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Valehtelevat viettelijät Game Over, Charles (2010–2017) Online

Valehtelevat viettelijät Game Over, Charles (2010–2017) Online
Original Title :
Game Over, Charles
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
I. Marlene King
Cast :
Troian Bellisario,Ashley Benson,Tyler Blackburn
Writer :
I. Marlene King,Sara Shepard
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Valehtelevat viettelijät Game Over, Charles (2010–2017) Online

Who killed Toby's mother? Who hit Alison in the head with the rock the night she went missing? Who is Red Coat? Who killed Bethany? Who is the Black Widow? Why has 'A' been targeting the PLLs all this time? After years of torture, Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally come face-to-face with their tormentor and learn the story of how and why Charles became 'A.' {locallinks-homepage}
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Troian Bellisario Troian Bellisario - Spencer Hastings
Ashley Benson Ashley Benson - Hanna Marin
Tyler Blackburn Tyler Blackburn - Caleb Rivers (credit only)
Lucy Hale Lucy Hale - Aria Montgomery
Ian Harding Ian Harding - Ezra Fitz (credit only)
Laura Leighton Laura Leighton - Ashley Marin (voice)
Shay Mitchell Shay Mitchell - Emily Fields
Janel Parrish Janel Parrish - Mona Vanderwaal
Sasha Pieterse Sasha Pieterse - Alison DiLaurentis / Alison Rollins
Andrea Parker Andrea Parker - Jessica DiLaurentis
Vanessa Ray Vanessa Ray - CeCe Drake / Charlotte DiLaurentis
Drew Van Acker Drew Van Acker - Jason DiLaurentis
Jim Abele Jim Abele - Kenneth DiLaurentis
Dre Davis Dre Davis - Sara Harvey
Jim Titus Jim Titus - Detective Barry Maple

The lowest rated episode of the Pretty Little Liars series.

Originally, Spencer was going to be the first to see A unmasked. However, it was changed to Alison.

Filming began June 9, 2015 and wrapped on June 18, 2015.

Marlene began drafting the script on May 11, 2015. She completed it on May 21, 2015.

Charles/A, Red Coat, and Black Widow are all unmasked in this episode.

The actor/actress revealed to be Charles was told by I. Marlene King (writer of the episode) herself before filming.

There is a scene from the 5-year time jump in this episode.

It was reported that a member of the team behind Pretty Little Liars revealed that Wren is in fact A. This information turned out to be false.

Red Coat's last appearance on Pretty Little Liars.

Marlene King's sister makes a cameo as the woman Jessica talks to in the flashback, the one where Charles gives baby Alison a bath.

Bethany killed Toby's mother.

CeCe hit Alison over the head with the rock, thinking it was Bethany.

Mona Killed Bethany.

Sara Harvey is revealed to be both Red Coat and Black Widow.

User reviews




Holes! Lots and lots of HOLES!

I went into this episode having read many possible theories, and was pretty set on being content with whichever direction they went as long as it 1) made sense and 2) was substantiated with proof from seasons 3 to 6. Instead what I got was a story so unbelievable and filled with plot holes that it skipped right over ridiculous and went straight to offensive. Apparently the Pretty Little Liars team has absolutely no respect for their viewers, or they believe that we are all completely incompetent.

Here are some of my biggest issues with this finale:

1) In the flashbacks they show Bethany killing Marion Cavanaugh when Charles was a child, maybe around the age of 10-11, which would have made Ali 3-4 when she died. Why is this significant? Because in a previous flashback Ali is seen as a teenager meeting Marion. And in the very beginning of the series Toby states that it has only been a year since his mother's death, which is also a year since Alison's disappearance (she was 15 when she disappeared). How does this add up? Based on this time-line, Charles/Charlotte/CeCe would have been in her 20s when Marion was killed, not 10-11.

2) In a previous episode it showed that CeCe was Rosewood's Prom Queen, but how is that possible if she never went to Rosewood High?

3) In a previous episode Mona stated that she began working with Red Coat because RC could get her in and out of Radley. In this episode CeCe stated that she began working with Mona because Mona could get her in and out of Radley. Which is it, Marlene?

4) Speaking of Radley, what about the scene from a previous episode where Mrs. DiLaurentis yells at Ali because CeCe had dressed in Ali's clothes and pretended to be her at Radley? From everything we learned tonight, Mrs. DiLaurentis is the one who provided matching outfits for Ali and CeCe. Even if CeCe had been impersonating Ali, she was a patient there, and the staff would have known who she really was, and there is no way Mrs. DiLaurentis would have told Ali about it.

5) Explain how yet again in another episode we saw CeCe talking to Melissa wearing the infamous yellow shirt, yet tonight CeCe swore she never dressed like Ali that night.

6) Nothing was explained about how Sarah Harvey could have possibly been involved. Was she really kidnapped??? Tonight's episode lead us to believe that CeCe was taken straight back to Radley after the incident, so how could she have also abducted Sarah Harvey?

7) CeCe's motive for wanting to hurt the liars was so weak. She thought they were happy Alison was gone? They struggled for TWO YEARS to solves the mystery of Alison's supposed death. How is that not caring?

I really could go on and on with all of the inconsistencies, dropped characters, and ridiculous story lines, but then I might pop a blood vessel in my brain.

I cannot express enough have terribly disappointed I am in the writing of this show. I have one word for you, Marlene, CONTINUITY!


This was a sh*t show. I believe the Reddit spoilers regarding Wren as A were TRUE so the writers scrambled and filmed this "plan B" finale in the 11th hour with no budget and no regard for consistency, logic, or 5 years worth of clues and story lines. I never in a million years thought that they would make the biggest villain on one of the biggest shows transgender. ESPECIALLY after they have repeatedly referred to A as "he/she/it". This is beyond bad taste, it is downright f-ing harmful. And wait, I'm sorry, did CeCe really reduce Jason's demons and addiction to him NOT GETTING LAID? This episode was cheap and looked terrible. Only 3 sets, no wardrobe changes, no parents or boyfriends, no Wren/Melissa/Lucas/Jenna/Sydney/etc. and major timeline inconsistencies. It so just terrible. Worst PLL episode in it's history.
from earth

from earth

If I could give this episode 0 out of 10 I would. Apparently there were multiple endings and unmasking filmed and Marlene king panicked when the wren spoilers came out so she gave as this shambles of an episode to keep us "suprised" . I'm so disappointed there are so many plot holes, and I hate the fact that insignificant characters are playing Charles, black veil and red coat. Marlene king really screwed over everyone who's been waiting for this reveal for 6 years, going to stop watching it. I would have preferred wren to be A because it would've been more interesting, they built this episode up to be better than it is, summer of answers? More like summer of complete disappointment.
Trash Obsession

Trash Obsession

Marlene really ruined whatever credibility she had left as a writer. What an atrocious finale! Charles is trans-gender and is really Cece? Sara is Red Coat and Black Widow? WTF?! Two of the most irrelevant characters on this show are now the two most important people in the story? Marlene...please.

So many unanswered questions. Bethany killed Tony's mom to protect Cece, yet there was a scene in previous seasons of Toby's mom catching Ali and Toby back when they were 15. That's a MAJOR plot hole. Cece's motive was to keep Ali safe, yet she's tried to kill Ali numerous times? Nothing makes any sense! Then she goes after the girls for this long because it was fun? REALLY? All this time we want to know A's motive for attacking these four girls and the answer is "because it's fun". What a slap in the face.

As if Cece being Charles isn't ridiculous enough, now we have Sara Harvey as RedCoat/Black Widow....are you KIDDING me?! So many better choices, and characters that actually matter and make sense. But no, it's Sara. And what's her motive? SHE HAS NONE! Yeah that's right, Marlene forgot to write in Sara's motive.

Just....bad bad bad. Seasons 1-3 mean nothing now, which is insulting as a viewer for 6 years. 6 years wasted IMO. I'm really done with this show. Tired of the poor writing, and all of Marlene's games.


Abysmal. The entire episode made very little since when compared to the rest of the show. It was terribly written, directed, and I'm not sure it was edited at all. It was choppy, and basically looked like 80% of it had been Photoshoped. Sometimes words didn't match up to characters lip movements, and characters expressions didn't match up to what was happening around them. At times characters faces looked like they had been Photoshoped onto a different body with the face having a bluish color to it. This was a hot mess. This episode did not seem to be made by professionals. There was also one particular actress who's acting was so bad it left you scratching your head.
Funny duck

Funny duck

Why were the main characters all in one room just standing there? Where were the guys in all of this drama? Why was Hanna so okay with the fact that Mona hit her with the car?isn't Hanna the feisty one? Why did no one care that Mona said she killed Bethany. Boring much. Why was Alison not so upset on this episode she was just standing there. Why were given so many clues from Marlene king and we all created theories off these clues but we all ended up wrong. IF YOU Marlene king HAD TO GO ON TV TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF AND defend YOUR EPISODE WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOUR OVER ALL WORK ON THAT EPISODE. Why do fans have to READ their answers when we were promised answers on the finale!!!!!!!Episode was the worst in pll history and it was suppose to be the best.


The finale proved that drunkgate (the alleged former employee of PLL who revealed spoilers on Reddit) was for real. The spoilers he revealed about Wren being A were clearly true. Immediately after, I. Marlene King put up something about how karma will give bad people what they deserve. My theory is that IMK was angry about having to film "plan B" - i.e. making CeCe A rather than Wren. It's really obvious that the show had no money for the making of this episode with sloppy camera work, terrible graphics (hilarious window shot), and of course... IT DIDN'T MAKE ANY SENSE:

1. Sex changes are NEVER that good or that quick. It takes years of treatments, not just a day trip.

2. CeCe was prom queen in a high school she never attended. HOW.

3. Cece had college roommates, yet she never lived on campus.

4. Marion (Toby's mom) walked in on Toby & Ali when they were teenagers, yet she was supposedly pushed off the roof by Bethany when she and Cece were about 10. CeCe is 7 years older than Alison, so you're telling me Toby and Ali were playing the roles of 3-year-olds when they were in their 20s?

5. Wren gave CeCe a VISITOR'S pass for Radley, while she was a PATIENT in Radley.

6. CeCe tortured the girls for being happy Ali was gone, but TEAMED UP with the girl who was TORTURING ALI?

7. If Cece loved Alison and Jessica, and was distraught by both "deaths," why did she send Ali a video of Jessica being buried? Why did she brag about burying her and watching Jessica bury Alison?

8. Mona said A offered her a way in and out of Radley in exchange for playing the game. CeCe said Mona knew how to get in and out of Radley and she stared playing the game with her so Mona would tell her how to get in and out.

9. Cece said that Wilden changed the report for Marion's death to protect her but that can't be possible because Wilden was only a couple years older than Cece meaning that Wilden was ALSO a kid when the crime took place, not a police officer.

There are probably many more plot holes that I haven't listed, but even just one of those alone would be enough for a writer to have to say "I messed up".


I was so looking forward to this finale but all I got was crap ! I m OK with the who they went for but the story makes no sense whatsoever ! Too many plot holes and too many questions left unanswered.The flashback with Alison and Toby as teenagers with Marion was suppose to be interpretive memory according to Marlene I mean it makes no sense.According to Marlene we just have to assume that.And Norman Buckley I mean he says that timeline doesn't mean anything to him and how everything is interpretive,yeah sure we will just assume things like how Wilden covered up the whole Marion thing while he was just 10 or 11 ? Wilden is close to Ceces' age,at least thats what we were told.This was the most awful writing from the writers at Pretty Little Liars.


When I look back to how writers of HIMYM ended their show, I'm beginning to appreciate it much more after watching this chaos of a finale. First of all, I have to say that I wasn't obsessed with PLL; I had my theories on who "A" might be, but I didn't post them online, I didn't analyze every episode and so on. Long story short, I was a fan, but not a super-fan. I just wanted to make that clear so no one could accuse me of being too invested.

Now, as for the episode, it was literally the worst episode of the show I've ever seen. I wasn't disappointed by their choice of A, as far as I'm concerned, it could've been anyone, IF it had been logical and told well. It was anything but.

Throughout the season, the girls have been tapping in the dark and now, they've tried to cram everything into one episode. The result? 60 minutes of my life I'm never going to get back. One of my biggest issues with it was that the whole thing felt rushed and not well- thought of.

Plus, there were so many plot holes that even I (not an obsessed fan) noticed - like the fact that Toby's mother, Marion, shouldn't have been alive for Ali to meet when she was a teenager. Marlene recently said that, because the scene was a memory, Ali and Toby were actually younger than they appeared, but still, Ali should've been like 4.

Wilden was approximately the same age as Cece, but, for some reason, he's the dirty cop who ruled Marion's death a suicide. There's no way he could've been a police officer at that time. There are so many other things that bother me about this finale, that I could write a review of 5000 words, so let's not even go there.

I will say this, though - the producers have said that A will be someone who's been there since the first season and, in my opinion, that would've made a lot more sense. Instead, they chose Cece to be A and Sara (who's been on the show for approximately 5 minutes) to be Black Widow. To top it all off, they made the biggest, baddest villain trans-gender, which is straight up offensive.

Instead of apologizing for this disgrace (because, let's face it, Twitter pretty much blew up after the episode aired), they keep insisting that this is exactly what they wanted and that it makes perfect sense. As a viewer, I find this an insult to my intelligence.

This season finale was just a poor attempt to stay relevant and fresh (since they bored the audience with how long they dragged this story line on). I will not watch the rest of it, because it will just be the same old dynamic all over again - I don't have the patience. It's a shame; for the first couple of seasons, it was really interesting, but this was a huge letdown which will probably lose them more than one viewer.

So how would I sum up this episode? Unbelievable, rushed, disappointing and poorly executed.


I don't think I've ever been so disappointed with an episode of television in my life. This episode would answer all our questions? Yeah, right. We still don't know anything about Wren (there are soo many questions left unanswered about Wren), why Cece was wearing a yellow top that night, how Cece met Sara, what Ali had on Noel, and Ali's bloody lip. I suppose Cece being A was fine and all (even though I wanted Wren). What REALLY aggravated me was Sara being redcoat AND black widow. We didn't even hear about Sara when those two were introduced. I cannot believe how hard the show blew it. There were some flashbacks I liked, I enjoyed the last few moments after Cece was captured, and Emily punching Sara was awesome (and why is she still here after the time jump?? I wouldn't be able to deal with this show if she and Emily started dating again), but the episode was so so so so soooo disappointing. We didn't even see Bethany's face or the flashback of Mona hitting her which I find really odd and frustrating. They could've also given some answers throughout 6A instead of "Leslie is A, oh wait, no she's not lol" so the episode didn't feel so rushed and so we could get some more answers. We didn't even get to see graduation, which I was really looking forward too. Finally, there was one HUGE plot hole. We saw Alison as a teenager when Marion was alive but Bethanh was just a child when she pushed her, and Bethany is older than Ali! I feel so bad for the people who had to wait 6 years to watch this. I was really expecting it to be the best episode ever. In my mind, the only way this episode could be redeemed would be if Wren is Uber A. Don't get me wrong, I was open to possibilities other than Wren but if his behavior was explained, I would be so much more satisfied.


This episode is when they reveal that all the clues that they gave throughout 6 seasons were made up and had no importance whatsoever.

If you watch this episode, you'll be left with unanswered questions, inconsistencies and plot holes.

Oh, and Cece is A and that stupid Sara Harvey they introduced 10 episodes ago ? Well, she's both Red Coat and Black Widow. I told you it made no sense.

The transgender storyline is downright offensive.

Do yourself a favor and run away from anything I. Marlene King is involved with.


This episode was full of unnecessary plot holes I mean why did Sara Harvey a character who only appeared in ten episodes get to have two big roles? Even my nine year old sister noticed the plot holes. This episode was really beneath Marlene. I know she can do so much better then this. Everything happened so fast....I mean Caleb, Ezra and Toby where were they? What happened to Clarke? What about shady characters like Wren, Melissa, Jenna and Lucas. What happened to them? How did Cece meet Sara if she was in Radley? Why did Wren give Cece a visitor pass if she was a patient at Radley? Why did Eddie find Wren suspicious? It is so annoying how we will never get our questions answered. I cant believe I stuck around for five years only to get a very rushed finale,this is truly a disappointing way to end the "A" story.


I was quite curious about the new episode. I really thought that there would be something really interesting as the build-up was really good.

I don't actually have much to say because it was really bizarre. Most of the time I was like - Wait, what? What's going on? The way it was filmed was so shitty too.. And what's up with that Sara girl trying to act mean or whatever? What the fck was that all about? What motive did she have? And I don't even want to talk about Cece. There are so many mistakes! Like all the things make NO SENSE...

I feel for the ones that have been watching for six years, as I just recently started to watch this TV show. We could have such a great episode. Really great but you had to ruin it. Oh well, I guess every TV show always sucks at the end. This is sad.


I've watched Pretty Little Liars from day one and have waited for five years to find out who A is. I was really disappointed when Mona was revealed as the first A and i am equally disappointed about CeCe being Big A. I feel like this was such an obvious and boring choice. It would of been much more interesting if it had been Wren. Also, Sara Harvey is Red Coat and Black Widow?!?! Are you f*cking kidding me?!?! This was suppose to be "Summer of Answers" yet i feel like they just jam packed a 40 minute episode with as much stuff as they could and there is still so many things they haven't answered... I give this episode a huge thumbs down!!


for Marlene king to insinuate in interviews that people who don't like the finale are trans phobic is a HUGE insult.

face facts, mar, you screwed up BIG TIME. and Vanessa ray's acting was great and she can't be blamed, it was the story which YOU chose to tell that has everyone upset.

ms. king, i've been watching your show for five and a half years. my friends and i get together on Tuesdays to watch and share theories. we write down background info and try to decipher every written word. this is not abnormal, as it is a theme you created within the fandom. to find out that all the clues, all the closeup shots of items, all the subplots, all the little hints dropped were red herrings is such a let down.

the story isn't even about the girls anymore. it's about a minor character, a character no one likes or ever had interest in and a character we still haven't seen as an adult. to have the girls stand in place and react was a flaw. to mess with the time line was a flaw. no Jenna. no Lucas. no Melissa. what a bitter disappointment. shame on you.

and something else! i wanted to see the answers, not have them rattled off in a post season interview. that the season was truncated and then STILL filled with superficial garbage was a giant mistake. the only reason i gave this episode 2 stars is for Mona's reveal. Janel Parrish is, as always, the strongest actor and best part of any scene she's in.

expect a HUGE ratings drop if the next season and a half is just fan service, ships and romance. i read all the books (which are wonderful) and there was such great source material to draw from, what a pity the writers chose to go in such a pointless direction.

so no, i. Marlene king, we the fans are not trans phobic, we are crap phobic.


I've been watching Pretty Little Liars since the day it first started, and I was so excited for this reveal. I was sorely disappointed. Worse than that, quite frankly, I was bored. This is one of the few TV shows that I actually make it a point to watch, and I've always been pretty engaged even in episodes that are "filler." The show is not perfect, but it is highly entertaining and occasionally brilliant. This episode felt extremely disconnected in every way from the past seasons.

From the beginning, the staff has said that details matter, that nothing happens in Rosewood by chance. So fans have paid attention to the details, have crafted amazing theories and pulled together clues to create truly beautiful stories. I wish that the staff had done the same thing. Though the finale was rife with plot holes, I won't go in to those since others have done a thorough job explaining them, but I will say that this finale felt as if the writers had forgotten nearly everything that happened in the past 5 years. There were unnecessary plot holes created that hadn't previously existed, which is baffling. Going into this episode, even with all of the past inconsistencies, I had high hopes that the writing staff had a grand plan to pull everything together into a beautiful, cohesive story. Sadly, it just didn't happen.

Not only was it inconsistent plot-wise, but the entire episode just felt different than the rest of the show. The cinematography was flat and not beautiful (with the exception of some of the gowns), the sets were uninspired (compare the "lair" in this episode to the others in the show and it's weirdly sterile and boring), the CGI was bad, and the hologram screen was cheesy. It was said that Charlotte liked vintage things, so why was her new lair like something off of Star Trek? It just didn't jibe with everything that we already knew about her. Clearly they blew the entire budget on a "control room" that many countries wouldn't be able to afford because everything was else so small scale.

This episode also fell into the trap of telling and not showing (which is pretty much Writing 101) and most of the episode was the cliché of the villain gloating and telling their evil plan. Luckily, Vanessa Ray is an amazing actress (and personally I love Cece as A) but she very much had to carry this entire episode on her talent alone. Another huge disappointment was the vague, nebulous motive given-Mona told her that the girls were happy she was gone? THAT is your reasoning for tormenting the girls (AND Alison, who you claim to love)? Seriously, that's weak and very, very thin. I was very much expecting a strong personal motive, and that's just not it. I don't believe that mental illness would make someone go to those lengths to torment these girls unless there was a very personal motive. And even though Sara wasn't quite as involved (presumably), having her as a large piece of the mystery is asinine, especially given that she was just introduced. There is no personal connection, no attachment.

There's also the issue of "that night"-the entire series the night Alison went missing has been made to seem important. Now we find out that everything that happened that night is completely irrelevant to the story. That was a really big letdown. It also shows how little of this finale was actually planned-much of it was obviously thrown together later. Even that isn't my biggest problem with this episode though. My biggest issue is that this episode reduced the liars and Ali to bit parts in their own story. They were a passive audience with very little agency (except for Spencer disarming the bomb) even though the entire show has been about them, yet they were made as irrelevant as Pepe the dog. The culmination of this story should have been all of the girls banding together and saving themselves, being the heroes. Instead they stood there and listened, with their only role being to talk Cece down off of the ledge. This episode should have been the story of the girls finding out A's story on their own, but instead it was just A's story. It's really sad to think that realistically the entire show could have happened without the four main girls. The rest of the show was their story, and in this episode the writers took away their voice.


I feel truly lucky that I am someone that has not had to wait 6 years as I binge watched it about a year ago, but I am just as angry that after all this time our big A reveal was completely full of holes.

The actual episode wasn't top bad, the flashbacks were cool and the tension was high. But you would have thought after 6 seasons they would have had enough time to make a full proof, amazing story and identity. But no. The whole thing was full on holes as Im sure you're aware. For example; how could Wilden be paid off for writing Toby's mum a suicide rather than a murder when he would have been 12. Not only that but previously Alison was a teenager and she had met Toby's mum, so how does that work? Oh, and another plot hole, how come Jason saw Cece talking to Melissa while in the yellow outfit if there was no way she could be as Bethany had one on and so did Alison. The list is endless and need I even go into the whole messed up scenario of her dating her brother! Seriously wtf.

Another thing that wasn't pleasing was how generally stupid it became, how on earth did A have technology that doesn't even exist. Also, the motivation on the girls was atrocious, if she was angry she may do one thing to punish them but she saw them looking for Ali and risking their lives which shows they care, ergo she would stop; and then the only reason she kept going was cause it was addictive - bullsh*t. And finally how on earth have they basically forgiven A and not want her to kill herself, are they forgetting how many times she tried to kill them and all the torturing, if it was me I'd be pushing her off that roof.

All in all it became stupid and full of plot holes that shouldn't have been there if the writers actually used there brains.
Golden freddi

Golden freddi

Spoiler Alert: For years I have watched this show and ignored the many questions that they left hanging without answers each episode thinking that it would payoff in the end (what's up with Alley's scar? Who was that chick with Mona in the Salon? Why was Jason working with Mona? Why did Mellisa hate the girls? Why did Mrs D have so many affairs and never get caught? Who was Beach hottie? Noel? Wren? Why was everyone so dam shady all the time? Holebrooke?????). I thought everything would connect and we would have some amazing reveal that would tie all the unanswered questions together J.K. Rowling style, instead I was given that sad ripoff of Twilight. The plot fell apart in this episode and the characters were flat. The A revel was quite pathetic as the main girls were reduced to side characters as they watched just as we did and their faces of horror mimicked my own as we all found out who A was. I wasn't looking for shocking. Clues planted through out the show since season 3 should have pointed us in the right direction. Whats the point of having a mystery with clues if you want to shock everyone. If it was done well we should be able to solve it. I know some people thought it was who it was but I didn't really care who it was as long as it made sense but I guess as fans we were asking for too much. After 3 season you think they could have worked out the details and make the story consistence. The plot holes become so prominent its like they stumbled on to the set of Ravenswood. That's not even the biggest problem. I could have at least been satisfied with a substantial motive as to why someone would torture 4 teen girls that didn't sound as if it came from the a bad horror movie. Nope the motive didn't have anything to do with the girls they, just like every Jason movie, happened to be in the wrong place(and by wrong place I mean anywhere near Alison) and get stalked by a psycho . Poor writing,poor execution and poor motive equals awful reveal, but you know we didn't die.


Was this storyline just thrown together a week before filming? It sure seems that way. There are literally too many plot holes to count with CeCe being A. The time-line makes no sense at all and there are several obvious inconsistencies. It is clear that the writers of this show forced the storyline of a transgender character in order to seem "progressive" as this is a topical issue. It is evident that there was very little thought given to the story.

Not only was the storyline ridiculous, but the actual filming was also shockingly bad. There is one scene outside a café where (through a flashback) CeCe is looking through the window at the girls; rather than re-filming, they just used the same material and used the window as a screen. I actually laughed it was that ridiculous.

I was a fan of the show, but this A reveal is honestly an insult to my intelligence and there is no way I am going to watch 6B. I feel sort of embarrassed for ever watching it now, just so ridiculously illogical and just badly made!


This was without a doubt the worst episode in the history of the show. We were promised an episode in which all would be revealed, and the story would be beautifully tied together, but we were given a confusing, nonsensical mess. And sadly, it isn't even just the lies told by the writers, the major, gaping plot holes, the callously discarded time-line, or the sloppy writing that made it so terrible.

I'd like to begin by saying that this episode made no sense when compared to previous seasons. It is understandable that there might be a few small plot holes here and there, however this episode, which was supposed to clear up all of the mystery, seems to have dug itself into an even deeper hole. How could Marion have died when CeCe/Charlotte/Charles was a child, if we saw Marion interact with Alison (CeCe's YOUNGER sister) when Alison was a teenager? How was CeCe listed as the Prom Queen for a school she never attended? Why was there a Radley visitor pass created for CeCe if she was a patient there at the time? The list goes on and on.

Furthermore, for a show that used the tag-line, "Summer of Answers," it seems that we were only left with more questions. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? Why was Sara Harvey so willing to torture the girls, if she never even knew them? So many things were never explained.

One of the most frustrating parts of this finale was the fact that CeCe's explanation for torturing the girls for three years was beyond anti-climactic. She states that she was simply upset that the girls were happy despite the fact that Alison was thought to be dead (nevermind the fact that they spent a substantial amount of time trying to solve the mystery of her supposed murder). And even if CeCe was merely using the girls as a way to lure Alison out of hiding, this does not explain CeCe's motivation for the less traumatizing (but still greatly upsetting) things that CeCe did to the girls, as well as the stalking. Fans have waited several years to learn why the elusive "- A" has been torturing these girls; It is not surprising that viewers would react negatively to a weak explanation. The story of this episode was a huge letdown.

But what was even worse, in my opinion, was the immature reaction that the creators of this show had to the criticism they received. I. Marlene King, Norman Buckley, and several others involved in the production of Pretty Little Liars seem to have done nothing but disregard and disrespect the loyal fans of this show. Buckley, in particular, acted immaturely in response to the criticism he received. First, he carelessly blew off fan concerns about time-line inconsistencies, stating, "I have said over and over again that concerns about the time-line miss the point. It is dream logic." To fans who have spent years theorizing and paying attention to every part of the show, this is a slap in the face. It is even more insulting when you consider the fact that those in charge of the show have stated time and time again that every little detail is significant, and that "there are no coincidences in Rosewood." What happened to that mindset?

Buckley later commented, "If you don't like any storyline, or show, or book, or movie, you're entitled. But it is not the responsibility of the artist to please you." While gist of Buckley's sentiment may be true, I believe that creators owe it to their fans, at least a little bit, to make something that will be appreciated and enjoyed by the majority of the fan base, while simultaneously staying true to the story and having it make sense within the context of the series as a whole. I, along with many other fans, do not believe that this is what happened in this episode.

King, on the other hand, has not been so much insulting as she has been evasive. In countless articles she makes up excuse after excuse for the plot holes in the time-line she has created. Rather than just fessing up to the inconsistencies, she offers confusing justifications. For example, when asked about the fact that Alison and Toby would be children at the time of the flashback with Marion Cavanaugh, King simply states that flashbacks, "are always interpretive." Not to mention the fact that many fans have accused her of stealing the story-line from the NBC show "Passions"...

All in all, "Game Over, Charles," despite being marketed as the greatest reveal in Pretty Little Liars history, ended up being the biggest letdown so far. I am not sure if I will bother to watch the show when it comes back on, as it seems like we will receive more of the same treatment. It is sad to think that this show, with characters and story lines that were loved by so many, has been reduced to this.


The only good thing about this episode was when Emily punched Shower Harvey in the face. If I could give this episode less than 1 star I would. It was terrible. The writing, the graphics, the acting, the plot holes, everything about this episode was rushed and disappointing. Did they all forget to act or something? Did Marlene forget who A was and decided to just pick some names out of a hat then roll the dice to see how many questions they wouldn't answer? This episode was re -limmed for whatever reason and you cannot convince me otherwise. It was just so disappointing. I expected better. I was up at 3 in the morning to watch it and I wish I had just slept. I re-watched it to try understand it but it still doesn't make sense. There are too many plot holes for this to be acceptable. This should not be rated on a scale of 1-10 it should be rated on a scale of 0-Ravenswood. How many of Spencer's pot gummy bears did Marlene take???


First of all I just wanted to start by saying that I am not a die-hard Pretty Little Liars fan. I started watching it last year and got hooked. When I heard about this finale, that we were finally going to come face to face with A, I was super excited. I couldn't wait, the moment 5 years in the making for that show was finally here! And boy was it ever a disappointment...

When I first saw CeCe as A, I thought she was Red Coat. I wanted her to be Red Coat so bad (Alison got CeCe kicked out of UPenn), it made so much sense! But no, they had to make their only antagonist trans gender. The show made trans people out to be like it was a mental issue, which is horrible. Throughout the episode, there were so many plot holes. Toby's mom's death for example. Like there was a scene with Toby and Alison and they looked like they were teenagers, yet in the finale Charles and Bethany they looked like they were 12! Unbelievable! Also in a previous episode, CeCe was Rosewood High's Prom Queen! How could she be prom queen when she was sitting in Radley? Still so many unanswered questions from the "Summer Of Answers".

Next I would like to discuss how much I hated Sara Harvey being Red Coat and Black Widow. Two iconic PLL disguises, for the most irrelevant character this TV Show has ever had. What is Sara's relation to CeCe? What was Sara's problem with the girls? So many questions. Also I would be mortified if I had to answer all the rest of the questions in an Entertainment Weekly interview. Wow. Also what happened to the moms? Are they still in the basement? What happened to Maya? Is she alive? If not, who killed her? So many questions.

To summarize, this was probably the worst episode of this show. Also the way Marlene is dealing with it is terrible. She should be coming up with a plan for the show's comeback, not praising all of the people that "loved" the finale. The only reason that I'm watching after this episode is because of the "he's not coming" ending, and I'm praying to god that it's Wren, the real Charles, coming for his revenge on Alison and the PLLs. Get your act together, PLL!


I have been a true and loyal Pretty Little Liars fan for many years now... I have not made fun of story lines including a singing bird, Ezra being a writer and Toby becoming a cop. But this "finale" to the huge story arc that is "Who the f**k is A" is at least laughable! Not only is it written so badly that things happening in the same episode don't have continuity, (for Wilden had to be a twelve-year old pretending to be a corrupt police officer in order to "take care" of Toby's mother "suicide"), but it also shows how little respect the writers have for us the fans! Damn, has that woman ever seen the show she's writing? For a show that has "clues" and things you have to look out for, I believe that the writers were the ones that paid no attention whatsoever! CeCe being A was unexpected... Why? Because it was so ridiculously made-believe that no fan could ever predict the stupidity out of it! For God's sake, I have read A theories on "Tumblr" that not only were better written, but they were actually trying to make sense out of-you-know things that have actually happened? I imagine the writers being like, "Yeah, why not? It's not like they will remember that"; well, guess again! Mona supposedly was the one that helped Ali leave Rosewood and NOW you're telling me that first she hit her with a shovel? Like, totally chill, "Oh guess I didn't get her, so let's offer her a ride with my car". The mistakes just go on and on, and you will probably have already read them. Nonetheless, I will also point this out, the show made Sara Harvey a character so flat and uninteresting two major role mysteries? Seriously, I have never been that frustrated over a series ending! (Well maybe that one time with "HIMYM", but anyway), and on top of that you are promising "sweet Emison moments", you are making a fool out of "Emison"'s fans! I have never seen "Spoby" or "Ezria" or "Haleb" treated like that! "Emison" is supposed to be a ship, well for starters it does not even exist! They kissed once and then nothing, and all they did was promise something only in social media to keep the "Emison" fanatics keep hoping... To sum up, no respect for the fans who have been extremely loyal, despite all the bullshit you have put us through, ridiculous attempt to make the "CeCe being A makes sense since season 3", poor writing, lack of continuity. Left me completely uninterested to care for the also stupid time jump... 3/10, because you SUCK!


Atrocious. Who do they think we are?

This show is incredible and amazing in every single way, but the creators have just ruined it.

You have to remember that this is not just something small. This is the reveal of A. The entire show is based around A and A's games! And they picked the worst person possible to be A...

But this is not something we can move on from. The entire show is RUINED now. The whole point of the show is that someone is tormenting these girls, so once we find out who it is, the future of the show depends on that person. And it was CeCe Drake, the character that was in the show for like 2 seconds and the character that we had NO emotional connection with..

We needed something shocking. Horrifying.

Make someone we know and love be A. What about Wren? I'm pretty sure everyone loves him because he's soft and lovely, so wouldn't we be happy if he turned out to be a psychopath who loves being evil to teenage girls? But no. It's just some girl who was in the show for like 2 scenes who is a transgender. Lmao.

Apart from the reveal of the main A, we found out who Red Coat was... It was Sarah.

If you didn't know, Red Coat first appeared in the Season 2 finale, but as proved in this episode, that was CeCe.

However Red Coat in Season 3, 4, 5 and 6 appears to be Sarah... What?

So while we were guessing who Red Coat was in seasons 3, 4 and 5, we didn't know that the character in the coat wasn't introduced yet... So Sarah was in seasons 3, 4 and 5 as Red Coat even though regular, everyday, average Sarah wasn't introduced until Season 6.... Lmao. It appears to be a last minute decision by the writers....

Let's forget about WHO A was. Let's move onto HOW A can even be possible. One quick google search and you will find tons of pages about how CeCe as A isn't possible. There are many plot holes, and if the PLL team had CeCe planned as A since Season 1 as they claim, it would have made a bit more sense.

Mrs. Cavanaugh clearly dies in flashbacks during this episode when CeCe was a child. Considering Alison and CeCe are around the same age, how is Mrs. Cavanaugh still alive when Alison is talking to Toby a couple of seasons ago when CeCe was in her teens? PLOTHOLE!

After all that, let's talk about other things in the episode...

The actual reveal of CeCe being A was REALLY poor. I expected it to be a bit more intense and not have it on a floating hologram that is clearly a bundle of sh!t effects. :)

Also, the PLLs' reactions were stupid. "Hey, look. The girl who tortured us for years, locked us up in an underground bunker and made us go though pain and struggles for weeks is about to commit suicide. Let's save her because we're sweet teenagers!"


What crap is this? In episodes of PLL that I don't really like, I still get enjoyment out of the girls' lines and quotes. But in this case, I even hated them. This episode was so bad! I really can't explain it!

It really upsets me considering I love this show so much, but this was just tragic! The entire plot of the show lies in A's hands, and to have A be some girl who showed up for just over 5 minutes is crazy! I cannot explain how disappointed I am.

No more of A's games now. Where will this show go? We still have the rest of Season 6 and all of Season 7. Will they be able to make it up?

Well let me tell you this... Even if the rest of this show ends up being God's masterpiece, a work of art, the greatest thing EVER created, even better than the Godfather movies, it won't matter.

It will never make up for the fact that after 5 years of waiting and waiting, they make A be some random girl with a sidekick that was only introduced episodes before, even though she was in her Red Coat disguise for years...

This show has been ruined. I don't think I'll be able to watch the next episode with the same level of excitement. I feel deflated.



Okay, first of all, if you have always believed the saying "There are no coincidences in Rosewood", please stop. It's ridiculous. I personally think that every movies/shows have mistakes/coincidence. Even for a series like "Sherlock" that airs every TWO YEARS. When I first found out that it was Cece I was okay. But then I realized there are a lot of non-sense. And how could there be much more clues for another character being A than Cece herself? Next, the transgender thing. I don't hate transgenders at all but it does makes it look like the whole plot was written just two months ago. Cece doesn't even match to the body figure of A that we have seen before, A has a very manly body, taller than Spencer Hastings, and Spencer felt very familiar when she met Charles/A. Does Cece matches these description? Also, there were very little explanation about everything else. The writers seems like they just want to say it on another interview. And oh yes, not only disappointed about Charles/Charlotte's A, but Black Widow/Black Veil and Red Coat being the same person (who is an irrelevant character) is really crazy and I really don't want to believe that the writers have thought about it thoroughly. And for the last, A's "brain" in The Carisimmi Group. Hello? With a technology like that, does Cece Drake work together with S.H.I.E.L.D.S or HYDRA? Or is it the future already in Pretty Little Liars?