women as pleasure things, are simply too idiotic for there own good.

This complete waste of a film depicts almost every make character as some sort of sexual predator, and only one wooden actress can save the day.

You can that the film has gone for the feel of eighties exploitation movies like Angel, Savage Streets, and Ms. 45, but whereas those films had a shocking, almost unwatchable narrative in places, this thinks that the added dimension and extra gore will make up for its shortcomings..........it only enhances them.

So by day, the titular character stalks her work colleagues,who wear the most ridiculous nurses uniforms I've ever seen, and by night, goes out of her way to right the wrongs of adulterous men.

It's terrible in every sense, acting is woeful, Nelson, Donovan, and Turner should be ashamed of themselves, and it's truly offensive to almost every culture, sexuality, or anything with a beating heart to be honest.

Terrible, offensive poison.


After reading a lot of negative reviews from the plebes I wasn't expecting much, BUT ... it was well shot and pretty well acted for what it is. It is of course important to realize what this movie is. I would class it as a tongue in cheek, slasher, thriller, Bette noir kinda taking the mickey movie. The cinematography was quite novel, showing some great perspectives. But at the same time it seemed like it was paying homage to some of the classics in 'these' genres. The storyline, even though this has been done A Lot, was well handled without forcing it and the ending was satisfying - no spoilers here ! That was a solid 'Enjoy'.


Paz is hot, the script is classic grind house style and the acting is just tongue in cheek enough to make this film sing. If you don't get it, it's because you're not clever enough or not man enough to deserve it.Don't watch this film expecting a serious horror film, this is more along the lines of a grind house version of The Last Seduction with Linda Fiorentino. It has lots of shots of Paz looking sexy in an inappropriately short nurse's outfit and shoes that flout all health and safety recommendations but it's the sass and humour of this film that make it stand out. Perhaps it helps that I'm old enough to remember grind house the first time round so I can recognise the tip of the hat Aarniokoski has given the genre. Watch it with an open mind and a sense of humour and without your girlfriend.


I have learned that there's one step beyond cliché that's even worse. It's something like cliché with maximum lack of taste, mixed with fantasies of a disturbed teenage boy.

I have learned that I can survive 84 minutes of zero originality, terrible characters, and horrendous acting.

I have learned that a movie can be so bad that you don't really care about the nudity anymore because even that can't save it.

I have learned that a boring blonde bimbo can actually be the best part of a movie. (Not saying 'good', mind you.)

I have learned that the worst actress on the set by far can get the lead role. (I think that was the most unbearable part.)

I have learned that there are other movies than Harry Potter that can be rated 1/10.

This movie taught me so much. Highly recommended if you're a masochist.


Paz De La Huerta (the lead actress) is known for her drunken, sexual acts in public. In this she wasn't actually acting at all and yet it was still unbelievably bad. Not sure if she was trying to sound like Marilyn Munroe or what, but she just sounded like she'd downed a bottle of booze before each take.

Plot revolves around the idea that every man is a sleaze bag, attracted to massive, fake looking pouts and over the top slutty behaviour.

Supporting characters are one dimensional, stupid and unethical within their professions.

Plenty more that bothers me about this, but oddly the thing that bothers me the most......... nurses wearing white platform shoes, stockings, garter belt and tight mini dresses on the job. It may as well have been a porn for those who get off on gore.


Controversy about Nurse 3D and I get the point why so many people hate this movie but me as an exploitation geek and horror geek looked behind it all and only then you can enjoy this voyeuristic 3D flick.

Let me first say that the 3D isn't that much throughout this flick, a few instruments do fly in 3D and some shots are 3D but overall it's just a 2D flick. Nevertheless, the nudity used is pure voyeuristic. The main lead, Abby (Paz de la Huerta) do walk around a lot just dressed in her bra? walking around showing her underparts. Due that it in fact nothing has to do with the story, it isn't a porn or erotic flick, some viewers will have difficulty with that. Not only that, even Bowden (Danni) do walk around a lot in her sexy underwear. So I agree, it's surely one for the boys. But it do offer a lot more.

Still being a horror too it do offer things on that part. Towards the end the blood do flow frequently and it even has a few nasty shots. I can't say that it becomes gory and sadly a few effects (the writing of PIG) was done with CGI.

But I liked it due the fact that a lot of familiar faces of the genre do come across this flick, Katrina Bowden for example, but also Michael Eklund (Richie) and if you are in your 40'ies guess if you could recognize Judd Nelson (Dr. Morris) from the cult classic The Breakfast Club (1985).

It's not going to win prices but the acting was rather good, it's just a no-brainer to watch while necking some brewskies and a packet of crisps and if you can't get enough of Paz De La Huerta must pick up Enter The Void (2009) where she has the main lead and was controversial due the almost explicit sex scene's, directed by Gaspar Noe famous of Irreversible (2002).

Gore 1/5 Nudity 2/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5