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Sweet Alice Ben Bolt (1912) Online

Sweet Alice Ben Bolt (1912) Online
Original Title :
Sweet Alice Ben Bolt
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
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Sweet Alice Ben Bolt (1912) Online

Ben Bolt on his way to school one day comes across little Alice, the little waif. He takes her to his home and the little orphan is taken to the hearts of Ben's kind father and mother. The years pass and the two young people grow fonder and fonder of each other, until at last Ben proposes and is accepted. That same day, he is impressed upon a British man-of-war by the notorious press gang and Alice waits for him to return. She goes in search of him, and while in a boat is struck by its jib boom and knocked senseless. She is picked up by a French man-of-war, but when she recovers consciousness, the Captain finds her memory has gone. He takes her ashore to some friends of his, and leaves her in their care. Meanwhile war has been declared and Ben has become more used to his surroundings. Off the coast of France, the British captain orders Ben and some sailors ashore for water and while returning to the ship they are attacked by a French skirmishing party. Ben is injured and drags himself...

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Ben and Alice are shown as children and then as grown-ups. The press gang gets Ben and takes him on board a British man-of-war. Alice, setting out to look for Ben, is hit by a swinging boom. She is discovered by the captain of a British man-of-war and brought on board. Later, when war is declared between England and France, the girl is put ashore in France. Ben, going ashore for water, is wounded by French soldiers and makes his way to the house where Alice is staying. As she has suffered a loss of memory by reason of the blow from the boom, she does not recognize Ben. She is brought home, however, and apparently her memory is restored by old associations. The play is not without interest. - The Moving Picture World, September 28, 1912