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Tulnukad The Peacemaker (1967–1968) Online

Tulnukad The Peacemaker (1967–1968) Online
Original Title :
The Peacemaker
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Robert Day
Cast :
Roy Thinnes,Phyllis Thaxter,Lin McCarthy
Writer :
David W. Rintels,Larry Cohen
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Tulnukad The Peacemaker (1967–1968) Online

David Vincent and Archie Harmon manage to capture an alien, and bring him to General Concannon as proof. But another alien manages to slip him a suicide capsule, and soon there is nothing but ashes. Concannon sees the second alien blaze up, and is convinced. But he wants to meet with the alien leaders to see if a peaceful solution is possible. He sends David and several generals to an isolated farmhouse, and David arranges for several alien leaders to attend. But Concannon solves problems with violence, and he's going to solve this one by dropping a large bomb on the aliens, David, and his own men! The alien retaliation is likely to be ferocious, and the loss of life high, unless David can stop Concannon! {locallinks-homepage}
Episode cast overview:
Roy Thinnes Roy Thinnes - David Vincent
Phyllis Thaxter Phyllis Thaxter - Sarah Concannon
Lin McCarthy Lin McCarthy - Col. Archie Harmon
Alfred Ryder Alfred Ryder - Ryder (Invader Leader)
Kent Smith Kent Smith - Edgar Scoville
James Daly James Daly - Gen. Samuel Arlington Concannon
Jan Merlin Jan Merlin - Post
Pat Cardi Pat Cardi - Bill Concannon
Craig Huebing Craig Huebing - Willard
Larry Thor Larry Thor - Dr. Bill Jacobs
Byron Keith Byron Keith - Gen. Cullenbine
Jack Bannon Jack Bannon - Junior Officer
Ed Deemer Ed Deemer - Air Policeman

This is Alfred Ryder's second appearance as an Invader "Leader." Although he is never given a name, Vincent calls him "Ryder" in this episode.

This is James Daly's second appearance in the show, his first was in Season 1, Episode 0 (pilot) "Beachhead", as Alan Landers, David Vincent's business partner and friend.

User reviews



An old school General becomes a bigger threat than "the invaders".

Whenever the military get involved in plots for this series, the show shines extra bright, and The Peacemaker is no exception to that rule.

Great musical score in this adventure.

This is third and last time Alfred Ryder plays an alien in the series, the other two episodes were "Vikor" and "The Ransom".

The Peacemaker comes close to being called a classic but one point gets taken away because Ryder's screen time is too short (unlike the other two episodes he was in). However, it is nice that Ryder is playing the same leader character he was in "The Ransom"