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TV Series / Documentary
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Alex McLeod,Johnny Vaughan,Sally Gray
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TV Series
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Quirky movie reviews and interivews from the team plus members of the public.

Moviewatch Online

Quirky movie reviews and interivews from the team plus members of the public.
Complete series cast summary:
Alex McLeod Alex McLeod - Herself / - 46 episodes, 1996-1998
Johnny Vaughan Johnny Vaughan - Himself - Presenter / - 23 episodes, 1993-1998
Sally Gray Sally Gray - Herself - Reporter 13 episodes, 1994-1995

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Johnny Vaughan appeared when the UK audience were not wise to the public-schoolboy-with-mockney-accent media-type. Far from a Nathan Barley figure, however, his enthusiasm lit up the screen.

He would perform three movie synopses - also introducing the members of the public who made up a particular week's reviewer panel (they did the reviewing, the presenter's opinion didn't matter, which was more useful to your hard-earned-cash-bon-voyaging punter) and a feature on a movie genre or aspect of the industry. Later Laurie Pike, the lapis-lazuli-eyed redhead from the same Channel's 'Manhattan Cable' show presented US reports.

Memorable episodes include one where Johnny Vaughan let Steven Seagal show just how much of a self important anus he really is, answering one of Johnny's questions by audibly breaking wind. A show devoted to 'Jurassic Park' went to Spielberg's mom's 'Milky Way Cafe' to interview her, gave a potted filmography of Spielberg and a how-to guide to making a tinpot budget Spielberg movie.

The show reflected the nineties mainstream movie trends, but was also one of the first TV film shows to praise Tarantino and John Waters. Vaughan works best with either a knowing studio crew or on his own - something his post-Big Breakfast bosses never sussed - and he shone in this vehicle. If Vaughan had the kajangas he'd revive it and moor up opposite the anti-Vaughan, Jonathan Ross, in the Channel 4 schedules.
I love Mercedes

I love Mercedes

My sister appeared as a reviewer on the show THREE-count 'em- times and so i love Moviewatch... But we were watching Moviewatch long before my sister reviewed Casino, Nixon, Toy Story etc and why ? Because Johnny Vaughn loves his film and his guests and puts them and the audience first ....If TV introduced people into your living room that you would never ever allow in your house then Vaughn was an exception to the rule. His opinion was never on show unlike all presenters on arts programmes, he did not take himself too seriously but simply let his love of subject shine out ...and for that we thanks him ! Nothing he's been on since has quite matched his winning debut, the Big Breakfast came close but, while still a popular presenter, he has not found a comparable vehicle for his talents. Is it because his talent is that he gets on well with the general public and makes them feel special and important yet in a dignified way but over-exposure to celebrity has him too starry-eyed ? judge for yourself....