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Kylie Minogue: Spinning Around (2000) Online

Kylie Minogue: Spinning Around (2000) Online
Original Title :
Kylie Minogue: Spinning Around
Genre :
Creative Work / Short / Music / Musical
Year :
Directror :
Dawn Shadforth
Cast :
Kylie Minogue,Aremuorin Anthony Everest,Daz Mac
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Kylie Minogue: Spinning Around (2000) Online

Leggy, skimpily dressed Kylie Minogue on the dance-floor singing the song that relaunched her career. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Kylie Minogue Kylie Minogue - Kylie Minogue

Whether barefoot or in high heels, lots of Kylie's music videos show close-ups of her feet. This one is no exception.

User reviews



I've been a fan of Kylie ever since she appeared on the scene. Years ago, I got myself that DVD with all of her hits, more than 30 of them, it has since become outdated, what with all of her subsequent new releases. But when you view them chronologically, Kylie grows up in front of you, there is a loss of innocence, but sometimes, that was the objective, all aimed at establishing her as not only a teeny-bopper anymore. I well remember snide comments in the press ridiculing these efforts. Well, here she succeeds to break into the adult zone, even if she does become admittedly more than just a bit too brazen here for a purist like me. It's truly casting the old image of Kylie onto the bonfire and hello to the wanton ways of the new revamped Kylie, and I must admit, it takes some getting used to. She'd been naughty and fun but always in an innocent way, and now, she is quite the vulpine vixen trashily gyrating into the next century.

Do not get me wrong. Of course she had to grow up, strut her stuff, and go grrr... Hell, it was the dawn of a new century, the competition was out there, hip-hoppers and what have you... And there is this wonderful display of raw animal magnetism, and legs, did I mention the legs? I ain't complaining, no way!

Sigh. You win some, you lose some. I kind of prefer Innocent Kylie. Innocent trying-not-to- be-innocent Kylie. Sigh.