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Dual Survival Stuck in the Muck (2010– ) Online

Dual Survival Stuck in the Muck (2010– ) Online
Original Title :
Stuck in the Muck
Genre :
TV Episode / Adventure / Reality TV
Year :
Directror :
Ryan Miller
Cast :
Dave Canterbury,Cody Lundin
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Dual Survival Stuck in the Muck (2010– ) Online

Dave and Cody head into the Everglades to take on the role of air boaters stuck in a sawgrass prairie marsh under the blazing Florida sun. They must seek shelter in a nearby swamp where water moccasin, python and alligators lay in wait. They soon find that even with over 4,000 square miles of cypress swamp the biggest challenge is to make enough drinking water to fend off dehydration.
Episode credited cast:
Dave Canterbury Dave Canterbury - Himself
Cody Lundin Cody Lundin - Himself

User reviews



What can you do if your air-boat gets stuck and you're in the Everglades? Kiss your butt goodbye? Maybe, if you're stuck out there for longer than a day. If the heat/humidity doesn't get you, the gators will.

Anyway, Dave and Cody demonstrate some survival skills in case that scenario happens. Not all of the Everglades is swamp. There are some higher places where you can get to dry land and some shade, which is what our two survivalists attempt to do. However, even they slosh through alligator holes, there are still deadly snakes to encounter everywhere.

In this episode, we learn about saw-grass, the extreme importance of fire, a plant which acts like a mosquito repellent, how to capture, kill and eat a Burmese Python and other goodies.

The most remarkable scene, IMO, was Cody showing the snake's heart in his hand still beating AFTER it had been "dead" and stripped of its skin. Creepy!