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Semen Demons 2 (2005) Online

Semen Demons 2 (2005) Online
Original Title :
Semen Demons 2
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult
Year :
Directror :
William H. Nutsack
Cast :
Juan Cuba,Brandon Iron,Katja Kassin
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 35min
Rating :
Semen Demons 2 (2005) Online

Credited cast:
Juan Cuba Juan Cuba
Brandon Iron Brandon Iron
Katja Kassin Katja Kassin
Tiana Lynn Tiana Lynn
Jake Malone Jake Malone
Dick Nasty Dick Nasty
Brett Rockman Brett Rockman
Sandra Romain Sandra Romain
Sascha Sascha
Vic Sinister Vic Sinister - (as Victoria Sin)
Kyle Stone Kyle Stone
Nautica Thorn Nautica Thorn

User reviews



I'm a huge fan of horror films, I've made that no secret in my previous reviews. When myself and my Father browsed the local x-rated store for a new video to view on our 'Dirty Film Fridays' we had the choice between this and "Breast Worship" we decided to choose this because we felt that the storyline on the back of the DVD better reflected our interests.

We sat down, popcorn in hand and some alcoholic beverages on table and started one of the best films that I have ever seen. The film started with a very ambient mise en scene and quickly began to pick up thanks to the amazing Shakespearean-esque dialogue of Katja Kassin or as my Father called her "That woman with big jugs" which coming to think of it is kind of weird because I didn't see her hold any jugs throughout the 95 minute run time of this film.

The main story revolves around a woman who is addicted to the taste of what appears to be Frubes which were one of my favourite Yogurts growing up in the 90's and everything. She gets some frube goo in her hair at one point which is sort of discerning to me as frubes tend to be quite sticky and I'd have no idea why she'd want that in her hair...

The original sound track is absolutely amazing, Prince did a really god job composing the original sound track for this film. I believe that the acting, CGI effects and soundtrack to be the absolute epitome of modern film.

My Father felt the deepest amount of sympathy when the Demon (Brandon Iron) was pouring Frube Goo on Tiana Lynn's face while the gentle silhouette of 'Purple Rain' began playing in the background.

All in all I'd rate it a solid 8/10 - It'd be my new favourite film if it wasn't for all of the distracting sex scenes.

My father also rated it 8/10 - It'd be his new favourite film, if it wasn't for all of the dialogue scenes... Also he's more of an MJ fan.